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as an epigraph:

“- I thought that you sleep, - Gavrilov told.

- to Sleep - the most unproductive occupation. Mosses never sleep. And the person - the conceiving moss, a lichen, a mold …“

(Cyrus Bulychyov, “Dream of the correspondence student“) the Procession lasting since morning down the street attracted

to itself as if a magnet, faces of locals. All stiffened at windows, some even left houses to approach closer the road.

the Children in admiration flattened noses, nestling on windowpanes.

Jake, trying to observe at least externally unperturbable tranquility, stood near both kids which moved apart elbows flowerpots on a window sill and admired on modern construction - and road - to technician.

Procession of mechanisms! Graders, bulldozers, asphalt spreaders, powerful truck cranes … and still a set brightly painted, as if newcomers, only from the factory conveyor, huge mechanisms which purpose could only be guessed. At least, to the nonspecialist.

the Wood receded under the pressure of extended, multiband now, are expensive.

For smooth to turns opened a good mile of the first-class route. Now the ancient kalancha of a fire brigade the provincial, being buried in violent summer verdure, the town, new houses of immigrants and warehouses of Robo corporation was perfectly looked through.

the road in that direction hid Earlier mighty trees.

to go on such route - continuous pleasure.

Builders moved. Probably, in another, next, the town where will continue the, certainly useful - without exaggeration, socially useful - business.

the Next explosion of delighted baby`s cries distracted the respectable father of family from large-scale social reflections. He as if looked just in the aquarium captivated by the smooth movements of bright small fishes and again “returned on the earth“.

Jake looked on both the tousled offsprings and could not keep from happy touching smiling.

the Face as if was lit when it looked at a golden-haired head of six-year-old Mary and shortish hair Jake`s hedgehog - younger.

having Mechanically stroked them on silky hair, it turned towards a window again. Children vigorously pointed a finger at glass, having found something very much for themselves interesting. at this moment Jake for the first time felt by

I in himself unclear discomfort. Vague concern. A bit later he understood

in what business for now he peered at a stream of multi-colored equipment where on a motley oranzhevo - it is yellow - a red background of the confused geometry of steel structures obviously “three sounded a dissonance“ or four dark-brown hills without accurate corners as if washed away by others optics got on by mistake of points.

Moving hills. As if builders decided to take away with themselves for memory several heaps of clay and the earth.

Hills gradually moved in the general stream, being slightly shaken here and there.

I Jake, at last, made out them. More likely, the brain agreed with information obtained from eyes which several seconds just refused to perceive.

Bisons. Long ago the died-out bisons.

Four huge bulls pulled for themselves in teams - everyone separately from others, in itself - not too large, in comparison with the others, mechanisms.

Appearance of animals in the place where they just should not have been - here that struck.

I sizes, of course.

Children in impatience fingered sleeves of a fatherly sweater, in eager rivalry asking about strange animals. Jake began to explain. Most likely, it is new, especially large, breed. Next miracle of genetic engineering, most likely.

Is valid, powerful animals, similar to the hills which grew with brownish vegetation blew the mind of the unprepared inhabitant. Exceeding the sizes of ordinary bisons, at least, twice. Giants!

Or seemed such at distance, Jake thought. Without having failed to tell children about refraction of beams, optical illusion and imperfection of organs of vision.

However, children did not listen to it any more - for bisons that passed their apartment five-floor house turned by an end face to the road other animals approached.

Seems, a tiger, staring in disbelief Jake thought. And clearly felt how the back grew cold. Something slightly moved as if broke, in heart. the Huge striped cat carried nothing

on herself or for herself.

of the Paw softly went on the concrete paving which the other day replaced asphalt.

Having looked narrowly, Jake understood that the animal resembles a tiger only striped coloring.

Too large head of an animal rather highly rose over less long, than at a tiger, a trunk. The barrel-shaped thorax and a powerful neck which is slightly curved back gave to a huge cat very much proud expression. As if she disposed of

on this holiday of life, having started the procession mechanism hidden from public eyes. the Animal looked at

on the parties - attentively, sharp-sightedly, but with some almost contemptuous look. The crowned person and only, Jake thought.

Afterwards important strode another, very similar, only slightly differing in coloring: rub - four black and white spots flowed from sides on a back, making a huge cat surprisingly similar to a predatory killer whale. On a whale - the murderer, a killer whale - in accuracy, as on a sea landscape - the canvas hanging in the nursery. Mary, seemingly, came to mind the same thought: “Father, father!“ - she began to chatter, - “Look, a kitty same as that delfinchik in a picture!“

Children just began to squeal from delight. They jumped up and clapped. From height of the second floor the near site of the road settled down, clearly, and it was possible to make out quite distinctly still a couple of the same spotty is black - white creatures.

Jake did not share pleasure of the with all the heart having fun young offsprings any more. Of course, you will see such circus on the road not every day, but … The alarm which crept in in a breast slightly squeezed something there, in heart. Force, the power proceeding from these unclear animals was combined with imperceptible feeling - Jake could not even formulate at once the fears - with feeling of reason, cold, strange, alien, indifferent to people. Cold and, perhaps, prudent, planning something special, really absolutely alien to residents of the town, adults and children.

I if soberly to look at things, having released from any there emotions - what, so to say, function of these God`s creatures - or whose?. - yes, that`s it what they do here, in an infinite stream of up-to-date construction equipment?

With the answer to this question had to be waited as the attention of the father watching together with children surprising and strange procession switched to the group of builders which crowded under windows of their house.

Looking before that at animals, Jake also did not notice when these people managed to gather below.

Mechanically noted as if having put a tick in a notebook, their high growth and a powerful constitution. The strong children dressed in identical special clothes reminded overages - the basketball players who overtrained besides on power simulators, or champions of bodybuilding.

Everything, as on selection, the high, not less than six and a half growth of feet, with a mighty thorax, bicepses and too the developed deltoid muscles which could not hide even rather free jackets. One of them carried out

by an unwinking gaze along an apartment house facade where there lived the staff of corporation together with families, and for some reason stopped at their window.

Jake who was going to open a window shuddered and lowered hands.

A the builder, without looking away from children, approached closer and, having jumped up, caught hands eaves outside, continuing to look continuously. Children for several seconds became silent as if hypnotized.

This unwinking gaze in an emphasis absolutely unsettled the father of family. Jake clearly felt the danger proceeding from that party.

of People in a construction jacket, the word without telling, jumped off back.

Children was accepted is noisy to discuss an event: “Now that`s something like it!. Wow - y!. This jump! I want to learn so too!“

Jake in a minute at the request of children opened - a window though something in it with might and main interfered with it. Opened, continuing to think of the distinct feeling of the coming danger which arose from not clear discomfort at the sight of bisons and huge cats - feeling which finally realized this second.

In a brain pulsed thought, trying to be created in words - what animals, why, why here all these animals are?

“And to you not all the same?“ - foreign thought got from the outside, having pushed aside own. Jake did not manage to be surprised. Cold intonation of silent someone else`s words as if cut through a scalpel his brain, finally made sober Jake and he decided to close a window, having called the children who overhung over eaves and chirping unceasingly - eventually, it is dangerous. It is dangerous not to chirp, of course, and here so almost to climb on a window sill.

was not required to Call children. In couple of seconds they recoiled from a window in amazement, the surprise mixed with such ancient feeling peculiar to the person - fear.

From procession of mechanisms and God`s creatures separated two animals light-brown and is dirty - yellow coloring. The fur hanged down in tousle from the waving sides and Jake recognized in them huge bears not at once - a grizzly. the Ridiculous old joke “And bears gnawed

…“ sharply broke in thoughts - one of monsters quickly and unexpectedly easily rose by hinder legs. So quickly the bear passed

from a roadside, by group of builders, without having paid to them any attention - and they too indifferently reacted to its emergence - closely to the house. Almost buried a muzzle in the basis of a neighbour`s balcony … the third floor! Something drew its attention. Something, being on a balcony.

Children together with the father who clasped them for shoulders, having quietly screamed, recoiled from the cracked window. Mary and Jake - younger with open mouths and protruding eyes watched

at the head size about a kitchen table, the moist moving nostrils as if living, separate of a trunk, life and it is noisy sniffing something there, on the third floor.

the Animal, having raised forepaws, quickly grabbed it something from a balcony and went along the house, coming back to the road.

seemed to Jake that he heard the squeezed shout and saw someone`s naked legs which were dangling in air on a fraction of a second.

It turned the head, without daring to approach an open window and to watch leave the bear who dropped out of sight. Also saw reddish eyes of the second animal.

With wool lighter, than at the first bear, this looked not at a balcony, and directly to it in eyes. Jake as if freezed, without daring to move, from a look, cold, unpleasant to loathing.

- Children, we will go - on kitchen, it will be visible better from there, - hardly moving in the dried-up mouth language, Jake said, softly, but persistently pushing the son and the daughter to a door. Without taking eyes from the animal who stared at it in an emphasis.

the Bear silently, in accuracy repeating the movements of the fellow, rose by hinder legs. And in a moment was at a window.

Children already left the room and did not see danger approach.

“Should be closed …“ - Jake helplessly thought, showing the door to them on kitchen. As if the fragile window is capable to detain such vast object.

the Bear, having strange bent a neck, pushed the head in an open window opening.

Over a window sill was sliped by a huge paw, the sizes is closer to the turned bucket of the average excavator, than to a paw of the living being.

Having slammed a door, Jake remembered recent family viewing of the old movie “Jurassic Park“. Now it was more terrible.

the Children who were not suspecting about actions of the second giant - a grizzly, already rustled in kitchen, observing from that party the stream of mechanisms which is removed and sparkling metal with “impregnations“ a miracle - animals. Neither Mary, nor Jake - younger paid attention that the father, closing a door to the room, shivered, as in fever. They already, interrupting each other, argued on genetics - everyone understood its principles in own way especially as at school where the daughter studied only year, did not teach it yet - and, instantly forgetting about dispute, is noisy admired the next miracle.

they did not pay attention and to the ring of the broken vase which reached from the closed room to a bump from falling of a flowerpot from a window sill. Sounds from the room including the muffled blows reminding heavy feet of a giant were muffled by a measured roar of road equipment.

Jake convulsively seized the door handle, distinctly representing as the terrible huge animal, having tightened on paws, squeezes a huge body to the room, breaking frames, forward extremities touching on a floor while back get stuck for a while in a window opening - a crash of the remains of frames, a sound of glass, blows of the flowerpots breaking against a parquet...

seemed to Jake that he already feels stinking breath of the monster which filled with itself almost all room through a fragile barrier. The door handle which was held by the turned white hands shuddered. Dirty - the yellow grizzly was stuck with a muzzle into a door.

Heart beat as mad as if seeking to jump out of a breast …

- the Sir, regain consciousness! Regain consciousness, the sir!. My God, it, seemingly, in an otklyuchka … Sister! Vividly here sal ammoniac and solution No. 16 in a dropper! If does not help, we will do intravenous …

the Voice vaguely reached consciousness …

the Door cracked under blows from that party. Lungs as if trial, pushes, developed into sound blows - the tree did not maintain a powerful pressure.

Children that will be with children …

It helplessly looked around in search of a subject heavier, and did not release the door handle …

- the Sir, regain consciousness! So, the darling, connect the device. At speed, at speed move!. Devil`s developers! And if only they!... God punished me confused assistants!. You mixed everything again?!

… Foggy outlines of the big room with white walls and a high ceiling, forcing out the door scattering in chips, slowly creep in consciousness.

White canines of a monster crumble the remains of top-quality wood, turn pale, disappear … Jake hard led

eyes aside.

Eyelids as if are poured by lead.

In ears and temples knocks a hammer.

the Pungent smell causing tears and intercepting breath. The female hand which clamped graceful fingers a shred of white cotton wool swings at it before a nose.

is the Devil, will be enough to wave a hand! Too to me, … white mill! You of what thought earlier?! So, depart. It comes back.

the Swarty hemispheres which half are beaten out from narrowness of a snow-white dressing gown moved from a field of vision and the sobbed female voice to the left, shivering for offense or a fright, asked:

- Doctor Sven, something else?.

- Yes!. Go away to all from here … Jake sees

in a profile of the enraged doctor with a black small beard, similar to the freebooter or the Spanish conquistador. The brilliant pen here will jump out of a breast pocket of a scrub here-.

Jake hears the girl`s sobbing - probably, the guilty nurse.

Then hasty steps and a sound of the slammed door.

- Devil take it … Sorry, sir. But these servants - I wanted to tell, support personnel - they absolutely got out of hand. It is unclear of what think in operating time …

- With me everything is all right? - Jake hardly razlepit the shrunk lips. The consciousness almost completely returned to it, but in the head strong weakness rustled and was felt. Moreover slightly - slightly felt sick, as during flight as if got to an air hole.

- Yes, the sir, as it should be. Already all behind. The danger passed. Once again I apologize, the sir, for the assistant, but this brainless monster with a fighting coloring and manicure mixed disks. Instead of your order put one of the last things of Stephen King in a neural projector. The novelty whether you know, did not pass approbation yet … It is difficult to assume that can send, catalogs are constantly updated … always whether you know, is nekotory risk … Devil`s thrillers! And still you were devilishly lucky that I was near! It was necessary to give an injection - I seriously was afraid for your heart. The cardiac muscle just could not sustain such stress. If you saw that It got up on the monitor … And if the aorta burst?! But - all already normal! Five more minutes - also you will be as the newcomer!

In half an hour Jake, reeling, left office.

the Full-chested maiden sitting at a table to the right of an entrance door handed it the coupon, generously presenting lusciously - a sweet smile of karminovy lips and the concealed fright in corners of green eyes:

- Welcome in our exclusive salon, the sir! Come still!

Brand new, Jake thought.

- How many from me? - he asked quietly.

- About - about! That you! Today - it is free, at the expense of an institution. Allow to wish you success in business! Please, visit us still!

On Jake Street turned back and for some reason looked at a sign.

“Hire of dreams“.

Gothic font. Coarse black letters on light-an orange background, reminded spiders or a sign of ritual office.

of my Leg here will not be any more, Jake thought.


For edition:

can be published as the translation from English. Under the pseudonym “Alex Lennox“ (as in “The new interesting newspaper“ and for litas. website “Gold Feather of Russia - 2007“).

yours faithfully,

Andrey Aleksandrovich Ryabokon.