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Note for graduates: where to arrive in 2010?

on April 8 - the last day of a podaniye of applications for external testing. Future entrants already diligent pore behind textbooks, write cribs and study lists of higher education institutions.

Now not superfluous will be to pay attention to the last reports on the Ministry of Education - today the new Minister of Education Jan Tabachnyk made some changes to procedure of receipt 2010.

Entrants can submit the application no more, than to 5 higher education institutions, and no more, than for 3 specialties. At the same time the number of points in not profile objects in the school certificate can be lower than 124 provided that points in profile objects not lower than 170. And knowledge of the entrant it will be estimated on the following components: results of VNO, GPA of the school certificate and assessment of higher education institution. The assessment of higher education institution is formed on the basis of interview or testing for professional suitability. Let`s remind that last year only results of VNO were considered.

And, having learned about what is necessary to arrive, there is a question - where exactly to arrive? How it is correct to choose specialty in which to be engaged, at least, several years and how at most - the most part of life? Let`s lay still aside personal preferences, children`s dreams and psychological predisposition. One of essential factors of the chosen profession is its demand in labor market and possible prospects.

Let`s look where it is possible to arrive in 2010 and what choice will be the most favorable with a view to the future.

Whether the most popular faculties will be popular among employers?

It is no secret that now there is a certain list of “popular“ specialties on which competition does not fall down several years. Lawyers, marketing specialists, economists and IT specialists - those specialties on which there are always persons interested. But whether there are guarantees that these students will become popular employees by the time of release?

In process of development it - technologies , in labor market formed a layer of experts, beginning from system administrators, “Jacks of all trades“, and to highly specialized programmers. There is a lot of persons interested to be trained in various computer specialties, and, seemingly, career in this area really has excellent prospects. According to the existing forecasts, development of computer branch in Ukraine will continue, and the increasing number of the companies investigate the opportunities of work on the Internet that demands really huge number of experts of the most different level. It is supposed that in five years of vacancies for programmers will become 50% more and this with the fact that already now they are in the three of leaders - the most demanded professions. Besides, for it - experts great opportunities in the sphere of outsourcing are open, and work with the foreign companies positively influences a wage level.

One more popular choice of graduates - law department. Of course, lawyers are required practically for any organization, but today labor market is oversaturated by them, and the next several years will hardly change a situation. However those who do not want to refuse career of the lawyer can get higher education in narrow-purpose educational institution which diploma will be more valuable to the next professional way.

When present entrants of faculties of finance and of banking will gain diplomas, they will appear in a situation when influence of financial crisis practically ended, and restoration of financial sector begins. Interest in the credits will increase, and experts will be demanded. But it should be taken into account that at the moment there is a surplus of applicants, and, it is quite probable what, with development of a banking system of Ukraine, banks will become less, they will be larger, and requirements to experts will include narrow specialization.

Now marketing specialists , which is not surprising, gain popularity as the competent expert of this profile can make more effective work of any enterprise. Now the Ukrainian businessmen begin to understand importance of marketing communications for development and advance of the company. Nevertheless, meanwhile this specialization in Ukraine is not calculated on receiving thorough knowledge therefore graduates of this direction are a little limited in the field of the application of the skills.

What to expect to graduates of faculty of the international relations ? On the one hand, this profession is prestigious and assumes rather high salary, the good knowledge of foreign languages and international economic standards is useful in any career. However, to move ahead in this direction, it is necessary to take part in the international projects of which meanwhile it is not enough to provide employment to everyone constantly.

However, no councils and state-of-the-art reviews will change opinion of those entrants who accurately understand, than would like to be engaged in the life. And it is too a right approach because irrespective of, you work as the ecologist or the lawyer, professionalism eventually determines success level.

Source: “My Salary“