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How to teach the wife to drive the car? A monologue of the husband of

Probably, sooner or later all men face need independently or from scratch to teach to drive the second half, or to correct the knowledge gained by it in driving school. Personally I at different times the life trained in driving of the whole four women, including own mother-in-law, and I consider myself not by the layman in the field. Considered...

So far the wife, shaking by the brand new rights, did not demand keys from a family car.

Frankly speaking, I did not want at all that she drove the car. At it not everything is all right in this plan with heredity. The wife all in the father, the beautiful person, but style of driving of which leaves much to be desired. Reaction is instant, but opposite that which is necessary. In due time the father of the wife set up a record - broke six cars in a year. He got off always with slight scratches.

You understand, such statistics does not suit me especially as the wife was going to carry children in a garden and school, so, to endanger also them. Besides, the wife extremely has no concept “right“ and “left“, as well as at many women, I believe. But at it this defect accepted directly - pathological forms. At my shout “Left!“, she convulsively included the right rotary lamp, put out the left hand in a window, shouted “the Right!“ Guess where it turned? Correctly, anywhere, it continued to go directly because behind all these manipulations managed to slip turn. Very at the same time happy with herself, she spoke in beard something how she will perfectly turn in the necessary party next time, but everything repeated.

The manner to maintain the high-speed mode filled with misgivings. I just was afraid that when she goes one, some man trudging behind will jump out of the car, will catch up with it on shank`s mare and horoshenechko will beat. On my requests to add to gas though slightly - slightly because for us already kilometer column was built, the wife with a clever look spoke about need to conform to traffic regulations, mentioned the sign met by it to steam of kilometers back with the index of speed “No more than 20 km/h“. Then sayings were used: “Quickly you will go - will slowly incur“, “Haste is necessary only when catching fleas and at a diarrhea“ and so on. It at the same time had scary happy and when we all - were overtaken by some lucky person and slipped by with buzz and a potryasaniye fists, she so hospitably smiled to it as though it overtook.

And how it prepared for departure? I did not see how take seat in a nest of a chicken, but impression one to one. In a trice were brought down all my settings of a seat, mirrors and radio. Leaving from the parking a backing, back the wife did not look essentially not to be nervous once again. To tell on conscience, was not enough with it for growth to lean out from - for seats therefore she every time hoped for luck. By the same principle intersections, most often blindly were overcome, having convulsively pressed the accelerator pedal into a floor quicker to slip. Too, probably, not to worry. At these moments she very much reminded the father.

When we came out to streets with the brisk movement, the wife with enthusiasm began to drive the car. She at the same time reminded me the bell ringer on a belltower. Hands and legs rushed about in different directions, the face gathered in a duck rump, eyes thoughtlessly rummaged around space. Pedestrians and the cars overtaking behind inspired in it genuine horror, the wife together with car jumped aside aside and was pressed in a border, waiting this nightmare.

If to consider that all these outbursts were carried out on BMW of the seventh model, then I who is sitting next sometimes wanted to be burned with shame. The wife together with car reminded me Ellie`s mamontikha from the animated film “Ice Age 2“ who thought that it an opossum. In an hour I felt as if unloaded the car.

I with relief sighed when the enthusiasm of the wife concerning driving abated a little and she switched to repair of a bathroom. There its mad energy finds the best application than when she travels about on streets of our town hardly noticeable from - for a wheel with the eyes rounded for horror. I do not know whether I will get stronger sometime spiritually to allow it to go alone...