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Sleeplessness. How to cope with it natural means?

are difficult to find the person whom at least several times in life sleeplessness did not visit (an insomniya as her physicians call). It is shown differently: someone cannot long fall asleep, for hours turning in a bed and trying to consider sheep, another, on the contrary, falls asleep easily, but wakes up in the middle of the night or early in the morning and any more cannot sink into a long-awaited sleep again. For the third it is connected with the fact that instead of full they fall into a faltering superficial dream, such short-term semiconsciousness which do not give rest but only exhaust so that in the morning of people rises absolutely broken moreover and with a headache.

Often sleeplessness is connected with some diseases, permanent frustration of mentality or without the visible reasons gains chronic character, i.e. several nights in a row repeat. In such cases you should not self-medicate, only the doctor will be able to make the correct diagnosis and will help to restore a normal deep sleep.

Sleeplessness visits most of people periodically. It is possible to cope with it independently, without resorting to the help of doctors if to follow the simplest rules of food and household behavior, and also to use natural means which in a big variety are offered by traditional medicine.

In principle, it is not difficult to prevent sleeplessness, but it turns out not always. And everything from - behind ours of rich dynamic life. That you will get in the afternoon into a scrape to which then you will come back thoughts at half of the night. That, periodically calling glasses, late you will sit up with friends moreover and in clubs of a cigarette smoke. Quite often the contribution is brought also by workaholism when the person cannot be even released from office affairs in the evening, overloading with them already tired brain. It is a lot of also people who owing to various reasons got used to a late plentiful dinner, and then are surprised that “a dream as sober as a judge“.

Conclusions arise by itself: that the dream was deep, to it it is necessary to prepare and follow simple rules. If there is such opportunity, try to lay down and get up daily at the same time, adapting to internal clocks of an organism. By the way, the person gets enough sleep better if he goes to bed early and gets up early. If, having sat up late to sleep “against the stop“ in the morning, you will wake up in the broken state moreover and with a headache. But to go to bed early if there is no wish to sleep at all, is not necessary, quickly it will not be possible to fall asleep all the same, and the dream which came, eventually, as a rule, happens superficial.

It is necessary to treat a day dream carefully. All depends on specific features, for one it does not affect a night dream in any way, and others after it get sleeplessness almost till the morning. You should not go to bed if you are in the “excited“ state. It is before going to bed important to relax - to walk, breathe fresh air, to take a warm shower, to listen to pleasant quiet music, to read the book with a simple plot. For me long time the book “Country of Bellows“ of Jules Verne was the best sleeping pill; only 1 - 1,5 pages, and sound sleep is provided, even regretted that it, eventually, “mastered“ it.

By the way, shortly before a dream it is possible to be engaged in some monotonous work, but without physical and intellectual efforts - washing of ware, establishing order in the room, in shift of books or knickknacks on shelves. It is desirable not to leave something left unfinished for the night not to come back to it thoughts. The feeling that day passed successfully, and everything planned is made, will help to plunge into a quiet dream.

About food conversation special: an easy dinner not later 19 - ti (the best option - 18 - ti) hours. To exclude from it hard to digest, excessively sweet and spicy food, alcoholic and exciting drinks. Do not forget that some products well influence a dream as promote production of hormone of melatonin, sea fish, fowl, nuts, in particular, treat them. For an hour to a dream it is possible to drink a glass of kefir or to eat apple. It is good to eat before going to bed a tablespoon of honey and to wash down with a small amount of warm water. And here before going to bed it is undesirable to drink drugs if it is necessary, they should be accepted at least in two hours prior to a dream.

It is important to depart to a dream in comfortable conditions. It is desirable to air previously the room, to achieve that in it there were no foreign smells and noise. Well in the evening for some time to turn on the ionizer in a bedroom and if air dry, then and a humidifier. It is natural that the bed has to be convenient.

For a deep and quiet sleep it is possible to use also folk remedies. Most often for these purposes use roots of a valerian and peony, a peppermint, a pustyrnik, a melissa, a lucerne, a thyme, flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical, lavenders, calendulas and violets fragrant, hop cones, flowers and fruits of a hawthorn, a wormwood, the mountaineer bird`s (sporysh), a St. John`s Wort, a willow-herb (Ivan - tea), a sage, fruits of a barberry and caraway seeds, greens and seeds of fennel, oats, lettuce leaves of sowing (lettuce) and a celery odorous.

In a drugstore it is possible to buy already ready complex collecting or dried plants, but it is possible to prepare them independently, and to prepare infusions or broths from them as required. The greatest fame from folk remedies was gained by a valerian which of roots do infusions, tinctures, broths. The elementary option - a tablespoon of dried roots of a valerian to fill in with a glass of hot water, to bring to boiling and to sustain on a water bath or weak fire of 10 - 15 minutes. To drink broth on a tablespoon three times a day to food and before going to bed.

Effective remedies from sleeplessness can be prepared from a celery odorous and a pharmaceutical camomile. To fill in a tablespoon of the fresh crushed leaves of a celery with a glass of warm water and to insist 8 - 10 hours. To accept the same as broth of roots of a valerian. From a camomile it is possible to prepare infusion or broth. For infusion the tablespoon of dry flowers is filled in with a glass of boiled water and maintained in a thermos to an hour. Drink on a third of a glass for an hour to food. In the similar way infusion can be made also of fennel seeds.

For fight against sleeplessness it is possible to use separately or assembled a St. John`s Wort, a willow-herb and a marjoram. Usually do infusions of a St. John`s Wort and a marjoram for what two tablespoons of a St. John`s Wort or two teaspoons of a marjoram fill in with a glass of boiled water and insist in a thermos of 1 - 1,5 hour. Accept to food on a third of a glass. Do broth or infusion of a willow-herb. For broth two teaspoons of a willow-herb fill in with a glass of water, bring to boiling and maintain 10 - 15 minutes on a water bath. Accept on a tablespoon before food. The willow-herb is recommended to make and as usual tea, including in equal parts with a St. John`s Wort and a pharmaceutical camomile. By the way, it is possible to wash down with such herbal tea a honey tablespoon before going to bed. Do not forget that honey fine sleeplessness medicine and is well combined with medicinal herbs.

Options of use of herbs for fight against sleeplessness there is a set, recipes can be found in reference books or on the Internet. It is possible to experiment with drawing up various collecting independently, it is only necessary to follow the rule if you “invent“ own infusion or broth, to do it originally of the reduced quantity of raw materials and to check in reference books in what quantity it is possible to take components and as they are among themselves combined.

At desire to win against sleeplessness it is not difficult at all, it is for this purpose expedient to adhere to a reasonable daily routine, the balanced balanced diet, vitamin-rich and minerals, and if necessary to use also means which the nature surrounding us is ready to provide.