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Pike perch, sazan, som. How to make the best fish Astrakhan pie?

Most important in fish Astrakhan pie are of course a stuffing! It has to occupy in it 80% of contents. Dough only accompanies it. We cut fish of any kind in number of 1 kg (a pike perch, a sazan, som, sturgeon, a starred sturgeon) small pieces, (we do not mill on the meat grinder at all and we do not skim skin, in it a secret of a tasty fish stuffing) we fry on a frying pan

with addition 2 - 3 spoons of vegetable oil. When when frying juice is formed, then immediately

we stop process, we shift fish in a plate, let wait for further actions. We clean onions, the more the better, we fry 3 - 4 heads on butter (2 - 3 tablespoons) till golden color and we send to fish. Small forks of cabbage we slice, we fry on vegetable oil to a semi-ready state and too we send to fish. Now a small secret that the stuffing was not fresh, we will add small cut pickles in number of 2 - 3 pieces. We salt, we pepper a stuffing on the taste. We leave to cool down. Now turn of the test. We warm a pack of margarine and 1 glass of vegetable oil, we add 1 h l. salts, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 1 glass of kefir, a small bag of yeast, 3 eggs, we knead dough not strongly abrupt, we allow to rise 2 - 3 times. Then we divide into 2 parts, one part is thinly rolled, we spread in a frying pan, then we spread a stuffing, it has to be quite a lot, then we cover with the second part of the test, we press edges and we pass at the edges of a frying pan a rolling pin, as if cutting off excess dough, we do in the middle of pie small coal mine 2 - 3 cm, we give rasstoyatsya in the warm place and we send to a hot oven for 20 - 30 minutes. When pie is ready, we get, we grease with butter, we cover with a towel. While pie reaches readiness, we cook broth from fish stones, we add onions, greens, ground pepper. We cut pie, we display on plates, we pour broth in drinking bowls, we give hot to a table. Try, you will not regret! I borrowed this recipe from the beloved mother-in-law when arrived to Astrakhan. At first I not could understand to what dish it is possible to carry this work of art, but aftertaste from this pie let know that this independent dish can be used both as the first and as the second. Such unusual taste and a smell from which around there is a head.

Likely in each city is the company recipe, in Astrakhan any holiday does not do without fish pies. There are a lot more recipes which can share, dough happens not only rich, but also sand and puff. The most important that taste of pies does not worsen. Fish needs to be taken only fresh if it is the Far East (by the way my homeland - Sakhalin), then the Siberian salmon or a humpback salmon

very much will be suitable for such pies. Only it is necessary to fry such fish as it is possible more delicately because she very gentle and friable, and we need to keep her pieces that at a pie section they were visible and all juice in them remained. As in pie the most important is its unusual juiciness!. Bon appetit!

Trofimova Elena