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Whether it is necessary to teach the daughter to riding?

Ya went at a slow pace around by a horse, sweaty after training, when the thought came to my mind: and whether it is necessary to teach riding the daughter?

Actually, there are no obstacles to training of children in riding. For example, we in Novosibirsk have a hippodrome, there is a zoo on the basis of which there is a school of riding. In the Campus two excellent stables - on Kainka and near skiing lodge of Alik Tulsky. For certain there are a lot of others about which I do not know. On a stable it is possible to put the horse for determined price and to go by it. It is possible to register in hire. Children are trained in riding from 9 years. But I saw how the five-year-old girl trains. On very quiet mare, on a cord (a cord - a long rope which one end is attached to a bridle, the second - in hands at the trainer). The horse walks, the girl astride not to it does simple exercises - handles together, handles separately. And that, around one advantage - physical exercises in the fresh air.

To the beginning rider, especially the child, will offer the quietest horse, most likely, a mare at the beginning. Or a gelding - the castrated stallion. Such animal is similar to a moving sofa, and the greatest danger which it can represent is just to stop and not to go anywhere, despite active blows of legs of a chadushka to round sides (messages). To stand, eat a grass. Traumatism is minimized.

The equipment for occupations by equestrian sport, as well as in any kind of sport, consists as of the minimum obligatory set - a helmet and gaiters, and, in the presence of means and desire to spend them for equipment - to full ammunition, and both for the rider, and for a horse.

What is we send - it is clear. At blow it has to keep the head from injuries, incompatible with life. Gaiters appeared at us recently, are similar to the coming unfastened tops. Gaiters can be put on any footwear. Twenty years ago we rode in kersey boots in which in the winter legs therefore now I look at gaiters very much froze, as on the eighth wonder of the world.

If finance allows, still the switch, trousers for riding with a thick podstezhka for a loin, a convenient jacket or a vest, a set of brushes and skrebnitsa, a saddle and a bridle for a horse and many other things are got. And, certainly, the subscription for occupations by riding. The pleasure is expensive, the subscription on five occupations can cost from one and a half to five thousand rubles depending on a stable and the trainer.

About emotional aspect of occupations by equestrian sport it would be desirable to talk in more detail. Because, strangely enough, minuses I in it see more, than is plus.

I already spoke about pluses: equestrian sport - it is fine. Fresh air, communication with the living being, training of muscles of a back, press and legs. As well as big tennis, equestrian sport is a sport of aristocrats. Probably, it is useful to own at least riding elements. Hippotherapy, along with dolphin therapy, the means long ago recognized effective for occupations by children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis.

As for minuses - it is sport in which you overcome not own resistance, but resistance of other living being. And it has no requirement at all and to do to motivation what you offer it. Therefore also a switch at the rider always with. To give accelerations or to punish in case of open disobedience. What is done by the rider and a horse? During all training the rider in all ways of violence available to it - an occasion, heels, shenkelya and the switch, forces a horse to execute its commands. To move at a trot, at a slow pace, gallop, to overcome obstacles, to change the directions and so on. The horse periodically tries to take the power in the hoofs - at best, to deviate from a course, to break a blade, in the worst - to dump freight from a back. And the rider proves every time who here main, rigidly returning the lost power in the hands. Where a guarantee that, having got used to interact in sport in this way, the daughter will not transfer such way of achievement of the purpose to life? Not the worst, actually, way. But too authoritative.

The rider day by day, training behind training studies manipulation art. Somewhere it is possible and to throw reins, having understood what now by force not to overcome. To cut Somewhere a switch very much, letting know a horse that more than such behavior you will never suffer. To estimate whether really the horse is afraid of a bush at a footpath or pretends to be scared sharply to jump aside aside and to dump you? How many horses, are so much also nuances which can be useful also in the relations with people. Absolutely beginners of a horse are very quietly taken away in a stable or just grazed to themselves at the region of the field, without paying any attention to the rider raging from above. The inept, beginning horsemen “take on a voice“ - loudly and roughly shout at the guilty horse. It from powerlessness. The equestrians who are already able to go do not shout, and use a switch and sugar - in turn. Skilled riders hook disobedient horses spurs, operating imperceptibly, but is effective. Personally for me the events are comparable with family life of the first, fifth and tenth of marriage.

Our trainer spoke: “It is impossible to speak - I ride a horse. Ride a stick, - go by horses“. In public too - go. Whether I that my daughter was able to be passed morally on the person want? Also the word - a switch finally to give that from now on steered clear? Ability to ride will make it stronger both physically, and morally. But having got used, force what to force someone - it is normal and is even honourable what relations will be built by it with other people? How many friends it will lose before replaces communication tactics?

Still I am afraid that my daughter will be involved in this sport really. And then, if she is engaged not in a dressage, and, for example, jumping (overcoming of obstacles) or jumps, the question of traumatism can come out on top. The most widespread trauma of the horseman, besides the feet and bruises which are trampled on by horse hoofs on a bottom from a rigid saddle - concussion and spinal fracture. Because falling from big height at a high speed take place. I personally know three girls from varying severity spine injuries. At my trainer, remarkable twenty-year Lena, in the past fragmental spinal fracture which it got at competitions - the horse could not break a barrier and fell. And to it still to give birth to children. How the broken back at additional loading will behave in ten - twenty kilograms? And such stories on a stable not one and not two.

In our area two stables. On one of them there is no man. Wheelbarrows with manure are rolled by fragile girls - teenagers. Trainers are women, grooms - sportswomen. And nobody will be surprised if I sound statistics - at 90% of these girls - girls parents divorced, that is they grow without father. Perhaps, in England it is sport of aristocrats. In our country it is sport of the disadvantaged. Why so? What is compensated by these girls? And whether it is necessary to teach the daughter to ride?