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Aulonokara Nyassa blue (Aulonocara hansbaenschi nyassae)

of Aulonokar Nyass blue (Aulonocara hansbaenschi nyassae - Blue) one of the most beautiful small fishes of the Alushtinsky Aquarium. Aulonkara Nyasa is a natural color form of the most beautiful aquarian tsikhlida. Aulonkara Nyasa on kamenisto - sandy sites of Lake Malawi together with other types Ulonkar, such as Aulonkar Bensh, Aulonkar Frayberg, Aulonkara Multikolor, Aulonkar Orkhidey, etc. lives. In nature blue aulonkara spend the most part of time in average and benthonic sheets of water where they eat insects, finding them in sand. At contents it is necessary to consider that the planted plants can be dug out by Aulonkarami during searches of food. Aulonkar refer educations on the head to characteristic signs, is more often on its lower party which serve for search of a forage in ground soil.

Males in the lake of a territorialna, live separately on one. The earth of one male makes within a half a meter in the diameter, with the center within a stone canopy or a crevice which the male uses as shelter with danger. Females, on the contrary, live groups, a number of the earth of a male. It should be considered to the aquarians who decided to catch Blue Aulonkara Nyasa in the collection. When determining number of individuals aulonokar it is necessary to make calculations that 2 - 3 females have to fall on one male.

the Maximum size which can reach Aulonkara Nyas - 16 centimeters. Fishes in itself, quiet, peaceful in relation to other types, keep on average and lower sheets of water groups, and need shelters. it is the best of all for

to feed aulonokar twice a day in such portions which they can absorb in 2 minutes.

Get on with other species of fish. Life expectancy of 8 years. Fertility to 70 berries.


Spawning in an aquarium does not represent complexity, even for the beginning aquarian, Aulonkar Nyas blue and well copes with it. Females incubate caviar in a mouth.


Africa, Lake Malawi, peschano - stony sites.

Contents in the Alushtinsky Aquarium:

for this purpose that Aulonokara Nyasa blue felt on group comfortable it is necessary to allocate an aquarium of 150 - 200 l. Successful temperature 24 - 28 C, rn are considered: 7 - 9, L: 9 cm, dGH 8 - 25 . It is necessary existence of shelters. It is very convenient to support with others Aulonkarami of waters of Lake Malawi. It is possible to feed with frozen and dry feeds, but after achievement of three-year age it is better to add to a diet also live food already.