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Who such Hannah Valentinovich? History of the Ukrainian divchina in the context of world politics of

Readers is more senior remember, how in 1980 from the published allowed slogans to celebration on May 1 (for youth I explain: can be, you it is not aware, but the central newspapers published lists of the fact that is possible in advance to cry out on parade) the indispensable slogan “For Solidarity of Workers Around the World“ disappeared.

In 1980 the Polish movement “Solidarity“ - the first crack in monolithic stone unity of the communistic countries began. And it began in Poland with the fact that in 5 months prior to pension discharged Hannah Valentinovich from office and the strike on a shipyard began. Gradually it developed into the whole labor movement “Solidarity“, Lech Walesa headed it, and Lech Kaczynski was the legal adviser.

The Soviet ideologists fell into absolutely awful state: not only that the notorious unity of the countries of a socialist camp was a zilch - so still against not some irresponsible intellectuals, but workers acted!

Therefore even the usual word “solidarity“ was thrown out from slogans, just as, by the way, in festive wishes on TV and radio was forbidden to use the word “boundless“ (probably on “without Brezhnev“ - it well, turns out “we wish you without Brezhnev good luck“?)

But I wanted to tell about Hannah Valentinovich. For her merits in the Polish liberation movement Bush handed it the American medal of Freedom, and then Poles awarded the order the highest Poland - the Award of the White Eagle.

Who is she was?

Hannah Lyubchik was born in Ukraine in 1929. Poor and very hard-working country divchina worked for the Polish owners as servants for everything. War tore off it from a family, war scattered people - and it together with owners appeared in Poland: she was told that her family and all its village died, and the family her was told that she left with Poles goodness knows where. So communication was interrupted.

The girl lived near Gdansk, cruel owners forced it to work to exhaustion moreover and beat. Intolerable life brought it to the fact that the girl decided to be drowned, but her destiny, it is visible, stored - met familiar people who took to watch it for the child. These owners were kind people, treated the girl kindly, fed and even left her the apartment when left. Hannah recovered, cheered up, got a job on plant and... wanted to become a crane operator. Worked at plant in the afternoon, studied in the evening - it was learned and became a crane operator at ship-repair plant.

Married the Pole. Still in 70 - x years participated in strikes of the Polish workers, but then even the echo that in the country with a socialist system there can be strikes did not reach the Soviet people... And when in Poland the real disorders began - went to “Solidarity“ to Walesa. It was difficult - the communistic government arrested her, the state security repaired troubles to it and her family, and she was even imprisoned.

It is interesting that Hannah acted in the movie at Andrzej Wajda of “People from iron“ where she played herself.

All this time the family from Ukraine - the father and the sister - looked for it for years. From everywhere were refused. And at last, purely incidentally, found. Hannah departed to Ukraine. It was in 1996 - sisters met after 54 - summer separation. They recognized each other at once. Unfortunately, the father did not live up to a meeting...

Since then Hannah came to visit every year the sister. And this year was going to arrive too - after visits Katyn. But did not arrive.

It flew to Smolensk by that plane...