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Electronic cigarette. The friend, leave to smoke! And in reply?.

A in reply can sound: “Forgive, the battery sat down“. The cigar with light-emitting diodes, a pipe with the accumulator and USB - a cigarette with a cartridge - ridiculously sounds, but all this real things. Electronics gets everywhere, and soon, instead of a spark, on the street will ask to recharge a sigarette from USB - port.

So, than usual tobacco products did not please electronics engineers? Yes all! About 4000 various substances emitted when burning and nicotine - one of the most harmless. Pitch, carbon monoxide, cyanides, ammonia, benzene - it is possible to list long, it will only become easier from it not. The smoker not only absorbs all this, but also extends by air to the environment and passersby.

Besides an unpleasant smell from a mouth, from hair and clothes, in the apartment where smoke. The yellow smelling fingers, characteristic cough, especially in the mornings. The stinking ashtrays, heap of the rolling lighters on all corners, ashes on a floor. It if to remember only obvious consequences. And there are also remote. And how many the fires because of not extinguished cigarette? It is a lot of and there is a lot of died people.

Therefore and began to forbid smoking. At office it is impossible, in public places too, certain buildings completely are the forbidden place. In some countries even in bars forbade also in an own car. Here also the poor smoker in search of the place where it is possible to indulge in harmful passion knocks about. And all right it would be talked of several people - smokers on the earth by approximate calculations more than one billion!

Here scientists also thought up electronic cigarettes . Smoking imitation full: the tip of a cigarette shines, it is only not a spark, but a light-emitting diode, the smoke which actually usual steam is issued. Taste for choice. And itself has less than harm, and to people around any. In them there is no tobacco, there is no harmful chemistry, there is no specific tobacco smell.

In fact the electronic cigarette is an ultrasonic inhaler which sprays water mix of nicotine and aromatic substances. Feelings are very real, imitation almost full, it is possible even to order taste of favourite cigarettes or to choose from any other products: coffee, cherry, mint, lemon and so on. At choice are provided strong, easy and even absolutely without nicotine. And the model range is quite various: cigars, tubes, cigarettes in various flowers, forms and options. And the prices - from one to ten thousand for the device, allow to choose the option accepted for a purse.

So of what this “cigarette“ consists? The long part in which usual has tobacco is the accumulator which is charged from USB - port of the computer. “Filter“ - a replaceable cartridge in which there is a filler moistened with water solution. And between them just there is also an inhaler with the air sensor. When the smoker begins to pull air, the sensor works and the droplet of liquid is sprayed by ultrasound, evaporating.

One cartridge is enough “to smoke“ up to ten times, depending on intensity of use. At the price, in transfer to usual cigarettes, from 60 to 100 rubles for a pack turn out if to buy ready cartridges. It is possible to save and buy a little only solution and to fill independently.

It is possible “to smoke“ by means of these devices everywhere, antismoking bans do not extend to them and you will cause harm to nobody. In principle and it is easier to throw with such cigarette.

It is bad to smoke, I think, nobody will argue with it. So let`s reduce at least the harm done to itself and people around. At first by means of electronics, and there, you look, and in general we will give up this silly occupation.