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How life to make eternal? Giovanny Bellini and the doge Loredano of

the Portrait of the doge Loredano is considered one of the best creations of the Venetian artist Giovanny Bellini (1430 - 1516). It is not necessary to argue - work it on the art advantages, on expressiveness of the personal characteristic outstanding.

What is noticed by us in a portrait first of all? We examine a brocade cloak, an exotic headdress, a special shade a blue background? No, human face.

We see native wit and the wisdom found over the years. A high forehead in wrinkles, clever, acute eyes, accurate drawing of the lips which got used both to rule and to smile.

Here such portraits create something strange with the viewer. Suddenly I appear out of the time and space off represented on a portrait of the person is suddenly cut with mine. I cannot meet the eyes of it, but all the same I feel it and I understand. He is my interlocutor. It is that conversation which is conducted long ago also by well familiar people...

Had to pass fair time in the history of painting - before the artist decided to develop not the Son Bozhyego, not Madonna, not Saint righteous persons, but the living person facing the viewer. That religious didacticism left painting work space that sacral left - and remained human...

Therefore this portrait revolyutsionen for history of the Venetian painting. It was one of the first where the fullface was represented the real, living person.

And Loredano`s portrait is unusual to Bellini because usually he wrote young people - keeping quickly leaving youth and beauty of the heroes for centuries. Why he undertook to write the elderly person?

At first sight, the answer is simple. The doge appeared on a portrait first of all Bellini was an official painter of the Republic. This portrait - ceremonial, its mission - to be as a part of gallery of portraits of the Venetian governors of the Palace of doges.

Such explanation the simply, obvious. But I see on a portrait not of the elective official in an exotic uniform, and the Person. I am grateful to the artist who presented me this visual and intellectual pleasure - a meeting with the personality, through five centuries.

I see that the person of unique advantages became the hero of a portrait. The intelligence, experience, competence, talent of the diplomat - Leonardo Loredano`s identity are created by an alloy of these components.

It was necessary to be born it? Yes, it was necessary to be born in one of the richest and influential families of Venice. It was necessary to consist in Grand Council. However, at the time of Leonardo Loredano membership in it provided already only an origin, and not authority of the personality, not degree of competence at all.

And here that from lived and acquired, depended on the authority - so it it to be the electee. Procedure of elections of the doge consisted of eleven votes, in their course elections of candidates and electors alternated.

Why it was required several times from all of the decreasing list to select candidates for doges - it is simple to understand. But why it was necessary to sift through a fine sieve of elections - structure of electors? Yes because the island state existed as the republic. The lightest Republic Venice, Saint Mark`s Republic - so officially was called it since the end of the seventh century on the end of the century of the eighteenth.

The republic - from Latin res publica that “business of the people“ means. Let the people are called only two and a half thousand members of Grand Council, but and such small “people“ out of electoral system it is difficult to consider interests.

All considered - and on October 2, 1501 Leonardo Loredano became the doge. By the time of election he was 65 years old. The portrait executed by Bellini is dated approximately this time. The doge Loredano should rule Venice to death in 1521.

It in our times 65 years - age, one may say, the beginnings of new life. Only do not see in these my words, dear reader, a smile. It was necessary to meet young people of sixty from a sort years. These are they on attitude, mobility, readiness to apprehend new. An inclusiveness of such people in Internet life - superfluous to it the proof.

But 65 - the summer governor in the sixteenth century? “Shabby denm“ aged patriarch... Unless such is it on a portrait?

“He was thin, high growth and is strong in spirit, differed in good health, kept regular life, was quick-tempered, but is reasonable in government. Without being a sophisticated speaker, was able to state well the thoughts and to convince. It was fair and strict, but at the same time was able to do by the friends even those which disagreed with it and against which he fought... The cities subject to Venice, communities and individuals welcomed its election in prose and verses... Its board was really one of the most considerable thanks to great and happy events in which Venice proved as the strongest of the states not only Italy, but also all Europe“ , - so wrote about da Mosto doge Loredano Andrea.

Bellini, as it is obvious, also gives such characteristic to the hero in the considered portrait. It predicts brilliant government of the great doge.

The board was brilliant by results - but disturbing in particulars. Sometimes, apparently, quiet, even cold face of the doge was distorted with experiences. For anger and a grief?

Perhaps, Leonardo Loredano endured these feelings. He was at the head of Saint Mark`s Republic at the terrible moment of its history - when against Venice in Kambreysky league the Sacred Roman Empire, kingdoms French and Spanish united, and this union was consecrated with protection of the Pope.

Against Venice there were at that moment not only powers that be. It seemed, against there were also elements of a case. The Venetian ship carrying treasury was lost, the powder warehouse blew up, the state archive was destroyed... The main - the despair seized Venetians.

Against the will of a case, against despair of fellow citizens, Leonardo Loredano played for the Republic Venice. Its clever game of politics could bring dissonance in the relations of members of the league, get support of the Holy See and achieve the end of war.

The historical outline on which human life is embroidered, of course, means when you get acquainted with painting works in which original events as which heroes real people act find reflection.

But you distract from history of events and dates, from so-called history political - and history human begins. Here so history breaks up to particulars - to connect in something bigger, than the dry chronological scheme.

History human is inhabited by people. They look at us from picturesque cloths. Also Leonardo Loredano is so living for us. The artist prolonged to him life. Made it eternal? At least, this life lasts while there is Leonardo Loredano`s portrait while there are we, during a certain moment of the life stopped before this masterpiece of Bellini.