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Cycle tourism? Easily! Preparation for a campaign of

I learned to ride the bicycle quite recently - last year, and my first bicycle to me was presented by the husband for March 8.

Especially difficult I at first were given turns - I fell or was on the verge of falling in half of cases! But all - learned and quite tolerably could ride across Moscow. Though it was frightening all the same.

And here the husband says that his friends go to a cycle campaign on the Arabatsky arrow and call us with themselves. I will tell honestly - I agreed with a sinking heart. I am a beginner, and not only by bicycle - before I was in only two campaigns. But now I am a skilled cycle tourist and I can share experience with you.

Installation of a luggage carrier

So, we with the husband began preparation. At us at both quite good mountain bicycles so it was necessary only to find to them luggage carriers. Here also problems began: the majority of luggage carriers is not intended for bicycles with disk brakes. I found article about ways of fastening of luggage carriers in the Internet - one another worse. Having armed with this knowledge, we went to shop, but the seller assured us that we will attach luggage carriers without effort. And really, in only several hours after two visits of the nearest household shop behind bolts of different length we attached a luggage carrier to a frame of one bicycle. The second was left for other evening, there it was simpler with the decision, but it is more difficult with fastening: now to remove and put a luggage carrier from the bicycle - business slow. And it is necessary to remove because without back wing it is inconvenient to go, especially on pools!

Purchase of a cycle backpack

the Following stage became the choice of a cycle backpack, so-called trousers. Because he really reminds trousers: they as if sit down on a luggage carrier and go to themselves behind the cyclist. Having read various reviews, we with the husband stopped on “Normal there is an Acme“ Petersburg production, the convenient, strong and inexpensive backpacks which perfectly sustained ours 9 - a dnevny campaign. Bought 45 - and 75 - liter, and for two this volume appeared quite enough, and here - liter looked 90 so as if in it not only the bicycle, but also the cyclist will be located! It was necessary to think over quite carefully everything that we are going to take - to carry with ourselves half-houses is simply unreal, but to do without some things too an opportunity was not represented. But as weather promised to be warm, we did not take clothes much, decided to prepare on a gas torch therefore we did without axe, Caen and a kostrovy set. Took an awning which was not useful unless as a pillow under the head - but it was easy, and did not take a lot of place. However, it was necessary to drag covers for bicycles - transportation without special covers in trains is impossible, and everyone weighed nearly a kilogram. As a result the bicycle with the loaded backpack it was very difficult to lift, and we had to do it - to the Kursk station we went under the own steam, and two hours across Moscow on brisk streets moreover with infinite underground passages - that still pleasure. By the way, at the beginning of travel the husband dragged also the, and wash bicycles on ladders and when we went back, I transferred the bicycle already. So in a week I noticeably gained strength that cannot but please.

Preparation of the bicycle

Practically all articles on the cycle websites advise

to visit service - the center twice a year. But we consulted to the expert and found out that it is absolutely optional to do it. Especially as we stored bicycles in the apartment, but not on a balcony as do many. Our winter weather conditions suit for storage of the bicycle a little, and it needs to be preserved for the winter. We had not to do it. Therefore we were limited to the fact that by means of a special cleaner cleaned a chain and applied on it greasing. It is necessary to clean a chain because sand gets to it, from - for whom details of the bicycle wear out much quicker. And it is much more difficult to change a chain with asterisks, than to clean from old greasing.


Several words about food in a campaign. In advance I bought dry soups, having tried to find without glyutamat and other chemistry, mashed potatoes which simply get divorced boiled water, fast macaroni and buckwheat. On having a snack - awfully expensive, but very tasty dried meat - appeared in shops it quite recently, and for a campaign is absolutely irreplaceable! I bought all range on a bag: chicken, beef, venison and a horse-flesh, everything was also pleasant. Especially an opportunity to stop in any second, to get a bag from a pocket and to eat one - two pieces of meat. You do not represent how it is strong and as forces were quickly spent! On the bad road we had a bite almost each hour. For having a snack I bought smoked sausages in small bags, nutlets and dried apples. As we on the way had settlements, we decided that we will buy stewed meat or even fresh meat on the road not to drag all this from Moscow. Of course, we took with ourselves also tea, coffee, sugar and condensed milk in a soft package.


Other equipment

we were going to Spend the night in tent so still skins and a sleeping bag - yes, one for two because we bought an excellent double sleeping bag were necessary! It appeared practically the same volume and weight, as well as single warm winter, and heated not less, especially with the husband inside. Nights had to be cold therefore we gave up thought of easy summer sleeping bags. It is mylno necessary to mention still - rylny accessories and the first-aid kit which included all possible drugs. Two - three days we should go far from a civilization therefore I tried to provide everything.

There now and everything, all things are packed, backpacks are reliably fixed on luggage carriers, we pull out bicycles to the yard and for the first time we sit down on them in the loaded state. And, you represent, with backpacks it is possible to go! And it is even quite comfortable - apart from underground passages and narrow paths on which it is very difficult to miss each other with pedestrians. For this reason the road to the station borrowed as much time as though we walked (according to Google - cards).

Be continued.