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How to protect the house from “burglars“?

are difficult to surprise with burglary someone Today. Daily plunder hundreds of apartments, and, first of all, the victims are guilty of it. How to protect the house from “burglars“?

If you got to a zone of activity of “burglars“ and allowed any rashness: did not lock doors, a window leaf, a balcony, left keys under a rug or in a mailbox, by all means “will clean“ your dwelling. It should be noted that in the majority “guest performers“ - thieves who “travel about“ over the country in search of an easy money are robbers.

Many, having heard that somewhere in his house robed the apartment, at once remove old doors and on their place put expensive armor. Such actions you will only show to “uninvited guests“, as at you to eat than “profit“. It is better to leave old doors on the place, and behind them to put new. Except powerful doors, quality of the lock matters. You should not save on it - the safe lock, the it is less than chances at robbers.

If you live on the first floor, near an external gas pipe or a fire-escape, put lattices on windows, and cut high trees under windows better. One of the most reliable ways of protection against “burglars“ is the security alarm system. The security system is installed in the apartment and brought to the receiver. And if robbers try to get into the house, in a few minutes the dress arrives to a crime scene.

If the tipper-of comes to your apartment under a certain pretext (the employee of department of social protection, the plumber, ventilation check, connection of the Internet), then, for a minute having let in all on a threshold, you will give it the chance to estimate “appeal“ of the room, system of locks and existence of the alarm system.

Considerably presence in the room of a dog reduces probability of burglary. Helps to preserve property imitation of presence in the room of owners - connection to timers of the audio system, the TV, lighting and other electric devices which according to in advance put program will be turned on on a certain period.

Always refuse proposals of strangers to tell fortunes, requests it seems to swaddle the child, to get drunk waters, to take medicine. As a rule, such visits come to an end with thefts. If the visitor is not familiar to you and was introduced by the representative of any service to which you did not address, having slightly opened doors, check his certificate. If there were doubts, call service, ask it to come another time, address to militia, call neighbors. Surely rewrite numbers of audio - video - computer and telephone equipment, securities and cash cards. It will help with searches of the criminal if to rob the apartment. you Remember

do not tell the home address and a phone number to strangers without need.

If you sell valuable things, do not specify in the announcement time of the absence in the apartment.

you do not carry flat keys together with documents. Do not attach to them something like that what would indicate your home address. Having lost keys, immediately replace locks or strengthen doors additional. It is very imprudent to leave keys under a rug or in a mailbox. If you find out that something is wrong with locks (someone managed to pick in them), urgently inform the district police officer.

Close windows and window leaves, it is especially important if you live on the first or last floor, in the apartments placed near fire-escapes and extensions.

the correspondence Heap in a mailbox indicates to criminals a long absence of owners. Agree with relatives or neighbors that they during your absence took away mail.

Take care of an insurance of own property on a theft case.

do not apply to protection of own apartment of means which can entail serious consequences for the malefactor: leading of a current, establishment of explosive devices. As you can bear responsibility under the law if the trap works.

Councils to children

If adults went on affairs, and you stayed at home, itself check whether doors are reliably closed. If someone knocks and will ask where adults, tell that they are busy or have a rest. It is also possible to tell loudly: “The father, to you came!“ In case the stranger intended to make something bad, he it will not be necessary to wait...

Parents will return only in an hour, and someone tries to open the lock of entrance doors? Approach to the doors and loudly ask “Who there?“, if attempts to open doors continue, immediately call in militia, accurately specify the address, and in a few minutes the criminal will appear in justice hands. If there is no phone, then loudly call the father, pretend that you call in militia (“Hallo, militia, immediately come to the address...“), from a balcony or from a window call to the aid.

Not under any circumstances do not invite home children with whom he is insufficiently familiar. And in general, it would be quite good if parents knew with whom you are on friendly terms.

Leaving the house, densely close doors, a balcony, window leaves, do not leave keys from the room in readily available places.

Among friends be not praised that in your apartment there are valuable things. With yourself do not carry the large sums of money even if such “were got“ also in your pocket - do not tell about it to strangers. Fancy mobile brag less too. If noticed that you are pursued, the best come into the nearest shop or other establishment or ask someone from adults to finish you home.

The feeling of safety is very artful: it is deceptive and punishable! As the statistics testifies, most of people feels too protected and therefore act this way as if robbers and thieves exist only in movies.

For some reason it seems to the person that always others fall a victim of a crime, and nothing bad can happen to it. As we sometimes strongly are mistaken!