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What in crisis millionaires save on?

Are possible to everyone sometimes the thought comes to mind: “Here if I had one million … the majority of my problems a move would disappear“. Whether so it actually and how millionaires protect the means from crisis?

In - the first, in practice it turns out that millionaires not only that do not feel more happily, than simple citizens, they do not even feel like the rich!

According to polls, only 8% of millionaires consider themselves very rich. And the whole 19% says that they have not enough money as everything leaves on taxes, health care and maintenance of lifestyle.

Having felt on itself crisis influence, many asked a question of economy. Even the average salary in Ukraine pushes to monthly to plan the consumer budget to manage to satisfy all basic needs and not to be overtaken unawares one week prior to a pay. And the minimum wage or pension if they are the main source of the income, force Ukrainians becomes practically geniuses of economy, planning the consumer basket.

Health is more expensive

Most strongly the Japanese millionaires changed the principles of the expenditure. After crisis they almost ceased to be put in the foreign enterprises, instead having directed finance to care of the health. Eventually, affairs in the world can go in itself, and health one, and it needs to be protected. Expenses of the Japanese rich men on health care grew by 67%.

Taxes eat considerable part of the income of celebrities, however many prefer to risk and save money for offshore accounts, thereby saving in total up to 40 billion dollars a year. Perhaps, such financial strategy is explained by the fact that millionaires seldom when count on worthy pension. 40% of millionaires are afraid that their income will sharply fall and they should live the days in poverty therefore use each opportunity to accumulate savings.

Forward, on sekond - hend It is quite touching

that recently demand for private planes, magnificent yachts, and many thousands parties sharply fell. Demand for luxury goods fell almost twice.

80% of millionaires report that they fill up the clothes on sales. And it does not prevent them to wear clothes from the best fashion houses - a secret that even model collections eventually get on sekond - hend.

Stars regularly appear on receptions and parties in stunning dresses, shining jewelry and approaching a red carpet on expensive cars. The fact that accessories and cars often do not belong to them is less known, and after the end of reception will return to owners. Statistically, more than 50% of millionaires do not see anything shameful in leasing cars, jewelry, bags and hours. So if you once borrowed at the girlfriend a dress on final or hired costume jewelry, consider, you already have one habit which makes related you with VIP.

Besides, most of millionaires - self-educated persons left middle class, and continue to adhere to the former habits in the choice of clothes and purchases. Though jokes also say that “the typical biography of the millionaire - at school to earn from sale of newspapers and cleaning of lawns, and then to inherit one million“, only 3% of present millionaires grew rich thus. The majority made to themselves a fortune independently, thanks to own business as the modern perfumer Mandy Aftel, or to talent as sets Suzan Boyle`s example. And on the way to the welfare much had to take the credits or to be lent at acquaintances as the Olympic champion Kirsty Marshall or the businessman Richard Branson did.

Ukrainians prefer not to save

Ukrainian the VIP - persons dispose of the income differently. Many entertainment stars and show - business cut down expenses on clothes - in - the first, it is possible to put on also in what was bought earlier, and in - the second, the number of concerts where it would be possible poshchegolyat, strongly decreased. But also wastefulness cases when crisis, apparently, does not play any role are not rare. For example, construction “Donbass Arenas“ cost Rinat Akhmetov almost 400 million dollars, and nevertheless, it remains the richest Ukrainian.

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