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To live last, real or future: you remember that life - one?

the situation when in the measured, settled life and in family everyday life a storm echoes from the past rush is familiar to Much...

Went down the street in the spring morning or incidentally got on a visit to friends where saw it - the man with whom it was very much connected once - the exciting feelings, mad emotions, euphoria and a shiver in all body from thoughts of the joint future. However all this terminated then at once, and she already definitely does not remember who was guilty and why did not solve everything without delay, and just retired into oneself and in the offenses, being completely sure by everyone of the correctness.

And that now?

to Them slightly for thirty. It - madly attractive, young and successful, but not found the half. Yes, around it there are a lot of women as if the hunters who are scurrying about in desire to make it the production, and he - got confused, though does not show it. From immense female attention it was just lost.

She is a beautiful, young woman, a muse for the husband, the dearest and necessary person on light for the kids - twins. It would seem, everything developed as well as possible in life, at least, so it seemed from outside. And now to a shower doubts torment, feelings just overflow, and questions one by one chaotically jump in the head: “And whether there was a love? Whom do I love? Whether also love it?“

the Settled life falls to pieces, everything that it seemed important, faded into the background. “When the mistake was made? When released it, or now when I allow the past to destroy the present?“ It is possible to answer this question, though it is difficult, the main thing - not to flog a fever and not to draw hasty conclusions, having given in to the gushed feelings and memoirs. Though it is banal sounds: “Time will sort things out!“ - however in it there is a sense.

And what`s next?

Should have patience and to wait, cool down as speak in the people. Only just you should not rely on circumstances and to amuse itself with vain hopes, say, everything will change, everything will be good.

The taken time has to be spent not on empty expectations, it is necessary to listen to itself, to the feelings, feelings and not to muffle all this stamps and a cliche of type at all: “Egoist, bad mother and wife … What will be told by relatives … People can suffer, keep a family, do everything for the sake of children, and you …“ If it is difficult to

to cope with the thoughts independently, address the expert who will help to classify everything. Or you descend in church, the confession helps too - to whom what is closer. The soul, as well as a body, need the healer.

Contrary to many opinions, the address with a request for the help to relatives and friends seldom yields positive results, most often cultivates hypertrophied sense of guilt that it in turn is fine means for a manipulation, especially now when you are so vulnerable. it is easier for

to Warn, than to treat

Always should bring the relations to the logical end, to use all options and to remain with feeling that you did everything possible, having made every effort, and this page of life can be turned.

• It is necessary to live under the motto: “It is better to regret for what made, than that did not make“. It is sad to observe when the person, having lived life, realizes that everything was in vain, life passed by. - did everything that did for others or for the sake of others, followed the tastes of relatives who so skillfully appeal to sense of guilt and pity. Here then, having looked back, it asks a question: “It was as if died if I then behaved differently?“

• Should not draw conclusions, to finish thinking and solve everything for the partner is an ill turn which is negatively reflected in you and your relations. Ask and receive the real answer firsthand. It is known that women big inventors, so use this opportunity in the good purposes - write verses, stories or fairy tales.

• Allow others to be yourself, to have the opinion and an opportunity to sound it. Try though for a moment to assume that except your vision of a situation there are both others, and they can be true.

• Always express just so that not to wound the partner. It is important to sound what you disturbs that it is not pleasant to you that you would like to change. The big evil and the beginning of dissonance in the relations lies in an innuendo. To silly hope that the partner will be able to guess your thoughts and to meet your expectations.

If so it developed, and the unfinished relations from the past have an effect, try to approach a situation judiciously and to save itself from destiny of the heroine of “the soap opera“ who all life fought for a place in the sun, a name to which - happiness, infinitely asking questions: “Well, where love? There was it then or now? Or perhaps it is just passion or the fact of incompleteness of the last relations? Or perhaps I thought up everything to myself?“ This list of questions can be continued infinitely, however it solves nothing and anything does not lead to.

The most important if you came to be between the devil and the deep sea, appeared before the hard choice, do not forget for a second that you live the life, but not others. It is not a lot of time to make acts which will break off soul and it will be impossible to correct them.