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Birthmarks. Whether it is necessary to delete birthmarks?

of the Birthmark or birthmarks (physicians call their nevus) are available practically for all adults, regardless of race and skin color. At someone their of everything several and those small; they do not cause discomfort and just do not pay attention to them. At others birthmarks expand to the considerable sizes, bringing the mass of inconveniences. At the same time there is always a risk that under certain conditions the harmless birthmark can turn into a malignant tumor - a melanoma.

A usual birthmark - a good-quality congestion of pigmentary cages which can appear on any part of a body and mucous membranes. As a rule, mass emergence in the person of birthmarks happens during puberty. During life the quantity of birthmarks at the person can significantly change, increasing or practically coming to naught.

Birthmarks were always surrounded the mass of legends and rumors. People since ancient times tried to understand why they appear that is meant and whether influence somehow destiny of the person. At some people existence on a body of the person of big birthmarks was perceived as the certificate of its selectness and ugodnost to gods or the highest forces. But much more often birthmarks were perceived as a symbol of communication with otherworldly forces or participation in sorcery and a charodeystvo. Not for nothing in vessels of inquisition always diligently investigated a body of the next victim on existence of birthmarks which, as a rule, were considered as the evidence of communication of the defendant with evil spirit. In those days for definition of big birthmarks on a body there was even widely applied term - “the press of the Satan“.

Today the relation to birthmarks changed, they are not given mystical properties for a long time. Most of people get used to the body birthmarks and cease to pay attention to them. Existence of small birthmarks is even pleasant to some people, the birthmark which “successfully“ settled down on a face can give to the woman a certain charm.

Unfortunately, birthmarks are not harmless. Scientists everything - that cannot unambiguously understand the reasons and mechanisms of transformation of a harmless nevus into a deadly melanoma. According to World Health Organization annually melanomas become a cause of death of nearly 50 thousand people. On world scales the figure not so is also big, but to appear voluntarily among these “elected“ persons interested, probably, is not present. Though some also appear among them just owing to the lack of information.

If noticeable changes do not begin to happen to birthmarks, then in advance it is just impossible to distinguish that which should turn into a melanoma. But there are signs which are simply obliged to force the person to prick up the ears and address for consultation the dermatologist or the dermatologist - the oncologist. In “a risk zone“ there are birthmarks which are constantly irritated or injured by clothes, footwear, belts, belts, when shaving or combing hair. Such birthmarks have the greatest chance over time to regenerate in a melanoma.

If the birthmark began to change, visit to the doctor cannot be postponed. What it is necessary to pay attention to first of all:

- change the birthmark sizes, it began to increase considerably;

- changes structure of a birthmark, on it there are consolidation sites, hillocks, cracks, a peeling, crusts;

- changes color of a birthmark, it darkens or brightens, on it spots appear;

- a birthmark inflamed, began to bleed or around it the reddish nimbus appeared;

- in a birthmark is felt an itch or burning, touches became to it painful.

Often regeneration of a usual nevus in a melanoma is promoted by the person. Quite often from the birthmarks located on a face or open parts of the body pull out hairs that is the strong irritating factor for a birthmark. Not less harm is given by attempts to decolour or remove a birthmark independently, cauterizing, cutting or somehow injuring it. You should not forget that unlimited acceptance of solar bathtubs, and in particular - abuse of a sunbed can negatively affect a birthmark.

That who treats body birthmarks with real or ostentatious indifference, not to remind the liyena that the melanoma, as well as other malignancies, will well respond to treatment only at an initial stage of development. When there are metastasises, treatment will become difficult, painful, expensive and, unfortunately, not always effective.

Recently even more often the help at a distance of birthmarks or treatment of a melanoma is offered by various folk healers. The probability that they will be able to give real help, as a rule, is incommensurable to those negative consequences to which it can lead such “treatment“. At best, the patient of the healer receives hems and spots on the place of remote birthmarks, in the worst - the started melanoma. I do not exclude that among healers there can be true professionals, but agree that the probability to meet them is extremely small.

I am an adherent of methods of traditional medicine, but in cases with birthmarks I recommend not to self-medicate, not to waste time and money for various healers, and at once to see a doctor. If necessary histologic research will be executed to be convinced of high quality of a birthmark, and the most effective option of its removal is chosen. Recently laser removal of birthmarks which advantage is relative painlessness, safety and efficiency is even more often used. Besides, at this method of removal on skin there is no trace left, except cases when birthmarks of the considerable sizes are removed. It is natural that during the rehabilitation period after removal of a birthmark it is necessary to follow doctor`s instructions strictly.

Birthmarks are not so harmless as it seems at first sight therefore it is necessary to treat them seriously especially as the modern medicine can give effective help if, of course, to address for it in due time.