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What is Polonius? American Poland

of Jeszcze Polska nie zgin ę ł a,

of Kiedy my ż yjemy.

Sunday 11 - e April, 2010 became day of the national tragedy of the city of Chicago, the second after September 11. I did not make a reservation: when color of the Polish nation broke against the fatal Smolensk earth, our American Polonius peacefully slept.

We did not know yet... We grieved on the Katyn victims only yesterday and waited for overdue penitential words. Yet my shoes from a Friday crude grass of the Polish cemetery of Saint Adalbert with a memorial of Katyn where all a year ago we laid flowers under the brand new bronze grieving Mother - Poland of molding of the Chicago sculptor Wojciech Severin did not dry out. The old man was in time. This night it will break together with the Polish Poles just where his father was shot 70 years ago. Wojciech was then only one year old old, and he knew nothing about the plane in which he will be invited by the Polish government, from Chicago to Katyn.

Sunday morning reared the city fight of church bells. Streets crowds at temples, churches, chapels, at the Polish consulate general, at a memorial to the victims of Katyn swelled. By eight in the morning already all flowers in Chicago were swept away from counters. Polonius`s country, and with it and the city of Chicago surrounding it was stirred up.

Strange, all-: there are people on the earth who “were lucky“ to have two countries on this ball. Several times it is more Armenians in the USA, than in Armenia. Jews as much, how many in Israel. In one Chicago it is more Poles, than in Warsaw. Also you do not catch me on figures - only legalizirovanny Polish citizens of the USA at us 1 today. 100. 000 people, and how many undocumented - one uterus of a bozk knows. (Very many Poles do not want to be legalized and accept the American nationality, and live all life on the Polish passports without the status - too very Polish phenomenon.) Polonius`s country... So call the American Poland. The country in the country.

The main geographical conclaves in Chicago and Chikagshchina is even five! In miles you reel up a speedometer as across Marshalkovskaya in Warsaw - only the Polish speech, only the Polish signs. By the way, about the speech... Our Poles not on Polish, not on the English speak. Polonium ours speaks on Poglish. It is necessary with the Polish vudka to be born in blood quite to enjoy Poglish`s juiciness as lingvo - the social phenomenon. It in our Russian communities children lose Russian forever. And in Polonius such jokes are bad - not dozvolyam, psya krev! As skared the gonorovy panstvo stores the language, culture, traditions. Special merit here Catholic church Polonius.

Poles came to North America in 1837. The mass landing of handy reckless European Slavs to our prairies (where sirs, generally also settled) introduced liberties Polish and pride gonorovy. It is rare in what country will note memory of the Polish immigrant in the day off, and at us - is. Amicably we do not work in day of Casimir Pulaski.

Amicably we come everyone the third of May for parade of the Polish community 115 years in honor of the constitution day of Poland. And that was what to become proud for slav brothers, I will tell only that after the USA Poland - the second country in the world which adopted the Constitution. And the first - in Europe! Something yes means! In 1961 John Kennedy headed Parade of the Constitution.

For May third ours of Polonius waited for the president Lech Kaczynski with the lady Maria to us on parade. But here so ways traflyat... To Alya eshche Polsk not the zginela, also can, this blood was not for nothing shed. And as Saviour - on - Blood in St. Petersburg, will grow also on this Slavic blood the new temple where there will be neither a Greek, nor the Jew“. And my branitsky blood will reconcile with blood makarovsky. Also my great-grandfather - a zholner of other great-grandfather - the soldier for whom I asked to psheproshat panstvo on a Friday grass will forgive.

There is in the USA a wonderful holiday - the Labor Day. To judge a contribution of ours Polonius in development of the country, it is enough to tell that this day the national Polish Taste of Polonia festival begins. National American holiday!

On an equal basis with the international annual film festival in Chicago every October there takes place the international festival of the Polish cinema. Vaydovsky “Katyn“ looked our Poloniya standing. (And it is necessary to tell that not everything absolutely as it should be in ours Polonius - it is strong Polsk contentions! There are flat Poles, and there are gural - Poles (mountain sirs). What to divide them in our prairies, for a long time to nobody it is unclear, but lodge separately and the vudka is drunk separately. Andrzej Wajda the “Katyn“ as the bulldozer demolished this stenochka. Merged Vistula with Oder in one sacred tear. Whether the miracle similar with Volga and Don will turn out at it?

My pessimism has the nutritious broth of the Chicago pouring: us, Post-Soviet scoops, too nearly one million. Ukrainians and here ahead of the planet of all - are the churches, the cultural center, the Ukrainian village fence. A voice of this village fence be heard it is healthy as! But there is no Russian center in Chicago. No, and all here, though natives of the Russian Federation majority. There are newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and there is no Center. It seems and the community big, and heart in it does not fight. And the hand will not be raised to strike - we and were the most radioactive in this reactor, the most poisonous. Nam of the Moisey it is necessary. That forty years to drag us on deserts and from us on a drop to squeeze out slavery.

It is necessary only to believe that eshche Polsk not the zginela, and us, or direct accomplices - pokryvatel, or just crippled, with nonflexible necks, will teach something. As Wajda in “Ashes and diamonds“ learned, from coal brands and ashes to revive in diamonds. And Chicago is covered with such diamonds of the Polish culture which where as is more ancient and is richer, than new American: The Polish national museum, Polsko - the American Association, the Polish National Alliance, the Polish Guralsky National Alliance of North America well-known all over the country Kopernikus Centre - heart of an intellectual community, two Polish theaters - Chopin`s theater and Geytuyey theater, Polish cultural Centre, the Polish symphonic orchestra of Paderevsky...

My Polish relatives are scattered across all Poland: the handsome Wroclaw, sad memory of Tvardogur where from a platform the great Polish actor Jan Tsybulsky fell under the train, shameful memory the city of Legnica where there were a bone in a throat Soviet parts, the Silesian city of Subbutka where from a hill it was visible Germany, the ancient suburb of Warsaw - magnificent Prague, Saint Chenstokhov, whose uterus of a bozk of Chenstokhovsk struck Ilya Ehrenburg: her eyes are written out so that look directly in yours where you were in this church... Today my relatives in mourning: black tapes on sleeves, black kerchiefs on the female heads. Kolenopreklonenno is “klyonkat“ on churches, burn down funeral candles. And my mournful candle burns. And candles of my children. We together today, Poland.

And thousands goes Chicago Polonius to the house number 1530 on Leyk Shor Drive to lay flowers at the building of Consulate general of Poland in Chicago, to undersign for the book of condolences, having just embraced to stand in silence with compatriots. And by the lowered a little flag on the high-speed highway cars rush and seldom who will not give a lingering sound of a condolence to the Polish flag. America remembers the Polish Golgotha whose victims are posthumously awarded by the highest rank of honor - Virtuti Militari. America will remember the new victims of the Polish Golgotha. But eshche Polsk not a zginela, gym shoes we are zhyema...