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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 17 - 18? “Fuck-up“ and others

this week repertoire of the Russian movie theaters will be replenished. Also will be replenished considerably. On 11 new movies. That case when the extensive choice is provided to the viewer: there is both the Hollywood comedy, and the Russian fighter, and the drama of production of Hong Kong. And there is a lot more what. And now one after another:

1. “Fuck-up“ (Kick - Ass). - If it seems to you that the name somehow does not sound, then a literal translation of a new picture of the director Mathew Vaughan (“Puff cake“, “Star dust“), “To kick the ass“, in general will throw especially impressionable audience in shock. Not to mention literal adaptation of Dmitry Puchkov (Goblin). Nevertheless, if to distract from juggling by words, before us unusual and very interesting movie. The previous works of Vaughan speak for themselves. This time the director tries to move apart a genre framework a few again. Now the movie about superheroes. Only the main character - at all not the hero any, ordinary loser who decided to try on on himself the bright fitting suit. What it is simpler than, dressed up, took a bludgeon more strong and went to wet bad guys. And it does not matter that time on time is not necessary and sometimes itself get it in the neck. The main thing to aspire to the purpose and not to be given. Do not worry, the real superheroes will be too. And also stars - Nicholas Cage and Mark Strong (“Sherlock Holmes“).

2. “At the game 2. New level“. - Continuation of the last year`s movie of Pavel Sanayev. It to you not “Fuck-up“, here everything is serious, any entertainments. Several teenagers as a result of experiment received the superabilities similar to heroes of their favourite computer games. It turned out that a certain confidential organization under leadership of the eternal film villain Victor Verzhbitsky decided to recruit new soldiers thus. Yesterday`s ordinary boys and girls began to shoot straight, to run quickly, to jump and behave high so as if to them the sea knee-deep. However they are still mortal and someone even had conscience rudiments. Despite an effective trailer of the movie, I do not advise you to watch this silly film. Dull hand-made article after to secondary American “Gamer“.

3. “Mister Nikto“ (Mr. Nobody). - Very ambiguous, deep, beautiful and at the same time strange movie. Not so cash, with very difficult rolling and festival destiny. The wide response from the viewer which did not equal hopes of producers, but caused. The plot of the movie reminds temporary experiments of recent “Mysterious history of Benjamin Batton“ - the main character wakes up at the end of 21 - go centuries at the age of 120 years and understands that he is the last mortal person in a new carefree kingdom of immortality. The cult Belgian director Zhako Van Dormel shot this picture within 9 years. Leading roles were played by Jared Leto and Dian Kruger. Do not pass this movie. It is what we call Real Magic of Cinema.

4. “Mad appointment“ (Date Night). - This comedy nearly dumped from a pedestal of a 3D fantasy “Fight of titans“, there did not last out real kopeks to the first place following the results of Wick - an and. This ridiculous history united two famous television comedians of America - Steve Carel (series “Office“, “Crinkle Pressures“) and Tina Fey (series “30 shocks“). They represent a married couple which extremely wanted to refresh the relations. However the ordinary visit of restaurant turned back for them a real nightmare. There will be both pursuits, and selling cops, and the most real mafiosi. Despite the weak scenario, a tape main characters of the film completely extend. I recommend to all fans of adventure comedies.

5. “Handsome man 2“ (Zweiohrkuken). - One more comedy tape, only the German production. Most likely, continuation of a popular tape of 2007 first of all will be interesting to those who watched the original. Especially as the sequel addresses old heroes and their relationship again. In a leading role - one of the most popular German actors Til Schweiger (“To reach heaven“).

6. “Envoy“ (The Messenger). - Later after a premiere to the Russian viewer will manage to look a year at the serious military drama of the Israeli director Oren Moverman. Fans of musical biographies probably remember its original biopic the legendary American singer Bob Dylan “Me there is not present“. “Envoy“ was pleasant to critics too and even received the Silver bear in Berlin for the best scenario. The plot tells about a difficult position of the sergeant Will Montgomery (Ben Foster) - belongs to his duties to tell sad news to relatives of the died soldiers. For a role of the mentor of the main character, other Hollywood actor, Woody Harrelson, was nominated for an award the Oscar.

7. “Boys come back“ (The Boys Are Back). - the Chamber drama about relationship of fathers and children of production of Australia and Great Britain. The only thing that can attract the viewer on this movie is a leading man, Clive Owen. For the rest, the similar film is better watched on the screen of the home TV. Despite undoubted art qualities.

8. “Walls“ (Kirot). - One more low budget statement, this time with a criminal shade. History of two girls living in adjacent apartments. One - the shop assistant in shop cowed by the husband and a hopelessness of life dreams to win in a lottery and to clean up from here far away. Another - single mother separated from the daughter works debts to bandits and works hired as the murderer. Commonplace, generally. By itself, sooner or later, ways - paths of these two women will be crossed. In a role to the cool killer - Ukrainian Olga Kurylenko who is already lit on the big screen.

9. “Hide!“ - the Appeal new rossiysko - the German thriller is not absolutely clear. Whether it is really so terrible, whether the movie did not turn out absolutely. Cast like quite good - Sergey Garmash, Alexey Guskov, Anton Shagin (“Dandies“). A plot at so mysterious picture, as well as the director Johnny O`Reylli who, judging by a surname, has the Irish roots. The meteorological station mislaid in mountains, loss of all workers, saving group … it is not really original, but we will look what will turn out. The detective is bad only when the identity of the murderer too is early discovered.

10. “Spring fever“. - And again the drama of production of Hong Kong. Certainly, these tapes are focused on domestic market and on the viewer. In Europe, Russia and the more so in the USA these east passions are perceived absolutely in a different way. Very seldom, when the qualitative Asian cinema reaches the mass viewer. But all three last pictures including “Spring fever“, the Chinese director E Lowe were nominated for the Golden Palm in Cannes.

11. “Island legend Dvid“. - you will laugh, but this children`s tape - the Russian production. However, here not to laughter. In our country in due time releasing fine children`s movies packs this genre is almost lost. At the modern parent the choice is small - either our old movie, or foreign. And many quite reasonably take a step back because to treat the child to modern “ series of father`s daughters“ or “Schools“ not everyone will be solved. And thank God.