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In what medicinal properties of garlic?

Garlic - one of the most ancient and most widespread cultural plants. Already more than 6 thousand years it not only is eaten, but also used as natural medicine. The garlic homeland - Central Asia from where it extended to Egypt, Asia Minor, the countries of Europe, and from there - worldwide.

Curative properties of garlic it is mentioned in Ancient Egyptian papyruses which age - over 4 thousand years, in the Bible, in sacred books of ancient India and China. Popularity of garlic among Slavs, in Russia was not less, than in the southern and east countries. They were treated with its help for infectious diseases, including plague, for many other diseases and for stings of snakes.

Long since was considered that the people who are regularly eating garlic differ in the courage, courage, a good health raised by reproductive abilities. Garlic possesses powerful antibiotic action. The medicinal substance which is its part allitsin , divorced even in a proportion 1:125000, interferes with development of many pathogenic bacteria, including causative agents of typhus. Fresh juice of garlic was applied during military operations to treatment of wounds. Studying of an allitsin showed that the range of its influence on pathogenic bacteria is even wider, than at penicillin.

Garlic contains biologically active agents - alkaloids which on the action are similar to insulin - lower sugar level in blood. Reception of fresh garlic regulates a blood pressure, reduces risk of arteriosclerosis, warns thromboses, strengthens protective forces of an organism, destroys pathogenic bacteria and parasites, reduces cholesterol level. Blood vessels at reception of garlic become more elastic, especially at elderly people therefore to begin to eat it never late.

It is established that reception of fresh garlic slows down growth of cancer cells: in those places where people eat it regularly and in a large number, the number of cancer patients are much less. At the same time it should be noted that against cancer garlic bulbs, but preparations which are not allocated from it are useful. Probably, positive action of these preparations is shown only in a complex with other substances which are contained in garlic.

It is characteristic that, destroying pathogenic microorganisms, garlic at the same time well affects digestion process, being a remedy at its violations. It turned out that he actively fights against the bacterium causing stomach ulcer. The sulfuric connections which are contained in garlic connect heavy metals, forming connections which are easily brought out of a human body. In traditional medicine garlic is recommended also at treatment of bronchitis and pulmonary diseases.

The fact that garlic is useful from heart troubles and vessels is known long ago. More than 100 years the science claimed that the main thing in garlic - allitsin, the volatile which is formed at the time of cutting of a garlic glove and not for long remaining in its juice. But recently in the USA it was found out that it is not the allitsena, and in one of its components. What surprise of scientists when it turned out that this component - the hydrogen sulfide known for all on a smell of the decaying products was. Research showed that hydrogen sulfide relaxes the smooth muscles covering walls of blood vessels, removing a spasm and preventing its consequences in the form of a heart attack and a stroke.

Naturally, experiment on rats was made: one group of animals was fed with svezhenarezanny garlic, and another - dried. Then at rats simulated heart attack and established that in group which ate svezhenarezanny garlic the cardiac muscle was restored much quicker.

And what now to do with a mass of tablets, capsules and powders of dried garlic which filled show-windows of drugstores and which are offered as means for protection of heart? It turns out also that in all that sharply smells (cabbage), hurts the eyes (onions) or burns down language (horse-radish), sulfides contain - connections are gray, same, as well as hydrogen sulfide. And all this as now it is clear, is useful for heart and vessels.

Extensive curative properties of garlic are explained by its rich chemical composition. Content of solid in which there are medical connections is much higher, than in other vegetables, and the carbohydrates which are available in it and nitrogenous substances it is more, than in onions. Garlic contains more than 400 useful components including antioxidants. Its structure, except nitrogenous substances, includes calcium, magnesium, sodium, acids silicon, sulfuric and phosphoric, vitamins C, D and V, phytoncides and essential oils. From among curative plants garlic is allocated with the increased content of selenium.

The medical effect of garlic is reached by daily reception 2 - 3 Zubkov a day. For preservation of medicinal properties in food it is not necessary to treat it to action of high temperatures, and it is necessary to add to dishes several minutes prior to readiness. In the Tibetan medicine tincture of garlic is applied to rejuvenescence of an organism and extension of human life. It is necessary to accept it from 50 ml of milk courses every 6 years. In the Russian traditional medicine there is means of similar appointment which is prepared hot of milk, of garlic, perg and drink cooled.

If you want to live better and longer, supply the organism with garlic - this ancient miracle cure which already more than 6 thousand years people esteem as a power source and panacea from all diseases. And only in recent years the science began to understand why it so, and more and more widely to recommend application of garlic and preparations from it in medicine.