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Java. What to be engaged to someone else`s computers and you in?

of Java are divided into three main families of technologies: Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) - for creation of systems of level of the enterprise. Java Standard Edition (Java SE) - is more for desktop applications. Without knowledge of Java SE will not leave to write for any of other two directions, “standard“ Java studies first of all. Java Micro Edition (it is better known as J2ME) - for devices with a limited computing power, generally for mobile phones. It, IMHO, the most tasty candy. Really only one I see an alarm around mobile devices?! No, well perhaps it will turn out to write off it for result of the use of fenizopropilamin, but track, please, sobriety of a gait of my thoughts: good and really popular applications for desktops are written with large teams of developers (Winamp) or become too furious and madly talented enthusiasts like Christian Ghisler and Alexander Roshal (Total Commander and WinRAR respectively), at people of Earth creation of programs of high level most often comes out badly from - for intellectual insufficiency. I do not try to restrain your self-conceit at all, but I consider that, not especially bothering, the good softina can be written only for the mobile phone as here the qualitative, solid and not frightening off program can weigh no more than 30 CBs and not take away from you several invaluable milligrams of neurons.

Often many turn up the nose at Java only from - for the fact that it is called the interpreted language (and the most part of the interpreted languages, misters beginners, are slow), but it not absolutely so. During execution of Java - the car applies the JIT technology (Just - In - Time compilation) - it transfers byte - a code to a machine code and right there transfers to it control, basic libraries widely use native - a code (machine instructions, result clear to the processor of already carried out compilation), and still, by the way, SUN Microsystems released the PicoJava microprocessors working at system of the JVM teams without any program interpretation.

Java - object - the focused language when which developing its further use in network decisions was supposed. The Internet is flooded with examples of access of the most various client applications on platforms from the mobile phone to a desktop to web - services on Java.

As you see, having learned syntax, and having understood how to use libraries of ready classes, that is, having just run several weeks on Java SE and textbooks, it is possible to hope further with the minimum training and accustoming, without getting down from favourite IDE, to cover with itself the most exotic areas like the applets loaded by the browser of the user and executed on his party. Java - free, free, pure and pure language with open specifications, unambiguously useful and necessary piece in this world and I advise you not to be engaged in nonsense and not to drive a head, and to run, run to knowledge, to light, to the bright future!

of the Book, article about Java

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This article - only broth, settled down and infused on coffee, from the quotes taken from this literature, and reasons generated by it.

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