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SSD against HDD. Cold war in a heat?

do not seem to you that everything in the computer sphere the last years somehow suspiciously quietly? Processors become more powerful according to the plan, slowly grow kernels. Memory smoothly increases frequencies and volumes. Hard drives swell strictly according to the schedule. Any shocks and great breaks. Super - a puper - the novelty differs from your desktop “old man“ only in the same kernels, the size of a disk and material of the case.

All and not so at the same time. Revolutionary situations (emergence of personal computers, the Internet, the household writing drives, wireless networks, LCD - screens, etc.) are replaced by the periods of evolutionary development when there is an accumulation of power and preparation of new breaks. Now just evolutionary period. New ideas are rolled and prospects pay off. Already now it is possible to track tendencies of development and that waits for us in the future. How? Now I will explain.

Perhaps, a method and primitive, but it works. It is all about the price! The difficult device (the personal computer, the laptop, the tablet) becomes mass when its price in our country falls lower than $1000. Forgive that in dollars, but it is so more convenient. A psychological barrier to the separate device - $100. After decrease to such price of DVD - drives became mass, and BD and hangs in an unclear state with 300 - 600 dollars which are artificially supported by sellers and cannot reach the consumer. To the simple consumer, I will specify, for tekhnomanyak the price not the most important. And it belongs also to other devices. The same hard drives if to judge by the number of offers in prices and on installed in “standard“ computers, exactly and cost about one hundred. Plus-minus, of course.

And so, perspective novelties which can come to the forefront soon should be looked for among devices with the same approximately functionality, as at mass, but with the price from $300 to $1000 for the separate device. The quicker the price falls, rather a device “will shoot“.

Let`s take the hard drive (HDD, the winchester) for an example. It became so habitual part of any computer that many do not even reflect and whether there is to it an alternative. HDD possesses many shortcomings to which we just reconciled: noise, existence of moving parts, fear of blows, different speed of work with files, depending on their arrangement on a disk, fragmentation of files, rather big energy consumption. Two - three years and a disk fail, and very much will carry if it is possible to pull out from it the data. Actually from pluses only the low price (below a psychological mark) and large volumes. To develop to hard drives is where, producers will use a cross way of record, but here in “depth“ they almost approached a physical limit - to the molecule size.

And how all - with alternative? In the range stated above it is. It is SSD - of Solid State Disk - the solid-state store, the closest relative of already habitual USB stick constructed on non-volatile NAND of memory. All minuses of HDD which are listed above at SSD are absent. He is not afraid of blows, eats a little and quickly works. The best copies promise to work to 2 million hours, i.e. they will precisely endure the owner.

SSD, however, from cheap, put in some netbooks, communicators and other devices. So far everything rests against the price. To start mass consumption the ratio of the price to volume so far many times exceeds a psychological barrier. But the price quickly falls, and will pass, I think, few years, and it will be already possible to choose that for us it is better.

I already bought recently such disk to myself, specially under an operating system and programs, did not keep, and now I am not sorry about it. The computer became more silent and more bright, is loaded twice quicker, than earlier, and the started applications, on personal feelings, arise on the screen instantly. Too left hard drives - as a faylokhranilishch.

So evolutionary war slowly goes, SSD slowly forces out HDD from its primordial territories though in the field of mass consumption business did not reach direct confrontation yet. And recently there was a revolutionary event which will precisely kill hard drives - the new manufacturing techniques of memory of PCM which are 300 times faster existing a flash - memories were shown. And approximately same at the price. It is possible to tell that cold war ended, the last step to total destruction of outdated technologies is taken.