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Mad dream.

U you there were grandiose purposes, plans, dreams? If yes, that it is EXCELLENT!

How many people dreamed in this way? Edison, Ford and others...

I all of them tried to obtain success. You will achieve success and you.

How many was at them barriers? How many friends and the family refused them!

But they knew that they will achieve success!

After success they got even more friends and acquaintances, and that,

who wishes them success.

What unites all of them? Irresistible desire to achieve the objectives. All of them

strove for the dream, overcoming difficulties and problems. So why

we groan, we complain, we regret?

Why we have no strong basis of belief? Though many of them were faithful to

only themselves, at us, modern people, there are much more opportunities and God`s

of blessings, than ever. All of them - opportunities - it is not far.

God near each of us.

And why then many do not see (or do not want to see) an opportunity? Just

they are not ready yet. And whether it is possible to be in general for them completely,

absolutely, absolutely to be ready? NO! They will always have an occasion

not to do what is important for them. Nobody since the childhood not of

spoke to them: risk, but moderately.

No, spoke to them: do not risk in general, do not take the credits, do not put yourself under

danger. But notice: I say about that you went

the rock-climber now. I mean the healthy attitude towards risk.

The end justifies the means, spent for its achievement. This phrase is pertinent

, but only in case it is not about

of human life....

- do everything that you do for the Lord and for yourself.

It is unimportant what profession at you. Not important, how many you earned earlier.

Main - to use opportunities and to see really things.

All - or almost everything - depends on the person. The rest - work

of God. Do all things which you do with pleasure and with pleasure. Now I write

article. I present myself to those about whom I write. I believe

Ya that the happiest person is that person who on

the first place has God, and on the second - his hobby. Friends, we will be happy

, working for ourselves........

And even if you work for someone - do it with a smile. Dream of

increase, you seek for increase, set the purposes, but you remember:


Always, in all circumstances, in everything!

And what further? Further for them new opportunities opened,

were created new workplaces, people to them became more benevolent.

All God`s blessings were received by people who became his friends.

Always, at all times people knew that the most important is a good


All diplomats, all lawyers, all businessmen (or almost all) knew that

a good name is better than any silver or gold.

Friends, we live in truth in excellent time where new

modes of work are invented, new opportunities open, the new ways

of earnings appear.

All in our hands. You aspire to the best, you aspire in the highest.

of Progress.