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Double boiler. How to save time? We everything like to eat well

, the truth? But on cooking there is not always time, and in the mornings we quite often swallow couple of sandwiches with not absolutely useful sausage and we run for work. For that simple reason that in the morning we cannot stand long at a plate to prepare something not too harmful to a stomach.

Here the double boiler can also come to the rescue of us! I doubted acquisition of this miracle of equipment a little and all around unanimously assured that there will pass week - another and this unit will be useless to become dusty at me in kitchen. But I all - risked and bought a double boiler, previously having studied the Internet regarding the best model. And I am not sorry at all!

I completely solved a problem of breakfasts: since evening I estimate that I will prepare in the morning, and having hardly woken up, I push products in a double boiler, I turn the handle of the timer and I go very quietly to a shower - nothing will burn, will escape and will be digested! And even when the timer will be switched-off, the food remains hot for a long time.

And now I will tell in more detail about some dishes which I steam, having divided them into two categories - breakfasts and lunches - dinners.


of Soft-boiled egg . You will not believe, but it is very convenient to cook eggs in a double boiler. It is not necessary to wait until water begins to boil, it is not necessary to note time - and it turns out always as it is conceived! Depending on a double boiler a preparation time different, and it is written down in the instruction which is attached to it. By practical consideration I found out that hard-boiled eggs turn out minutes for 12, soft-boiled - for 7. However, they need to be taken out right there from a double boiler, otherwise they will be digested so I prepare this dish while I make coffee.

Omelet . To mix 3 - 4 eggs and a half a glass of milk, I will merge, pepper, dried greens and to fill in with this mix a glass of the frozen vegetables which are filled up in capacity for rice. By the way, capacity for rice is an ordinary plastic bowl, except it, I use any plastic ware for a microwave - it turns out perfectly! The most tasty omelet turns out with corn and green peas, and from above it is possible to strew with grated cheese. All prepares minutes 20.

Porridge . I know everything about advantage of porridge. But here is it I do not love! And what only I did not try to add to it - is this porridge I did not want. But as it turns out in a double boiler - it is simple something! It is very simple to train her: on a glass of oat flakes - as much milk, water and grains of the frozen corn, a salt pinch. To place everything in capacity for rice and to mix. Minutes 40 - 50 - and very tasty porridge is ready. Now it is my most favourite breakfast!

Rice porridge . This dish was not among my darlings too - before acquaintance to a double boiler. Now I quite often train her - the tasty, sweet breakfast is provided! For this squash I fill in capacity for rice 2/3 of a glass of kruglozernisty rice, I fill in with two glasses of milk (or in half with water), I add sugar to taste and a little vanillin. The squash prepares about an hour, but minutes through 30 - 40 it it is better to mix and add in a water double boiler.

Rice with vegetables . I fill in a cup of rice with 1,5 cups of boiled water, I add seasonings and the frozen vegetables: peas, siliculose haricot, sweet pepper. It is possible to add those vegetables which are pleasant to you. In 40 minutes I get from a double boiler, I mix, I add the sausage cut in cubes and cheese feta and I put for about 10 minutes. It is not obligatory to add sausage and cheese, but so it turns out more tasty.

Try to make buckwheat, corn porridge, an omelet with different additives and even fried eggs - be not afraid to experiment! You will open a set of tasty dishes for a breakfast.

Lunches and dinners

Chicken breast with vegetables . Chicken or meat which you are going to steam, better to wet in marinade in advance. Usually I place the breast cut on pieces for days here in such mix: balsam vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice, pepper, dried greens of fennel and parsley. It is possible to add wine. The chicken turns out unusually juicy and tasty!

And now - how to prepare. To place pieces of the pickled breast in the lower basket of a double boiler at small distance from each other. In the top basket I fill the frozen vegetables - color and Brussels sprout, siliculose haricot, peas, corn - all together or something one. I put the timer for 20 minutes. Previously I do not salt vegetables, and I water already ready with soy sauce - so it turns out more tasty.

A trout with vegetables . I place the trout stakes salted and watered with lemon juice in the lower basket of a double boiler, in top - color or Brussels sprout, and it is possible to take potatoes instead of cabbage. To cook 20 minutes, then slightly to salt vegetables. Very much - it is very tasty!

Pelmeni . If you never ate pelmeni from a double boiler, you lost much! They never boil soft and turn out very juicy. To train them as easy as shelling pears: to fill in a basket, having left distance between pelmeshka - and to put the timer for 15 minutes. Also also manti cook, only time needs a little more. Earlier I did not recognize some pelmeni without sour cream, but now I eat them just like that, without any additives - so they turn out tasty!

Oranges cottage cheese casserole . As soon as I tested this recipe, began to prepare it twice a week - and could not come off. At first I was rather afraid - as baked pudding on couple can turn out? But it turned out - both such gentle and tasty! It is very simple to train her: to mix 1 - 2 teaspoon of a semolina with 1 - 2 tablespoons of sugar, a cottage cheese pack (I took fat-free), egg and a spoon of sour cream or natural yogurt. Properly to mix everything in capacity for rice, to add vanillin, cinnamon, small cut peeled orange, again to mix and put in a double boiler for 30 minutes. It is possible to cook baked pudding with raisin, nutlets, apples - give vent to the imagination!

Chicken soup . The chicken cut by pieces, potato, greens, a zazharka from onions and carrots (I have such dried seasoning - without salt and a glyutamat, with it soup turns out very tasty!) to fill in with water, to salt, pepper and put in a double boiler for 30 - 40 minutes.

Shrimps . Boiled shrimps in water in comparison with steamed - just low-edible something. I like royal shrimps: directly frozen I fill them in a basket, I salt, I pepper, I water with lemon juice and I cook 15 minutes.

Eggplants with a stuffing . I cut an eggplant in half, a spoon I pull out pulp, I cut it cubes, I mix with forcemeat or small cut chicken, a turkey or pork, I salt, I pepper. With chicken breasts very dietary dish turns out! I fill with the received mix of a half of eggplants, from above I stack thin plates of cheese. And in a double boiler for about 40 minutes.

It turns out gently and tasty - very much it is pleasant to my husband! I at first did not decide to steam an eggplant, it seemed to me that it needs to be fried or baked. But then about this recipe I was told by the girlfriend, and now I quite often will prepare so.

Now if it is necessary to weld something, I surely steam even if further the dish needs to be prepared on a plate. Taste of food only improves! Buy a double boiler if you do not have it yet, and begin to prepare tasty low fat meals, saving at the same time time and always receiving excellent result.