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Than Turkey can “hook“?

Holiday, Hurrah!

Where are already decided to pack a big suitcase (if this country was not so hot in the climatic and emotional plan that them, suitcases, would be more, and so there is a lot of things, and fabric has not enough and therefore of one enough ) The question where hung air as if a hand bell in a doorway not long - the Turkey parameter a call. It is praised and abused, but almost all were there and even after negative descriptions all forgive it and as if giving chance of rehabilitation visit again and again. It does not leave indifferent. In what its appeal. Turkey of a feminine gender, and women statistically the majority they go one, the company, with children sometimes with husbands. Rest in Turkey for the woman has one plus more than for other categories. There love - selling and sincere, trembling and gentle but always fabulous, I would even tell animation, but about it a bit later.

Getting a grasp of the description of impressions of skilled tourists to become it is sad - are described that forms representation, only so to speak a daily bread. Country it not only service, food and hotels, but also rich cultural heritage. It is deeply convinced that the human factor should not become criterion by which we have to refuse acquaintance to history and the more so with parallel obtaining positive emotions and recovery of health. If nevertheless you are whimsical and can be upset from as I told, a human factor, then an exit 2: 1. do not lay groundless hopes, and collect information which even on this website has enough; 2. the current problems will be painted in iridescent colors (a positive view of things) and to give in to the easy and reasonable decision if to be sated spiritually. Couple of excursions and you will remain surprised and in love with each country. Me in soul information on legends of Turkey sincerely surprised and sank down. Information lack is met, the ignorance is eliminated. Hurrah!

Action of many legends occurs not in Greece at all as I always sincerely believed, and century of Turkey, as well as many bible events. Who does not remember Trojan war about which Homer in “Illiada“ wrote more than three thousands years ago? In it byl and a legend are so bound, as you perceive heroes and gods equally real. The coast of Turkey usually is associated with such historic figures as Cleopatra and Alexander of Macedon, and the well-known words of Julius Caesar “Veni. Vidi. Vici“ (“Came. Saw. Won“) were said in the town of Zela, near present Ankara. The culture of Turkey is unique, and history is also rich, as well as history of ancient Byzantium. As for the Old Testament, it abounds with references to Asia Minor (so called this earth ancient) and to Anatoly (so it is called by Turks) and the people living in it - of Nov which ark after the termination of a Flood moored to Mount Ararat, to Abraham who came from Edessa, modern Urfa, etc. And from new treasured characters apostles Pavel and John the Evangelist lived and preached here. Here, allegedly, in the Hilt, Virgin Mary lived and passed away... It is the earth following after Palestine where the Christianity was approved.

In Turkey you should have a rest if you love the various nature - plains, the hilly district, mountains.

For those who prefer active lifestyle, - the mass of various extreme entertainments. In Turkey is where to clear up to both beginners and professional subjugators of rough water. The most known river, perhaps, Ç oruh River where often there take place the international competitions (for prepared).

In recent years Turkey became popular in the direction of wedding tourism. If you from the different countries, then everything is in advance important to resolve registration issues - ceremonies have a number of fundamental differences. The warm climate of the country will allow you to be confident that this day will not be spoiled - the clear sunny weather in Turkey is guaranteed 10 months in a year, water temperature is rather high and the intermittent rain is only occasionally possible.

Promised to tell about love animation. All are obedient to love always and everywhere but animation it is possible only in Turkey. Animation is a lifestyle - without life, without cares, without being distracted by prejudices and morals. About animators I can separately tell - the main requirement to performers of this role (to give to public of bread and shows (catchwords of the Roman satirist Yuvenal (1 - 2 centuries) existence of a good figure and sports skills. It bewitches, a false message to a brain: you eat - “all inclusive“, and you see the excellent tightened bodies and the fact that not the mirror is the second question and too difficult logical chain which the brain simply is not able to twist on a heat under the influence of alcohol. The handsome (often) and the beauties who are treated kindly by attention of a floor opposite (not always) works on derivation from life and a raising of an emotional floor of all people, rallying and letting know: all of us are friends and we have nothing to divide. In this profession is that that Geishas. Not incidentally from capital letter as all solved a riddle of their magnetic influence (appearance mix, psychological approach, interest in everyone personally, erudition etc.) but only they could repeat probably are Animators (in Turki`s sense, not only by profession but also on a way of life). The person is always flattered by attention and it there enough and already building of the last case of hotel not so concerns, you perceive it as additional speed to music and our hearts rather. Often women without reflecting pay for sex as in the movie among waves and sand on the beach or even in hotel with Turks, feeling like the elite after the received compliments. Well and that, it is not so expensive, we so lack it. I Paraphrase

: to understand the Country, it is necessary to walk over it. Everything is impregnated with passion and tenderness and your heart is ready to it. passion and tenderness and your heart is ready to it.