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How to write about difficult it is clear?

to the Blogger, the copywriter, the writer or the journalist sometimes happen it is necessary to write quickly the text on absolutely unfamiliar subject moreover and with the set density of keywords. What, to you it did not meet yet? Anything, still all ahead. Well, and how to arrive in such cases that the test was accepted at once by the customer or readers of the website (blog) favourably and was at the same time not just clear, but also interesting, fascinating? I Give to

universal council! Double-thread, almost safe combination.

Hod the first. Write so that it was clear … to five - the seven-year-old child! If a subject very difficult - ten-year-old.

Just think, as if you explained a subject on which were going to write, to the child, which and to concentrate - that for a long time cannot! Imagine what opposite to you jumps, walks and only sometimes a certain being who knows only the simplest words stops. As you explain to him that it, for example, business … Or marketing … Or. Well, I all about the. And the subject can be in general any! Up to the device of a juicy collider. And this rebyonochny does not understand a being and does not want to understand. How to it to drum all this?

“Well, it … E …“ Think! It is necessary not to it, it is necessary to you and only to you!

Will help to make such text to you several rules:

1. It is not necessary to philosophize, be simpler! The child does not understand clever words and long offers!

2. Gain trust! Who will listen to you (to read) if to you there is no trust? It as if stops run of the imagined child, interesting him. How? And goodness knows! Think how to writhe from themselves the authority.

3. Figurative metaphors - what from usual life what you want to tell about is similar to.

4. The text rhythm is very important, all paragraphs have to be approximately identical size. Or the first paragraphs have to be shorter, but it is more capacious and more interesting.

5. Any special terms and slang words. If it is impossible to do without them in any way, it is necessary to explain at first them with the simple, human language clear even to the child.

6. To repeat the most important information in other words.

7. To write the text short, capacious offers.

8. To sum up the general result.

9. If there is opportunity, to check in practice, having read the text to some child. Wow! It is in general cool!

Hod the second. you can make the text for any audience Of this text which is clear even to the child. Absolutely! From pupils of technical training college to Nobel laureates. It will be inexpressibly easier to change the text under target audience now, than to write the text for this audience from a blank sheet.

Especially this method will be suitable for writing of so-called SEO - texts on unfamiliar subjects moreover and with the set density of keywords. You just write an interesting story for the child, then retell this history in professional terms. In total!

Now, at rather regular training, you quickly learn to write on any subjects as in the course of considering how to explain something to the little man, it is necessary - to understand will bondage the essence of a question, and it by all means will affect quality of article.

Try! At you surely it will turn out!