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Hi Friends!

In touch Vitaly Kotov.

The end of March and the beginning of April not just means the beginning of spring for me, this time began for me with travel to Kazan, and already it cannot wait to share the thoughts, emotions and a positive with you again!

First of all I will tell that I had in March interesting.

I already began to notice a certain tendency, every March as though symbolizes arrival of spring. People wake up from hibernation and begin to do something. There are notable results in business and in another matters.

Before departure to Kazan, it was on March 31, I summed up the results of month, worked a little bit with figures, it turned out that in March my Business grew by 95% - agree, pleasant feelings from arrival of spring - we grew by 95%.

The sun is visible warmed and therefore all began to move! I JOKE!

But, you know in this world nothing just like that happens, there is always a reason.

There was a reason and this mad growth - to us was helped by children who could earn $1. 000. 000 in only two days (is to what to learn). Their names are Mike Dillard and Rein Anzhelo.

Powerful children, such here SUPER MONSTERS - agree?

Who these children? are very successful MLM and Info businessmen in the West. Several words about the second person - Rein Anzhelo.

In 30 years he became a mentor for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Thanks to “Alf Liderstwo“ technique it literally blows up brains to people, changes their mentality and the relation to life.

Everyone who gets under influence of the principles “Alpha Liderstva“ ceases to be reconciled by

with life and begins to take from it everything that wants, everything that it is necessary for it, everything that is pleasant to it. The tremendous atmosphere of success is created around Rein Anzhelo.

Hundreds of people were helped by training of “Alf Liderstwo“ in which Rein Anzhelo and Mike Dilard told how any person can become Alpha Liderom and receive from life not that it will turn out, and the fact that there is a wish.

This training was on sale of only 48 hours then sales were deliberately stopped. And for so short time the course “Alpha Liderstvo“ dispersed for the sum more than $1. 000. 000.

You think, I passed this training? Of course and!

And together with me it there passed some more children from my team, we managed to deserve the right to participate in this training closed the VIP which was provided by such children as Heinrich Erdman and Rein Anzhelo on April 3 - 4 in Kazan.

Be glad for us, and I wanted to congratulate the partners who managed to be qualified on this special the VIP I will meet.

Igor Marpol

Egor Sergienko

Yury Yerokhin.

But there is more to come, on May 1 and 2, 2010 in Riga the same Summit of Leaders and the same meeting closed the VIP with Rein Anzhelo and Heinrich Erdman will be carried out.

On this event children from my team were also qualified what I also congratulate them on, it is a family and here their Names:

Ella Gorova

Victor Gorov

Nikolay Gorov

P. S. Your life - result of each of those choice which you made, up to the present moment.

Trainer of Financial Success

Vitaly Kotov