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Orotron prickly (Hispidus Belopyatnisty) - Arothron hispidus

Arotron prickly or Hispidus Belopyatnisty (Arothron hispidus, English Whitespotted puffer) - small small fishes of family Chetyrekhzubykh, blaasop, skalozuby, kantigastrovy, or fishes - dogs. In popular speech Arotron prickly is known as “fish - a sphere“. As at danger Arotron is inflated, taking at the same time spherical shape. At the same time fish actively swallows a large amount of water from surrounding space. When fish calms down, water is issued through an anus. Often Aratronov catch and dry on souvenirs. Representatives of family inhabit all tropical and subtropical seas. In a quiet condition of a needle densely adjoin to a body. In Arotrona`s length can reach 50 cm. Males do not differ on coloring of a body from females. Usually in nature live poodinoko. The prickly Orotron does not possess sexual dimorphism.

Hispidus Belopyatnisty eats mollusks, sea hedgehogs, sponges, holothurias, ofiura, crabs. Hispidus Belopyatnisty is widespread in Quiet and Indian oceans from the Red Sea and East Africa to Japan, the Hawaiian Islands and Panama. Inhabit external reef slopes at depths from 3 to 50 meters, and also internal spaces of reeves and a lagoon. There live Arothron hispidus usually 10 years, sometimes there are cases that to a dolbsha. It is interesting that orotrons have strong skin poison (tetrodotoksin).

At an orotron never stop growing teeth as in the nature all of them time grind off them during production absorption. Prickly Arotron`s teeth constantly remain sharp, due to uneven grinding. Teeth merge among themselves, forming couple of cutting plates divided in front in each jaw. In bondage teeth Arotronov can outgrow the admissible sizes, to be deformed and become a hindrance for normal food as to grind off them in an aquarium usually there is nothing. Proceeding from it it is very important to give to orotrons objects for a razgryzaniye, namely stones and sinks of mollusks. It is also necessary to protect and hide all wires from the aquarian equipment, air hoses, the orotron can take them for production and have a bite.



Meets in the Indian and Quiet oceans, is universal from east Africa to Japan.


Contents in the Alushtinsky aquarium:

can Support Prickly Arotron in an aquarium with pomatsentrovy, fishes - butterflies, sea angels, large gubana, spinoroga, and clownfish. temperature 23 - 26 With; pH 7. 9 - 8. 4.

the Aquarium for the maintenance of a belopyatnisty orotron was rather big - not less than 500 - 600 liters on one individual. The special attention needs to be paid to system of a filtration, the powerful biological filter and a productive flotator is necessary. When replacing water it is necessary to watch constancy of temperature and hydrochemical indicators, such as pH and salinity of water.

can Feed with mussels, shrimps, mollusks, other fish.