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Cycle tourism? Easily! The marching diary

We were going to go four together, but almost at the last minute one of our team could not be distracted from works therefore all the compartment of the train was at our disposal.

I do not represent, as if we placed in it four bicycles, but coped with three easily - just shipped them packed into covers on the freed top shelf and bound. The trip passed quietly though from - for rossiysko - the Ukrainian customs

was not succeeded to sleep. Genichesk

here we were unloaded by

I in Melitopol. Here we were expected by a surprise - on the weekend banks of small Ukrainian settlements do not work! But the local militiaman advised us the moneychanger, and we exchanged rubles for hryvnias as it appeared, at very good course (though we were repeatedly warned that moneychangers often deceive people and anyone it is impossible to contact). After that we found the driver who promised to bring us to Genichesk - the Arabatsky arrow 111 kilometers long exactly there originates, and it comes to an end in the settlement of Kamenka.

In Genichesk we spent the night in hotel quietly to fasten a luggage carrier to the friend`s bicycle, and next morning moved forward to an arrow. At first the road was “good“ - concrete plates, but, understand, to go on such road of pleasure a little - on joints the bicycle jumped up and struck that place which for the second day grew dumb. Weather this day was good, solar, and we decided to reach to the well-known radonic bathtubs and to nearby set up camp. In spite of the fact that the beginning of April - not a season, to the people in the big pool filled with the smoking hot water lapped much and weather favored to it.

We put tents on the bank of the Sea of Azov, made a dinner and already in the dark went to a radonic pool - for a start simply having decided to stand in it, having rolled up trousers to knees. Water appeared pleasant, but as the sun already set, was insufficiently hotter. But in the morning we went to take a bath at full scale - and it was something! Very hot water, pleasant sand under legs or on what you sit - and was necessary to sit down because a puddle of a melkovat. Also did not stir even a big congestion of the people - from - for couple the feeling of privacy was created: we hardly saw even each other. We were warned that long in this water it is impossible to be heated, minutes 10 - 15 therefore soon we went to tents - to pack things and to move further.

While we gathered, good weather deteriorated, from the sea ice wind blew and began to drive to the coast of a block of ice. And here such weather accompanied us almost all remained days. And if for the night from wind we could take refuge in tent, then it was necessary to go in the afternoon in spite of the fact that wind just forced down from legs.

Wind, however, stopped being the main problem - the road ended after a while and the most real washing board began. It without the slightest exaggeration! The choice was - between infinite potholes and sand - but on sand it is absolutely impossible to go, and on a washing board of the Arabatsky arrow we sometimes speeded at the pedestrian - that, as it is known from school textbooks, makes 5 km/h. In places it was necessary to get down from the bicycle and its message for a wheel - too it is difficult, but it was much more difficult to go - shoulders from attempts to hold a wheel directly began to ache mercilessly. the Ostrich`s farm

Ahead of us waited for

an ostrich`s farm where it was possible to eat exotic meat and ostrich`s eggs. But, when we drove up to farm gate, the first that to me was evident on a sign, is the word “sauna“. By then we already strongly froze: the sun was not all day, ice wind did not abate. Having found for workers of a farm (not the season everything is!) we had the room and ordered a sauna. And here refused ostrich`s egg - there is it the whole 250 hryvnias! What on our money makes one thousand rubles now. The two-room luxury (other numbers just were not ready) cost only 50 hryvnias more egg, and we still had nearly 60 km of a way to Kamenka, and from there it was necessary to reach Simferopol - already by car, of course. So we took a steam bath in a bath, directly in number on a torch made macaroni with stewed meat, drank wines, changed the punched chamber and went to bed.

Next morning gathered quickly enough - tents did not need to be brought together as the day before, weather was like nothing, even looked through the sun a little. And here remained to time very little - in a today it was necessary to make kilometers 40, otherwise we could not be in time to the train. And we almost managed it - in 7,5 hours on the way with small stops everyone half an hour, with a lunch and replacement of the punched wheel we passed 36 km, and remained very little. We spent the night, having hardly established tents on strong wind, and started on on a way - we were waited by the last day of a cycle campaign. It began normally, but it became farther everything to worsen only. The rain began to drizzle, the washing board of the road became more and more impassable, but a variety - huge pools appeared. It was necessary to bypass on foot them on a grass which in practice was just smaller pool, but it was impossible to bypass it so all of us had wet feet. Present a picture: wet legs, wet clothes, cold and almost head wind. Also do not forget about so-called “road“!


the settlement which Seemed ahead - the village Salt - gave to

hope for heat or at least cognac - but we were late for the only bus, and the shop opened after a break only in an hour. It did not make sense to wait, and we went to the last settlement of the Arabatsky arrow - Kamenka. All 11 km we “enjoyed“ the good road - it was densely graveled so we thought of our washing board wistfully - there though sites better occasionally came across. But I with all the heart believed that at the end of these 11 kilometers we are waited by heat.

Therefore it is possible to understand my state when we stopped by at shop of Kamenka and the shop assistant told us that in the settlement there is no suitable car - neither with a luggage carrier, nor with the trailer. It meant that we are expected by 30 more km of a way to Feodosiya. Children bought a bottle of excellent Ukrainian cognac and somehow at once took the word to the shop assistant, but I told that I, will not bypass all houses in the settlement yet, I will not give up. And I was lucky - I found remarkable “Muscovite“ with the trailer, and the owner was so kind that brought us with the husband to Feodosiya (the friend remained for couple of days). There we without effort found the bus to Simferopol, spent the night in hotel and went to Moscow in the afternoon.


When we went by the train from Moscow, nobody stuck to us from - for bicycles, and here on the way back the Ukrainian conductor tried to take from us money for lack of some mythical luggage receipts. We from surprise nearly gave money, and then thought: what receipts if we handed over nothing in a baggage car? And all placed in the compartment - took luxury together to have a rest and quietly to place bicycles - in luxury they perfectly are located: one on the top luggage shelf, and the second - under a table, along a window. It was necessary to sweat a little, however, but went with comfort.

So the conductor was left with nothing therefore all change when brought tea, extremely spitefully watched at us - well that views cannot kill. But to us for her rage was cold hot. So if you will travel in the train with bicycles, remember: it is possible to take 36 kg on the person free of charge. And, if you place baggage, without disturbing other passengers, from you have nothing the right to take.

Here also our cycle campaign ended. All of us - passed the Arabatsky arrow! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah! I also did not expect from myself that I will cope, though did not represent what waits for me. But here all tests behind - we houses, already dried tent, sorted and washed things - it was necessary only to wash bicycles, to grease them and to go to the service center - our bicycles not very well transferred transportation by cars and trains. But we were not brought. And though travel was difficult, especially the last day, very much it was pleasant to all of us. And now it is not terrible to go to a cycle campaign!

By the way, despite all difficulties, we feel emotional lift - after the working day still there are many forces to make house cleaning or to go for a walk. Surprisingly, truth?