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Five precepts of long, healthy and happy life for each man. What they? Read

somehow in the Network about one Indian who in 90 years became a father. Yogi, probably … But all the same, just does not go in! At us, in Russia, just do not live up to such age!

Here whom it is possible to call without any stretch and hypocrisy the real man. Well, I so think …

I this yogi, I do not remember his name, formulated only 5 rules by means of which it is possible to support “the man`s force“ to such respectable age.

1. Daily morning exercises and regular sex life. Daily - not less than 5 kilometers on foot. The body needs to be supported in operating state. Standing, sitting and lying a body quickly spoils. Of course, the car and the TV (computer games, the Internet) - the greatest achievements of mankind, but they also reduce our life. And it is strong, though is imperceptible. Therefore after the day spent in cozy sitting of a car or in a chair in front of the computer I ask on the street a promenade a peshochok to make. It only at first is difficult, and then when becomes a habit, you it is simple to do without it will not be able. Too it is worth to remember about sex life, to remember regularly!

2. to Avoid colds. Always to keep legs in dryness and heat. The most widespread diseases in the world - catarrhal. Well, apparently, what serious is in slight cold, irritation in a throat, and … head pobalivaniya? Now, a tablet all as a hand will remove! On the contrary! Banal cold which many just do not wish to notice imperceptibly weakens forces of our organism and “opens doors“ to other, more destructive and dreadful diseases. Avoid colds, and you strongly prolong to yourself life!

3. In a diet it is a lot of seafood, fruit and vegetables, it is not enough starch and meat. Not to overeat, avoid spicy food - containing vinegar or other strong acids. To sleep on a hard bed. Food and a dream - the main “generators of energy“ in our organism. You want to be vigorous, so healthy, happy with life, happy - eat properly and correctly you sleep. Pay attention, in a diet of Europeans starch and meat, prevail what, in principle, should be eaten as little as possible. The diet and rest has to be observed, despite everything! If your life such is what to eat properly and is regularly impossible in principle, at least remember about posts. And for the night do not drink coffee and tea, and you will fall asleep quicker, and you will be better to sleep.

4. to Exclude smoking, alcohol, drugs, sweet carbonated drinks from life. (Continuation of the previous points.) Why most to destroy that temple of health what our body is? Advantage of these “products“ any, sweet drinks kindle thirst even more, but do not satisfy it. And synthetic sweeteners, breaking up in an organism, turn into the terrible poisons considerably shortening life. About tobacco, alcohol and drugs in general I am silent …

5. Strong emotions - both pleasant, and unpleasant - prevent to live long. Accept all events quietly because what happened, already happened because had to happen. Strong emotions destroy not only a body, but also I smother. And whether there can be healthy a person with the damaged soul? Well, with negative emotions everything is clear, and here with positive, joyful? The question, of course philosophical, but a heart attack can come both from negative, and from positive strong emotions.

All! To add, of course is what, but next time. To execute it …