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Scientifically - the fantastic story

Alex Lennox of Alex Lennox

(The translation from English - Andrey Ryabokon)

Early in the morning we left Edmonton where I carried the father on medical consultation. The reeled health of the seventy-year-old head of family demanded more modern methods of diagnostics and treatment. The attending physician, Mr. Seldon also insisted on consultation, it is a lot of years sponsoring practically all families of our small town.

Consultation was more than useful - consolatory and inspiring, as they say, confidence in tomorrow. The mood of the father was excellent. At me to admit, too. For quite good reason - the tumor which arose at the old man last year on a clavicle was not malignant - all of us very much were afraid of other diagnosis. Everything, except the father who frowned and, lighting a tube, abused behind evening tea modern as it was expressed, too choosy medicine.

After yesterday`s consultation at the famous surgeon the upcoming medical events considerably became simpler - and, the main thing, improved a psychological state of the old man. Recently it was even more often gloomy, closed, not without justification suspecting at itself(himself) cancer. But, fortunately, fears vanished, and we come back home.

seemed Solar morning in some way symbolical - morning of new day, bright beams of new life, something like that. When cloudy days in our old kind England are replaced by solar, it is always a holiday as it happens less often, than it would be desirable.

the Father soon dozed off under measured knock of wheels, and I at first admired in a window the houses of suburbs running by and trees, then, having opened the new collection of short stories of young and talented Wells, plunged into reading.

Suddenly, having come off the most fascinating story about a predatory orchid, I understood that the movement stopped. The first glance darted in a window caused bewilderment.

How many time was necessary to go to Edmonton the railroad, but this part of the County of Hertfordshire seemed to me absolutely unfamiliar. In principle, we had to pass already Brokston and, passing the river bank, to approach Hodsdon.

the Surrounding landscape did not correspond at all to what had to be. The river is not visible on the right. Moreover, instead of it - the hilly terrains, almost steep and rather high granite rocks reddening and gleaming under sun beams mica impregnations, or something else - I badly understand mineralogy. As far as I know, Hertfordshire in general is well-known for anything, but only not mountains. Flat hills in northern part of the county cannot lay claim to the mountain district, it precisely in any way.

the Father woke up, having become straight, looked at the motionless landscape surrounding us and with astonishment hemmed. Leaning on a black cane, stood up, reporting that it is necessary to demand immediately from the railway employee of explanations - where we the hell appeared?! Probably, the train was started up on the spare, thrown branch. Really somewhere there was a crash and we are forced to move to round? But then - why a stop in it God of the abandoned area?

Silently listening to the old man`s reasonings, I preferred not to upset him with a reminder on what on kind one hundred miles around cannot and there should not be nothing and close similar to granite rocks. I left after it a compartment in a corridor and, passing by other sash-doors with drawn aside gently - olive blinds, found out that in the car we absolutely one. To admit, now I could not remember whether someone else got into our car except us. The early morning train, to the people on a platform, at least, in Edmonton, there was a little.

But other, not palatable and bigger opening expected us outside the car.

Having gone down on steps on a railway embankment and having stepped legs in just lost morning dew, but still I skin, a grass, we, having looked back, found out that ahead of the car, behind on rails there is nothing. Neither engine, nor other cars.

- It seems that the car was unhooked, - with a thoughtful air the father spoke, getting a tube from a frock coat pocket and filling it tobacco. - Unless we went by the last car?

Saying something muffled and justifying oneself forgetfulness, I mechanically rummaged in search of tickets on pockets and is dumbfounded looked around.

the Magnificence of a surrounding landscape, emerald shades of a grass and trees playing under sunshine is obvious “sounded a dissonance“, being saddened krovavo - red tones of granite rocks. The morning optimistic mood was replaced, is a match for this dissonance, disturbing.

In the distance blackened an opening of the tunnel going to mountain granite. The car stiffened on a side-track as if the train providently turned from a single-track railway, preventing accident before the last car was unhooked. Whether the last? I still could not approve it for certain. Where there were tickets? On a little table in a compartment?

- Disgrace! - having blinked the eyes and having let out clubs of a fragrant tobacco smoke, carelessly the father waved a tube towards the car.

Having bypassed once again the unhooked car and having convinced of its bezlyudnost once again, I took away a sac with the few things - did not find tickets - and left to the father who was still smoking the tube.

- Let`s go. To remain here it is useless. There is nothing to wait.

the Father slowly went towards the blackening tunnel opening. He was sure that I will follow it without objections and considered as excess business to look back. Despite years and a heavy cane - or thanks to it - it kept a firm gait of the self-assured person. Self-assured and in people close to it, highly appreciating the beliefs and the freedom, correctly understanding a public debt and the personal rights. To admit, I in a shower envied it a little: the confidence is just what was always not enough for me. The younger child in a large family, having even reached thirty-year age I all the same felt younger, not having the right to vote.

Approaching the tunnel, we heard a locomotive whistle behind and the muffled knock of wheels.

Having stood aside, were going to wave hands, to signal somehow to the driver about the misunderstanding which happened to us - can be, will brake and will be able to explain or, better, to take with itself … The father and stiffened with an open mouth and a tube in the raised hand. I had a look, most likely, so dumbfounded - the engine rushing in our party was not the engine.

the Car moving on rails was larger than the regular engine, and its shape, at least, was strange. A bright coloring, two large headlights and, at last, the main thing - this “engine“ had no pipe!. absolutely it is unclear, on the cook fuel this very large mechanism - to get moving forward such large object worked, the fair reserve of coal is simply necessary. At the same time clearly it was visible when this miracle of equipment finished passing on an arch in the valley that no capacities for coal were provided there. And still. In big windows where the driver has to be visible - there was NOBODY!.

the Surprising car similar to two cars linked closely - very unusual train - smoothly slowed down an entrance and stopped, having half disappeared in the tunnel.

We were less than in a quarter feet from the rock gaping a minute ago an impressive dark failure - but now the tunnel was as if it is sealed. The interval remaining between the strange train and walls of the tunnel was too small that very thin person could even squeeze into it - and thin people never before were not found in our family. In the top part the gap was even less - it seemed, the ceiling of the tunnel merged with a roof a miracle - technicians.

In the head turned questions - why the vehicle moves without visible participation of people why so surprising achievement scientifically - technical progress remained unknown to the general public? It is unlikely this mechanism is related to the military sphere - but if it is not secret why about the strange train newspapers were silent?

Remained also not clear why a miracle - the train “got stuck“ in attempt to drive in the tunnel - and whether it got stuck actually? - and, the main thing what to do to us, in the absence of people who could give more - less exhaustive explanations?

disseminated the Vague doubts soaring, as they say, in air the father, surely investing shapeless “radio fluids“ with accurate and firm words. Having dragged on, he let out a ring of a smoke and, beating out a tube, told:

- It seems that the devil`s cart intends to lock us in this part of the valley. I do not like all this. Take a sac, we go back, - it was resolutely developed on heels of heavy boots and walked away from iron “cart“ and the tunnel, loudly knocking a cane on the stamped filling brick - is much louder, than would follow. It was a sure sign of the fact that the old man is angry excessively, and it is better not to come to it hand.

Silently we went nearly an hour. No sound reached from that party, from the granite rock locked by a mechanical monster - the more passed time, the I invested with bigger number of details and details the “cart“ which mentally prevented us which exceeded the sizes the engine, but much shorter, than the regular train in about ten - another of cars.

- It is very good that we did not manage to enter the devil`s tunnel, - the first the father, &ndash broke silence; otherwise this devil`s rattletrap would smear us on stone walls and cross ties. By the way, I did not want to go to Edmonton yesterday. And, as always, it appeared the rights.

the Old man did not keep and, having victoriously hitched up a chin, slightly turned the head in my party. About “as always“ it obviously exaggerated. But what I could tell in reply? Partly it was right - really, yesterday he agreed to go to a trip, staying in disgusting mood, having only given in on arrangements of all family and Mr. Stepldon - arguments of the doctor convinced him finally, and still

the father did not want to go, really, at all. Yes, what I could tell in reply? We were obviously not ready to such turn of events - to a similar semi-fantastic mysterious adventure. At least, I was definitely not ready.

Came nearer midday, the sun a star is too bright for England, it became surprising hot, and I, having removed an inconvenient frock coat, abandoned him on a shoulder - the father disapprovingly was lop-sided on me, preferring to endure a heat.

Granite rocks still lasted on both sides smoothly and with enviable constancy of the valley turning to the left as if on a huge arch of an unprecedented attraction.

Suddenly near trees and rocks parted, having opened aloone the oak standing at top of the far hill and a big meadow before it. Grant

, the hill - too proud name for the small hillock allocated in the middle of the big open space which grew long ago not with a koshenny juicy grass.

the Hillock was surrounded with a fence or rather a paling from closely adjusted logs.

the Look involuntarily looked for housing signs behind a paling - someone managed to build it “a fortification construction“ of unclear appointment! But, alas, nothing was visible - neither housing, nor people.

However, seemed to me or not? Behind a paling some shadow flashed. The father noticed not clear movement too and, having specified by a cane in that direction, gave team - as usual, laconic:

- We Go. Soon we approached

densely adjusted logs which appeared near the smaller size than it seemed to us from a railway embankment. Five feet at most. When I looked at a paling from an embankment, thought that height exceeds it human growth. However, this concept relative - people are different growth. Besides there was not quite clear a purpose of this protective, most likely, man-made construction.

Whether crystal-clear air was the cause of easy distortion in perception of the sizes and distances, whether something else - not an essence important. A shadow - more precisely, what we apprehended as the flown shadow appeared the small growth by the little man dressed - if this word is pertinent here - in the tatter representing once a cheap European suit.

the Shock of dark elf-lock on the head, suntanned hands and legs - dirty tapes of what was called once trousers hanged down on the knees covered with grazes. A mad look of widely open it is gray - blue eyes, lifted as if in surprise, an eyebrow, and the left rassechena - the whitish scar did not grow yet.

answered a usual reserved greeting of people after a short pause as if deliberating whether it is worth speaking in general.

Probably, he watched us while we went down from an embankment, having managed to consider properly. At least, he for himself solved something as did not look scared, and surprise expression, tightly prikleyavsheesya to his face, was, most likely, old and rather constant.

- You were sent by the train, - he told rather in the affirmative, than interrogatively, looking out from - for a paling.

We in perplexity exchanged glances. Then I intercepted the sac which is growing heavy with each mile in other hand, and asked a strange, of course, question - whether we can enter. the Little man silently transferred to

a view from my face of a face of the severe old man, then nodded and walked, slightly moving away from a paling, reducing itself a way, to similarity of a gate in the western part of a protection.

Soon we already sat under the shade of a majestic oak, and the shaggy little man gave to my father similarity of a stool - dried penyok.

Having opened a sac. I pulled out a parcel with sandwiches, developed it - eyes of the shaggy owner lit up hungry fire - and broke one of sandwiches on two parts. The father negatively shook the head - he eats a little in the mornings - however, he in general eats recently a little - and I stretched a piece to the little man who took seat, having crossed legs on east manners, just on a grass. He grabbed a half of sandwich and was accepted, champing, to chew greedy.

to Sit under the shade, supporting forces after all latest strange events, it was pleasant. The filled stomach as if filled also something else at the same time - confidence that we will get out. Conversation which in much the reduced look is worthy to be retold here was struck up.

the Little man in a tatter did not remember who is he and from where - more precisely, his memoirs were vague. Most likely, he lived in some town and got before all here - it appears, in these parts except it there were inhabitants. Ten people, “inhabitants of a paling“ - soon we saw almost all - and beings, stranger, than “the live train“ (this little person who stopped us the mechanism so called). Actually, the mission of rather strong fencing was protection against these beings also.

Who constructed a paling, the person did not know. When it got here, at once hid behind it from night beings. In the afternoon of monsters it was not visible - but in their moonlight nights it was possible to consider well. Same night we were given such opportunity - just there came the full moon.

Before twilight was condensed, to “the settlement without huts“ stretched inhabitants - looking less strange, than the first native met by us. Just they stayed in this “reservation“ smaller time and their clothes remained much better. Among “peasants“ there were two women of middle age who were not speaking in English and with them the boy of years of eight. They came before all. In a basket one had berries picked on neighboring bogs, and in a linen bag another - the whitish pleasantly smelling korenye with which they at once treated us, and nuts.

As the internal space protected by a paling was, obviously, a constant night haven of most of people, also other inhabitants soon stretched, coming back for safe spending the night. Among them there was a large red Irish of years of fifty with suspicion looking at us - she returned after all when almost darkened, it is visible, not strongly being afraid of night visitors - and rather well dressed dim,which - that the shabby and unfortunate man with appearance of the typical summer resident. He was obviously not in itself(himself) - having only thrown by us the indifferent running cursory glance, continued to mutter in a low voice that he surely has to go tomorrow to the country that it is time to gather apples and to dig out an earth pear, he will only have a rest a little, and at way because it hurries, he terribly has no time, still it is necessary to manage to buy the ticket and so on - monotonously, a dim voice, it is perfect without expression.

- Madhouse, - the father muttered., again for bringing the lit match to an extinct tube today.

according to the owner - the ragamuffin, “the live train“ captured all of them, forcing to remain “in this reservation“. But what way there was a capture, the little man could not explain. I made impression that their fear of “the live train“ is connected first of all with what the mechanism just “locked“ - as in our case - an entrance to the tunnel therefore that was outside the solar valley, for inhabitants remained to unknown.

generally, hardly the strange “engine without steam“ was a source to any sophisticated aggression. At least, the secret was connected with it. And unknown, undoubtedly, not only attracts, but also frightens. What is well familiar does not happen strongly terrible - what you do not know frightens.

Someone from great told: twilight - a crack between the worlds.

This twilight softly, almost imperceptibly turned day at night - the full Moon was rolled out on a sky when the flaring sun concerned only the line of the horizon.

the Far roar reached the audience in the shadow of a mighty oak as if in search of protection. The foliage motionless before began to rustle - whether the roar of an invisible predator stirred up green leaves, whether the evening fresh breeze blew softly from mountains.

People chilly shrank though it was warm. Someone went to bed, but the majority it was necessary to sit, peering into the coming darkness.

Behind a fencing were heard steps. The quiet blow about logs was heard. As if outside someone unwillingly cut on a paling a leg. The pointed logs did not even stir.

overcame Curiosity and I got up, shook off trousers, and went to a fencing. Nobody made attempts to hold me. For some reason the feeling of terrible danger or, especially, horror did not soar in air. More likely, in the events some ordinary was felt, perhaps. As if danger, of course, was, but all got used to it. I well made out

Thanks to the moonlight which silvered a surrounding landscape in a low grass behind a paling of these disgusting monsters. Having grabbed hands thinner, pointed tops of densely adjusted logs, I nestled facing a fork and, as if captivated, could not look away from brilliant scales of spotty pangolins in any way.

Night predators dropped muzzles to the earth, sniffing up traces of the people who gathered under a shady tree, raised the heads up, widely opening wide the stinking mouths - the stench reached me, but not so strong that I returned to the satellites.

Pangolins turned near the improvised gate all the time, from time to time striking logs with the strong tails which reminded me bodies of sharks. Struck as if tested for durability. Three-inch razors - teeth sparkled from the opening mouths. Afterwards whether the roar, whether bark - similar for the first time heard in twilight was distributed. This time predators exchanged words much more quietly - and the truth to what was to shout? It seems that all pack was on the place. Dozen of large-headed creatures with the eyes shining in night as if at cats - werewolves, vertical pupils as if at a venomous snake. Their muzzles were disproportionate to a trunk. The crooked drawn-in forepaws, larger and strong back, powerful tails, the huge heads on brawny scaly necks - pangolins something imperceptible reminded the ugly bulldog who got up on hinder legs.

From - for too large head of frights seemed big and frightening. Actually the weight of each zveroyashcher, generally, did not exceed the weight of a large sheep-dog - but unlike dogs the dinosaurs who by miracle got to the XX century were not capable to jump over a fence. It seemed, even powerful muscles of a neck are not able to support long the heads of these monsters - pangolins continually lowered them to the earth.

Having estimated their abilities, I decided that even the most dexterous of them, having jumped, will hang on the pointed fence stakes. Probably, predators perfectly understood the opportunities, and did not hurry to attack a paling though they felt a smell of close production.

Soon to pangolins bothered to trample down a grass around a paling and by midnight they, having calmed down, were removed, having gone down from the hill. Higher grass of a boggy meadow dispersed waves from prompt run of dinosaurs, hiding their bodies.

Having returned to a shady tree, I suited to the father similarity of a bed, having dug bunches of a grass and having laid them a raincoat. To take cover there was no need - the warm breeze slightly moved large leaves. Almost all inhabitants of “fort“ already slept. Having briefly told the father about what was seen, I asked the little man in a tatter, the first met us in this Godforsaken valley whether often there are rains. “Rains?“ - it asked again bewildered as if it did not understand what it there is a speech about, settled sideways, probably, having forgotten about a question, and soon zakhrapet.

Having departed from the picturesque group of natives lying waddlingly at the bottom of an oak I settled in a grass, threw back hands for the head and began to look at stars - others stars in others sky - in vain trying to find for familiar constellations - Cassiopeia, the Big Dipper, the Sagittarius and the Maiden … However, I was already difficult to be surprised with something. And I did not notice at all how I fell asleep.

Having woken up from ringing chatter of the small bird who took seat on a fencing I sat down on the trampled-down grass, stretched to a crunch in joints and saw that a half of locals dispersed, the shaggy little man at this moment left through an open gate, and the father with something tasty was treated by those two women who did not speak in English. Having seen that I woke up, they waved to me hands, suggesting to join a modest meal.

At this moment I felt that I terribly got hungry. Having risen to the feet, I approached them. The father asked whether there was in a sac something edible - it is necessary to treat hostesses, in turn. Having rummaged in things, I found for the last piece of bread and two apples that caused obvious revival in women. It seems that they did not see some bread long ago. Having divided the remains of our stocks and having given one of apples to their boy, we finished a breakfast - and, by the way, berries with which they treated us, were even more tasty sweetish white korenyev, tasting like garden wild strawberry.

At midday we approached the stream surrounding similarity of the island with a canopy from unknown material. Here, having encountered an obstacle, stream rather abounding in water - actually, the small river - it was split up for dozens of sleeves. Jumping over

from one stone on another, I jumped towards the island, risking to fall down in ice water.

attracted Me what was stored on an island.

of the Book.

Looking is absolutely inappropriate in the middle of a natural landscape.

the enormous books Put under a canopy made strange impression.

having Hardly raised one manuscript, I postponed it about the party. My attention was drawn by only one Latin word - Radiatus - an inscription on a cover of the huge book.

“Surrounded with beams“.

Is excellent. Why I am so attracted by this word?

Having opened a heavy cover from tooled leather, I sorted the small letters - epigraph? Affulget spes aliqua.

“Is a hope ray“.

Yes, always remains a hope ray. In the most difficult - even hopeless, apparently, situations.

Sign? This casual coincidence, or sign?

not to lose hope? For some reason words from the book inappropriate here calmed me.

of Spei aura.

Ray of hope.

- It is necessary to talk, perhaps, to it as a real man, - in a low voice spoke as if saying thoughts aloud, the father in which already time for bringing the lit match to a tube today. without having lit

, resolutely rose and told me:

- Let`s go-.

Having gone down from the hill, it turned to a railway embankment, I followed it close. “Now will seem“, - I thought and, definitely, we did not manage to overcome and a half of distance as the live train quietly taxied from - for turn.

- Return! - said the voice which sounded hushfully as if distorted by a loudspeaker membrane.

the Father for a second did not shorten a stride. We continued the movement and began to climb up a flat embankment in this place.

- Return immediately! You are forbidden to leave the set limits!.

- Established by whom? - gloomy the father asked again.

the impression Was made that the mechanical voice, having become puzzled, looks for what to answer, choosing suitable words.

- What do you want? - already with other intonations asked the voice proceeding from the train which stopped directly before us.

- To Talk, - the father slowly lit a tube and with visible pleasure inhaled a fragrant smoke of virginsky tobacco. - Clear - such moment, dear … You protect us from someone, or protect someone from us? Who are you, sitting inside and why you are afraid to seem to people? It is pleasant to you that they intimidated and torn off, perceive you already almost like a deity, a pagan istukanchik to which they here - here will begin to pray? - The father, having blinked the eyes and having slightly inclined the head on one side, in an emphasis examined the metal case which in silence stiffened on rails.

the Train was silent. At last something clicked

as if the loudspeaker was switched off, and the door in forward part where there had to be a driver silently swung open.

Moved forward a brilliant inclined ladder, having stopped in inch over an embankment.

It looked the invitation. The silent invitation to visit - what or whom?

the Father resolutely undertook a hand-rail and rose in a cabin. I had to follow it.

the Door was closed as softly as in the beginning opened. Click was distributed. We in a trap, the thought flashed. Without having sustained, I looked back - on a door there were no handles. Probably, doors opened and closed automatically, povinuyas to some supermodern mechanism hidden from curious eyes.

- I Welcome you onboard the first completely automated train with autonomous food!

After a short pause continued a mechanical voice:

- You are mistaken. You are mistaken if you think that you constitute any danger to me, or to someone outside this valley. But if it seems to you that I protect you, then you are close to truth. Outside the valley, behind granite rocks there is a world hostile to you. And, if you leave self-willedally the valley - you are doomed. I think, guesses about character of the outside world already visited you - especially when you had honor to get acquainted with night inhabitants of the Gold Valley, so to speak, visitors from the Jurassic Period.

- Prehistoric creatures, clear. Behind a mountain chain - same?.

- Much more largely and more dangerously. However, there is also harmless herbivorous size about the five-floor house. They will be able to do you harm, only, if step on you by mistake, having been fond of an objedaniye of huge ferns and a ginkgo.

- Yesterday I saw in the sky a large bird, on a bird a little similar.

- Perhaps, it was the pangolin, the flying pangolin. There are no large birds here yet, - the mechanical voice answered. - Further, apropos “sitting inside“. In me there are no people.

- That is now the car talks to us?

- Quite so.

- It is difficult to believe that the car talks to us.

- And, nevertheless, you should believe.

- Forgive, but how it became possible? - I put in a ward, having sincerely become interested in the slightly opened secret of a mechanical voice. - You are, seemingly, capable to analyze our answers and questions - moreover, it seems to me that in your voice emotional shades are felt. Unless it is possible?

- Here typical example of an illogicality of human thinking! - the mechanical voice exclaimed. - You say that actually you perceive the imperfect sense organs, and at the same time doubt that it is possible. You do not trust the eyes - so, apparently, similar is called, the phenomenon peculiar to people?

- It seems that you well understand people, - skeptically the father said, having turned an extinct tube in a hand. - And even you know proverbs and sayings.

- I know a lot of things. In my memory a lot of things are put. Including emotional nuances. I know hundreds of thousands of words on tens the most widespread terrestrial languages, millions of semantic shades and contexts, I really know a lot of things.

- And all in the uncountable conductings and lamps hidden behind the metal case? Fantasy! - again I did not refrain from exclamation, having deserved a look of disapproval of the father from - under gray-haired bushy eyebrows.

- The Computerization, - the voice answered.

- Kompyyu … that? - I asked again.

- This word is still unfamiliar to you. There will be it only through kind half-centuries. And any lamps, notice. Lamp radio receivers will remain far back in the past when computers win the world!

- I strongly do not like the word “will win“, - passionlessly the father noticed.

- This trope, - politely explained a voice, - questions of the real gain of the planet and near-the-planet space robots and computers are considered so far only by writers in a key of literary assumptions.

- Robots? - again I asked again.

- Yes, it is one more new word. That it was clear to you, I will apply the phrase “artificial reason“. The artificial, created by mankind reason - in different degree of perfection, depending on the purposes and tasks which are set for the created equipment. The robot - the housewife has poorly developed artificial intelligence sufficient for ensuring high-quality performance of the main household chores - cleaning, washings, cookings. Watch - kompyyuterizovanna phone only so as far as it is required for performance of their main functions. The artificial reason in this case is not used at all. For development of a space self-training systems are used - it is, on an equal basis with me, the most advanced and irregular shapes of artificial reason. Our memory has in thousands of times in large volume, than memory of a human brain, and a million times the bigger speed of processing of various information. And, if the man can do qualitatively at the same time at most two - three operations (and most often one), the woman - three, in rare instances four - that we are capable to do hundreds of things at the same time. Besides we are durable, we are practically not ill, that is are in most cases capable to eliminate breakages in our organisms especially as almost all the main functional (vital, on yours) systems are duplicated.

- Generally, leaves that you - perfection in comparison with us, - the father put the cooled-down tube in a frock coat pocket.

- Without any doubts.

- Then that you spend the precious time for conversation with “the lowest beings“? - in words of the father badly hidden irritation appeared.

- Just I carry out certain functions in it spatially - temporary thinning, supporting necessary balance. You heard, perhaps, about the parallel worlds. And so, there are constants or from time to time the places arising in space where becomes thinner, figuratively speaking the film dividing the worlds. Thereof balance in the Universe can be broken. Besides the problem is aggravated with the fact that the worlds exist in different time spans, in different an erax.

- That is a time machine - not an invention of fantasts? - I asked.

- Coincidence in one point of different eras Is theoretically possible.

- Similar to the Moebius band?

- Yes, in some degree. - confirmed a mechanical voice. - Actually, we deal with the multidimensional Universe. The mathematician will understand it easily, it is difficult for simple person to go beyond three-dimensional space even mentally - the fourth measurement is perceived already hardly. And here enter interaction of force of eight - even nine-measured space.

continued to broadcast the Live train - all this information was extremely interesting to me:

- Now I will try to return you home. There will come the propitious moment which is dropping out notice, extremely seldom soon. But has to warn you.

The voice in a cabin reached as if from all directions. At the same time loudspeakers were not visible anywhere. In general, the internal furniture of a cabin was very strange, abounded with a set of the fine details shining and the blinking bulbs, on usual lamps absolutely not of similar - at total absence of habitual large metal details, the polished copper handles and to that similar. Probably, and the equipment of the future has to look. Unfortunately, I could only guess approximate purpose of all these fine details from the materials which are bearing a faint resemblance to an elephant tusk or a transparent bone, maybe, especially strong glass. Being rather well familiar with the main directions of development of modern equipment, I stayed in the sheer bewilderment. The father remained is unperturbable - it seemed, he is going to get into dispute with an incorporeal voice again.

a voice continued to warn us Meanwhile:

- For operation of my engines nuclear fuel is used. But you, of course, cannot understand all subtleties of this process - you living during steam era, and only rising to original blossoming of internal combustion engines!.

In a voice obviously appeared pathetic emotional notes.

- Has to warn that radiation an alpha - and a beta - beams, and in particular scale - photons, can perniciously influence a human body. However, a lethal dose of radiation you will avoid - my engines are rather reliably screened special protection from the special plastics unknown to your time. Perhaps, in an award for your courage and courage, I will take out you. Moreover, I will tell that in the future moderate doses of radiation many diseases will cure - for example, to destroy the tumors similar to that malignancy which is at you, elderly mister, in an upper body!

the Father frowned and sharply told:

- Nonsense! The skilled doctor with extensive practice - unlike the brainless and heartless mechanism - told me that a tumor not malignant. So you are mistaken!

- Alas, he was mistaken. But I never am mistaken. Moreover - I will tell you that I see people literally through! By means of various types of radiation including by means of ultrasound - however, to you my words are hardly clear. Modern to you the science is still too primitive. And so, I will tell in additives that at you, the dear, a serious disease of a liver who urgently should be treated gepatoprotektorny means like powder from Silibum marianum plant seeds, or juice of fresh leaves of an artichoke. And your son has sand in kidneys, and educations in the right kidney reach nearly a half-inch size - it is, actually, stones. Pochechno - a stone illness you can choose treatment methods, but in my forces, I emphasize, in my forces - to relieve it of foreign particulates in vitals by use of laser beams.

- As far as I know, - even stronger the father, &ndash frowned; laser beams are if to judge by books of science fiction writers, the terrible weapon of the future. Would you like, the dear, so sophisticated way to get rid of uninvited guests?

- Nonsense! - in a voice of the car indignation notes, &ndash were felt; the complete nonsense! However, I do not insist. Here I solved

, having taken heart, to interfere:

- He Agrees. If it does not do harm.

the Father with amazement looked back to me, having raised gray-haired eyebrows as if saw me for the first time, but told nothing.

a voice of the live train got Meanwhile steel command notes:

- So, I ask you to open a door in service premises. Go forward and be afraid of nothing!

the Father with irritation hemmed as if he was directly accused of ability to be frightened, straightened old man shoulders and, having intercepted the cane is more convenient, stepped towards the doors which silently parted before it in the parties. For an instant it stopped, suspiciously looking to the twilight of a long corridor, and went strong, sure gait.

Having intercepted a sac in other hand, I managed to look in windows and to notice the accelerating movement - the trees and reddish rocks rushing behind a window merged in multi-colored strips. Then hurried for the father. In a corridor it became almost absolutely dark - doors were closed behind us. The blinking of bulbs in walls and under a ceiling amplified as if a certain force - inertia force - pushed us in a back. The head began to spin, to a throat nausea rose. The father ahead reeled, having thrown out a hand aside as if wishing to lean. I only managed to pick up it under an elbow - and fainted …

- Alex, - I heard the father`s voice, - regain consciousness.

Having opened eyes, I saw the attentive look directed on me from - under gray-haired bushy eyebrows. The father recovered earlier, than I, and - surprising business - he looked obviously younger seventy years! Well, at least, looked freshened up, had a rest and slept.

- Listen, the son, - he smiled suddenly that in itself was improbable, - how to you all this? it led round

I a hand around.

Ya looked back.

We went by that car of that train in which mudflows one surprising early in the morning in Edmonton. Behind a window the familiar flat landscape was spread - the river bank Stort we drove up to the station near Litl - Hollingberi.

- How you feel, the father? - first of all I asked a question.

- Wonderfully! Long ago so did not feel, oh, damn! - the wide happy smile for the first time for many years lit a face of the old man. - And you, seemingly, too that is called in shape!

Really, I felt excellently. And suddenly distinctly understood that the extensive aching pains to the right of a backbone, in a waist disappeared. Without leaning on a sofa in a compartment or on walls, I easily got up and inhaled air a full breast.

- Here that, the sonny, we will carry out - check of that devilry that dreamed me.

the Father untied a tie and strongly jerked a shirt near a throat as if it was difficult for it to breathe, having taken also a bandage together with cotton wool. From a black tumor in a floor - the palm sitting earlier on a clavicle almost did not have a trace - the spot of the looked younger skin only turned pink. He carried out

by a palm from a throat towards a clavicle. Also said by a happy voice:

- Does not hurt!

Then stretched me an open palm and with the words “Nice Adventure!“ shook hands with me.

For the first time.

Something changed in the world. Something changed in ourselves.

I Think, to the best!.