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How to write article on an interesting subject if you “not in a subject“?

“All of us studied gradually,

to Something and as - nibud.“

Pushkin A. S.

And this is true! All of us, being in a civilized society we cannot be experts in all areas at once. And sometimes it is so necessary!

Today I will open one effective way how to write article which will be unambiguously interesting to readers. Even, if you as the author of this masterpiece, you will be absolutely “not in a subject“. Why I am so sure? Yes because will create it … well, still not your readers, but people, it is absolute in it interested.

I will begin from far away. Here, if you have to find the answer to an unsoluble question, and to ask in the immediate environment there is nobody what you do? Correctly, you climb in the Internet on a thematic forum. If there is no answer to your specific question, you set it and wait for the answer. And now think, not only you act this way, and and many, even very many other persons.

Well, here to you and plan of creation of the next masterpiece . A masterpiece without any quotes if you work a little.

So, we will start. Plan such.

1. We look for a forum on the interesting subject. Put “keyword“ + “forum“ in a search box of Google or any other search engine. The most popular forums on the necessary subject vysypitsya directly on the first page.

2. Study subjects where most of all participants. Slightly upgraded name of a subject can be excellent heading for your new article. And it is possible to take all popular subjects and to make several articles.

3. Choose the most often repeating questions - they have to be call of the help, and on them there have to be many consistent answers. If those are, the most important problem is already solved! These questions can be taken out in article heading too. If answers are inconsistent, it is better to refuse a subject. If it is impossible to refuse, then it is necessary to take answers which the majority and to rely on the fact that “the majority is mistaken less often“. Long it is not necessary to rummage, usually these questions collect the biggest branches of discussion and are located not further the third page.

4. So, we collect answers to a question, we analyze, we choose the most professional, interesting, fascinating. The most hard work is made, but to stop still early.

5. If the subject is specific, contains a set of special terms, make pass - the dictionary of a professional slang, it is useful.

6. We look for additional information in the same Google or other searcher. Surely keep references to interesting materials and expert estimates. Whether this information contradicts what you are going to write. Food, food …, having written article, you prove to be the expert, and gross blunders do not forgive to experts. And so, it is always possible to refer to opinion of the expert (experts) who confirm what you wrote in article. Also there will be to you an honor and praise. Then …

All? No, of course not!

Now it is necessary to write article, having transferred information in an author`s statement and so that it was clear to those for whom you write. To read several times, to check the facts, to correct inaccuracies, to correct errors.

Now all!

We send a masterpiece to court of readers.

I hope, they will see in you the expert and the new guru. You find it in comments very out soon.

If it occurs, safely write the whole series of articles on this subject.