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What it is necessary to know about run? We become more beautiful, healthier and... more cleverly!

One of the most available, easy and effective ways to support an organism in a tone, and a figure in shape - run. Excellent aerobic loading and muscles will strengthen, and excess fat will burn, both cellulitis will prevent, and heart will revitalize, and will cope with a depression. Besides, as scientists consider, run positively influences also mental capacities of the person.

Except the above-mentioned, during run the oxygen and biochemical players of blood are changed that reduces risk of emergence of oncological problems. Run - excellent prevention of diseases of heart and a stimulator of a metabolism, headaches and sleeplessness medicine. Run slows down processes of aging in an organism, increases endurance and working capacity.

Me run is pleasant, first of all, to those that it gives effect at the minimum material inputs. To begin to run, only sneakers and desire are necessary.

One more reason for which I registered in fans of jogging (so in fitness to call easy jogging), - the state similar to meditation. When you find the rhythm of breath, the rate, the amplitude of the movement, you do not control process any more, and are dissolved in it. There is an internal point of support. You are relaxed, thoughts and tension disappear. And someone, on the contrary, during run considers the questions concerning them. I prefer to be disconnected. To listen to breath and to feel how each step releases me.

There are several facts which fans of jogging need to consider.

the First - be not overzealous

Most often begin to run to grow thin. And, of course, there is a wish to receive result quicker. The first days optimistically adjusted runner gives himself big loading. But obratnoproportsionalno slowly accruing muscular pain the enthusiasm decreases. And there passed only a week, and there is no desire to rise in the morning on jog any more.

Beginning to alternate better run and walking: minute was run, minute resembled. By the way, walking is considered not less useful business. And in certain cases, when run is contraindicated, walking - most that. Remember that effective walking has to take daily not less than half an hour - hour of your time.

the Second: in the first month volumes and body weight increase

As well as appetite. You should not be surprised: the organism adapts to new conditions in which you begin to spend more energy. Concerning volumes and weight too you should not worry - in a month of a muscle will return to normal. At the same time in a percentage ratio of muscular tissue in an organism will become more, than fatty. Actually, for this reason weight increases.

It is better not to give up trainings within the first month. This wish concerns not only those who decided to begin to run, but also all who decided to begin to be engaged in fitness. The termination of trainings will not lead to anything good: the organism was only reconstructed on other type of food, and you suddenly sharply reduce power consumption.

the Third - training time: individually

the universal rule - what you did Is, do it with pleasure. The same treats also run. Choose for yourself frequency which is pleasant to you: daily or two times a week. The main thing - to maintain it a rhythm. If sometimes do not fit into the schedule, accept this fact and continue to run without the moral pressure upon yourself.

For health run at uniform speed within 30 - 60 minutes 2 - 3 times a week is considered optimum. Beginners can begin from 15 - 20 minutes and gradually increase this time. The organism has to manage to be restored.

the Fourth - you monitor pulse

Depending on age and body weight, pulse has to make from 120 to 150 beats per minute. Than you it is younger and easier, that pulse has to be higher. It is better to consult with the doctor, and at the same time and to specify whether there are no contraindications.

And the last - before occupation by run

surely warm muscles small warm-up, and after run do exercises on an extension. Without these procedures which are unfairly ignored by many, a muscle, being expressed to fitness - a slang, “will be hammered“ and will lose flexibility, and you instead of ease and freedom receive a stiffness.