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Stars of cinema. Who was born today, on April 15?

the birthdays will note on April 15 the following stars of cinema and show - business:

We will begin with the youngest. Today the twentieth anniversary will be celebrated by the most young actress who was ever appearing on a cover of the glamourous magazine Vogue, Hermione Granger in the world Emma Watson . So left, but the name of the actress unambiguously is associated with her character from a series of movies about Harry Potter. From 11 pictures which appear in a track record of Watson, eight - screen versions of books of J.K. Rowling, including future dilogy “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows“ which first part will leave in November of this year. Therefore, despite today`s multimillion fees, the future of this actress is still not clear as, most likely, she should “leave“ the fantastic image for a long time.

The young American comedian, a star of the American comedies of the last several years, Seth Rogen will note 28 today - the anniversary. The actor began with a postscoring of the cartoon serial of “Simpsona“, most popular in the USA, and 10 years later already receives several millions for a role. Rogen began to make the first achievements at the suggestion of the fashionable comedy dramatist Dzhudd Apatow in the pictures “Forty-year-old Virgin“ (2005) and “Knocked Up“ (2007). And in 2008 it managed to participate in seven at once (!) film projects, including on a postscoring of animation superhits “Horton“ and “Shelter - Faugh the Panda“. Besides actor`s career, Rogen actively participates in writing of scripts for the movies of which he besides sometimes and independently is a producer. Seth made a similar “threefold“ contribution to the new December premiere - the comic book “Green Hornet“, statement, not absolutely typical for it, in which the actor will play a role of the superhero.

On April 15 61 years are executed to the prima donna of the Russian platform - to Alla Borisovna Pugacheva . Many concern this the singer, most popular in our country, differently: someone praises it to skies, and someone skeptically needles concerning it “infinite farewell rounds“. However both those, and others agree in a consensus - Pugacheva`s contribution to ours of bottoms - music is obvious. It was and will be a peculiar standard and an idol sovetsko - the Russian show - business. As, however, and constant object of close attention of a yellow press in connection with the some statements and acts.

Today “the sad holiday“ will also take place at two remarkable actresses, Englishwoman Emma Thompson and Italian Claudia Cardinale . Showered with numerous awards of several film academies, the citizen of Britain, Thompson is known to the domestic viewer on the screen version Jane Austen “Sense and Sensibility“, and also according to the comedy melodrama “Real Love“. The ex-wife of the famous English director Kenneth Bran liking to picturize Shakespeare despite the obvious star status, does not hurry to move to Hollywood and still prefers to act in the homeland, and also rather often appears on a theatrical stage.

Magnificent Claudia Cardinale, the star “8 and a half“ Federico Fellini, “Once in the Wild West“ and “A pink panther“, in 17 years began to appear in bit parts, thanks to the appearance and charm. The good girlfriend of other world movie star, Brigitte Bardot, Sissi (quite so the actress prefers that she was called, according to her initials - Claudia Cardinale, C. C.) for the long career managed to act in more than 100 movies and to decorate with itself 900 covers 25 - ti various world glossy magazines.

To the famous fantast, the younger brother of a literary duet of Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky , it is executed today (beautiful number!) 77 years. Unfortunately, the tandem broke up in a year of disintegration of the Soviet Union: Arkady Strugatsky did not become in 1991. However the literary heritage of these authors continues to lead own life and still inspires various film figures on labor feats. Unfortunately, Strugatsky` prose demands careful attitude at transfer on the big screen and does not suffer amateurish approach. By itself, it is a stone in a kitchen garden of the recent screen version “Inhabited Island“ which turned out a complete fiasco in hire. However it is possible to remember also successful film versions of books of writers, for example Tarkovsky`s “Stalker“. And in 2012 the director Aleksei German promises to let out the next tape based on the story “It Is Difficult to Be God“.

Also today birthdays will celebrate:

- the American director of the German origin Markus Nispel (47). In 90 - x Nispel was a popular music video director and managed to work with such superstars as Janet Jackson, Billy Joel and George Michael. In zero he moved in cinema where he became known thanks to the remakes “The Texas slaughter for the chiansaw“ and “Fridays, 13 - e“. Next year it will also release the next alteration of classics - a tape about Conan`s adventures - the Barbarian with the name of the same name.

- German bolshegrudy the priest - the star Samantha Fox . To it 44 will knock today. No special hits in its execution appear. Nevertheless, posters with this attractive German on which it showed impressive “advantages“ long enough decorated many walls of offices and apartments in all former Soviet Union.

- 69 years are executed to the famous Russian director and the screenwriter Roman Balayan , to the author of the known art pictures - “Flights waking or sleeping“ and “Store me, my mascot“.