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Myths about a heat-insulated floor of

In the people many legends and myths about harm and advantage of an electric heat-insulated floor go. Today I offer you on the example of a heat-insulated floor under the name of “Wirt“ them everything to sort and to look that the myth and what is true.

Myth the first:

What only a reasoning we did not hear the electromagnetic field

about it: electromagnetic radiation of heat-insulated floors is very high, it harmful influences health etc. of

This myth is old as the world, and about it there were many disputes, but still strong minds of the world did not define specifically what exact degree of harm of a magnetic field. Researches in this direction are conducted in all developed countries, in each country exists certain sanitary standards of admissible levels. In Russia admissible sizes of intensity of electric field are enshrined in sanitary standards No. 2971 - 84 for premises and makes the top limit - 500 V/m. Into the account of norms of a magnetic field in Russia there are no enshrined existing rules yet. The magnetic field of a heating cable depends on the size of the current passing on a cable if to be more precisely, then from the power of a cable and from distance between a cable and a point of measurement. The cable laid by a snake with alternation of an orientation of currents allows to reduce a magnetic field at distances, comparable with a laying step, but even at worst the magnetic field from cable system is significantly lower than background value of a magnetic field of Earth. If to take the heating Wirt cable, then the single-conductor cable radiates below maximum permissible norm for the person by 60 times, and electromagnetic radiations two-core by 300 times. In the world there are no facts testifying to harm of such electromagnetic fields yet.

Myth of the second:

Electrical safety

Let`s understand at first that is meant this “Myth“. Many people worry that from additional loading, from - for “poor quality of a cable“, the wrong laying, conducting in the house can not sustain loadings.

Is natural at installation of additional electric heating, load of a room electrical wiring increases, and in order to avoid problems and failures in work it is necessary to follow several rules:

- surely before laying of a heating cable it is necessary to check integrity of the cable;

- the electrical wiring in the house has to be initially in good repair;

- when laying in the damp room it is necessary to pay special attention to electrical safety of a wire which is provided at the expense of the increased isolation with the shielding cover.

But even if electric power is available as for, the basic and for additional heating, it is necessary to check whether the conducting of connection of “heat-insulated floor“ existing in the apartment on current loading allows.

Qualification of the assembler plays very large role in laying of a heat-insulated floor, in order to avoid problems it is necessary, to approach this question more consciously and attentively.

Myth the third:

Purity of air and heating of the room.

Before considering this problem, let`s sort the principle of circulation of streams of air indoors.

At system of standard heating at the expense of radiators, air, heats up and rises up, further heating, the top part of the room. Here the proverb “Works keep legs in cold, and the head in the warm“, but whether it is always good?

Together with warm air up also rise dust microparticles, and it is very negative, influences allergic persons, and I think a little who will want to breathe dust.

When using a heat-insulated floor, a picture absolutely another, warm air proceeds from a floor, gradually rising up, at the same time the head will be in the fresh space enriched with oxygen. At the same time a floor is 2 - 3 ° C warmer than air. Having warmed with

rooms there can be different as additional, and the main. The main systems of heating as rules are established in private houses, cottages, estates. There where there is no opportunity to carry out a central heating, but also in apartments, not seldom people choose warm a floor as the main system of heating, leaning on an opportunity to warm the room in independence of a season and the correct circulation of a thermal exchange.

Myth the fourth:

Account for electricity.

At me not to turn out to dispel this myth also I and am not going to do it.

I that is why:

In our life is a lot of things which bring us pleasures, and as it is known it is necessary to pay for pleasure. But not all these things bear concrete advantage for us, the Plasma TV with a diagonal of 42 inches with system of the home theater, will not add to you health, but getting it, you first of all, think, of how the picture what will be the frequency of a sound and naturally derived pleasure from viewing of your favourite series or a decisive football match will look.

Also and a heat-insulated floor bears the mass of advantages not only in the section of pleasure, but also on the relation of your health. In - the first, indoors where “heat-insulated floor“ of drafts, in - the second is not be assigned, dust is almost not kicked up up, in - the third, there is a uniform warming up of a floor on all area, in - the fourth, the hidden system of heating without bulky designs, in - the fifth, ease in the address, and most important comfort. And it is not all advantages. So I think our only minus, turns into essential plus, besides, that operation of heating cables averages from 25 to 50 years, and during this time the cable precisely to pay off completely.

Myth the fifth:

the Floor covering

This question is very actual and the answer to it is not always clear, let`s try to understand. we Will begin

with physics, namely we will stop at the lesson “heat conductivity“.

“Heat conductivity“ is called a quantitative assessment of ability of concrete substance to carry out heat. Each material has the coefficient of heat conductivity, and the it is lower, the heat conductivity is better. The most optimum materials which give heat are a ceramic tile, the linoleum of high quality which is not emitting harmful substances when heating. But nobody forbids you to put a heat-insulated floor under a carpet, parquet overlappings, a stopper or laminit, but here it is already necessary to consider some the moment, namely all these materials possess bad heat conductivity and the part is warm which has to warm the room is detained by them. It demands heating temperature increase that reduces not only the term of operation of a cable, but also can lead to an overheat or even breakage of system. And also increase in energy consumption is considerably observed.

Having considered the most topical issues arising at the choice of a heat-insulated floor you can already decide more specifically on purchase, having placed all priorities, pluses and minuses of this product. The Wirt company will always help you to answer any remained questions, necessary for you, will help to pick up a product for the sizes, characteristics and appointment. Protect the health.

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