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We create a web - a page with the program of testing.

are time examinations Soon, so now it is time preparation for examinations.

Therefore a subject of tests and testings is very actual.

Ya to you I suggest to create html a page in which the code of the program of testing will be entered. How to make it? Not strongly difficult and free of charge.

is not obligatory At all that the test which you will create was educational. For example, the test can be: entertaining, comic, training, examining, social

Well, we start creation of HTML of a page with the built-in program of testing. Questions you can think up

and post later the test created by you on your website. Though it is not obligatory at all that you had a website, but if you have a personal page, a portal or the website of the organization, then any entertaining or educational test can quite diversify contents. And it is even more optional that you in general had a website. You can create the test and use it without connection to the Internet. Most of users knows that it is possible to look through a web - pages without being connected to the Internet, and it is possible to load them on the website and to provide to general attention. Give

, use free opportunities of the Test & Editor program for creation such web - pages with the test.

For a start to you needs to think up questions of your test (for me it is the most difficult part :) but for you it of course is possible. You can take already available typical educational tests (if you are related to education) or some psychological tests. And you can think up questions.

Questions to the test have to be that that to each question there will correspond several versions of the answer, only one of which will be true.

Now we open the Editor application. It will look approximately as in drawing (only at you fields will not be filled and active - as you did not create the test yet and the question was not written). We create the file of the test having pressed in the menu on “To create the new test“. We save the file on the computer (it is admissible, we will call it “my test“). If pictures belong to the test, then it is necessary to move them or to copy in the folder with the created file.

we open the created file Now, having pressed “To open for editing“.

U us the test from one question which we so far even did not enter in columns yet... We correct this omission - that is we fill in columns - the top column a question, and lower - versions of answers. On the right near the field of the right answer we will click with a mouse and respectively we will mark the right answer.

If belongs to a question the picture, then we press the viewing button and we choose it. The name of the file will be displayed in the field “The Picture to a Question“

Now we press the Create a Question button and we enter already the second question of the test. We repeat these actions until all your questions are not entered. Just in case we press a button the Test is ready “to Keep“ (though all but the last entered question and so remained on the action course)!

We leave the Editor appendix and we log into the Test application in the Text

we Remember as we called the created file of the test (“my test“?) and where in what folder we kept it. We press a lonely hang-up of the menu “choose the file of questions“ and we choose the “my test“ file.

we do not pay attention to the top part of the program Now, and we look at the Create Web the Test button and settings located below. We look long and attentively. Joke. Well, - it is actually possible to press the button with the inscription “Create Web the Test“ at once, and it is possible to experiment at first with settings below, having chosen option of design and a way of display of pictures. After pressing the button the window of saving the file will open. If pictures are present at the test, it is necessary to save the file in the folder with pictures if there are no pictures, - it is rather simple to keep.

That`s all - you can open html the file on the computer and answer questions. And you can load it on the website. … Together with the pictures relating to it. If, of course, pictures concern to him (So you have with pictures a test or not? I do not know …). Still literally a few years ago there was a surge in popularity of personal pages on the Internet. Really presently with even big development of the Internet interest in creation of the websites by own forces died away?