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As the government interferes with success... We told

In last article with you about that as you are programmed by movies, now will talk about that as it does the government.

I would tell, than you are more senior, especially your beliefs, only can be negative because you spent more time at a socialist system, of course except for those from you which constantly worked on themselves and on that to change the thinking.

What we know about socialism and communism?

We know that they do not work.

Yes, everything sounds cool. Looks great. Especially on paper in general abruptly looks, but nothing works at practice.

And we saw it in the USSR, we see it in China, in Cuba, and now and in very developed countries. this model of the government destroys

I and destroys free thinking of an individual. And the secret of success and prosperity just also consists in the free and criticizing thinking. And that is even more important that we have to be such people who always independently call into question into the beliefs, that is think critically and analyze.

Therefore if you grew up at communism, it is possible that in you the belief deeply took roots that the government is obliged to care for you. That it has to provide you free of charge such things as about brazovany, medical care or the fact that it has to provide you with apartments. And at that very moment when you believed in it in you beliefs which will keep you in poverty took roots.

This process does not mean a natural exchange of values between people therefore you with ease can note poor quality of the benefits provided by the government.

I will give to you an example. I live in Germany and we have such concept as Hartz 4 is a welfare payment on unemployment, it contains “a dole #2“ replaced the social help, in the pro-hundred-people “sotsiat“.

Many Russian-speaking residents of Germany whom I know arrived here to receive this benefit and not to work. Also as well as my parents 11 years ago. And you know to earn money, it is necessary to present some value at the market, it is necessary to work on it. But when the state pays this huge mass of people this grant getting into a pocket to the few rich men, it does not need to work on that to be of some value any more. It is not necessary to think.

I know people who panic having learned that the state did not keep any promise, they shout “As they dared?! They are obliged to pay us, they are obliged to provide us that and it... “ Instead of taking the responsibility and to move and get that it is necessary for them.

They cannot even present that it is possible to think of it in a different way. This belief very strongly holds a door to prosperity closed.

Naturally at different people these beliefs are implanted at a different depth.

the Most ideal person for the government that which most of all needs it and its support. So it is easier to operate you. The most dangerous is a wealthy person who can take care of himself.

The truth is that the government does not want that you succeeded as it needs to operate you and any interaction with the government means prgrammirovaniyes this purpose. Therefore be attentive

to that as programs you the government.

In the following article we will talk as the religion programs you.

Yours faithfully

Dmitry Gorev