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“Destination 4“: Why to clone cinema?

plot Tie: As a rule, before us small group of youth which is going to make all crowd some action:

1) To get into the plane to go to vacation to Paris.

2) Closely to be hammered into the jeep that with a breeze to sweep on a freeway.

3) to Receive the portion of adrenaline on “roller coaster“.

4) to Descend on stadium to take a look at racing rallies.

Ordinary, not outstanding American teenagers. And here suddenly, one of participants of action has “arrival“. Bright, real, real-life. How everybody dies. That is, all kryndets:

1) The plane explodes on take-off.

2) the Jeep gets into terrible accident on the highway.

3) the Attraction unexpectedly fails.

4) Accident at stadium causes the fire and a collapse of the building.

Having regained consciousness from a hallucination, our newly appeared Nostradamus at first understands that it is only a nightmare, and only then notices that events develop exactly - in - exactly, as in its vision. Naturally, the unstable children`s mentality on this moment breaks and the quasipsychic begins to cry out “All of us will die!“, “We bring down from here!“ and other slogans unseemly to a peace situation. For other attendees this surge in emotions, naturally, is unclear therefore inevitably there is a scandal between those who certainly trust this companion also those who considered him as the full moron earlier. Respectively, skirmish leads to the fact that:

1) Part of tourists remove from flight and return in the terminal of the airport.

2) the Girl driving does not come out to the highway and arranges a stopper.

3) Part of teenagers decides not to ride “hills“ at the last minute.

4) Several viewers leave stadium to continue quarrel beyond its limits.

At this fatal moment there is also what was seen in the nightmare by the main character. Big Badabum. The plane explodes, cars collide, the hill falls, the stadium burns and falls to pieces. In total shocked.

On it the first part of each movie comes to an end. Further the plot develops according to the same habitual scheme - all those who thanks to glitches of the main character escaped, begin to die systematically, and in the same order in which they had to make it in accident which they avoided.

Ranks of “lucky“ thin not on days, and on hours. The old woman with a braid finds the most fancy ways to punish “fugitives“. As a rule, the death of the next victim is caused by strange, but logically justified chain of small incidents. As in “A diamond hand“ - shop - banana - a skin - fell - fainted - regained consciousness - plaster. Only in our case “did not regain consciousness - a coffin“.

By itself in dissonant ranks of survivors nervousness begins. They - that thought that the destiny gave them the second chance. And the destiny - the villain only granted them a delay. As institute before army. Therefore before youth there is an immemorial question - “That, your mother to do?“

Is correct, it is necessary to be protected. Therefore it is necessary to exclude firm food from a diet, to throw out everything kolyushche - the cutting objects from the house, to be imposed with soft pillows and to submissively wait for the end. Because death you will not deceive. And as our main characters do not try to save the friend to the friend from tenacious embraces bony, all their attempts are unsuccessful. They continue to die as flies.

Nevertheless, sooner or later, according to cinema canons, the main characters it is necessary to grant a respite and hope for bright future. So after from initial group there are three cripples, all - is possible to interrupt with it a chain of death and to overset plans of otherworldly forces. All are happy, tears, snivels, embraces. Ours won. That at the very end of the movie it is amicable to all to die from the falling neon sign or the truck which in full operation drove in cafe. “And this abyss absorbed eya at once. Generally, all died“.

And so all 4 parts. Still you do not trust? You can personally check.

By itself if in the first movie similar development was very original, then in continuation it looked already again. Why was to remove two more clones? Rhetorical question, friends. For the same reason, as the fifth part of the franchize which is expected in 2012. Havat people.

So in what a counter? All the matter is that it is interesting to the viewer what else new ways of killing of characters will be thought up by authors of next “Destination“. And authors izgalyatsya very actively. Despite all laws of physics, chemistry and so forth natural sciences. In fact, all franchize represents certain a garden - mazo an attraction, forcing the viewer to enjoy the unusual and perverted death. I.e. if in the usual horror film we worry about heroes, mentally helping them to survive, in “Destinations“ to us just suggest to watch how the Death slowly but surely repays the debts. And any “light at the end of a tunnel“.

Summary: The proverb says “Would know where to fall, would lay straws“. This council will not help characters of “Points“ any more. But here that who did not manage to join these “masterpieces“ yet - quite. At least, it is warned - means it is armed.

P. S. Concerning 3D, invitingly appearing in the name of the last part. Full divorce. The movie was shot to euphoria concerning “Avatar“, and scanty three-dimensional inserts cause easy bewilderment already now.