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Argus spotty krasnoloby (Scatophagus argus atromaculatus)

Argus spotty krasnoloby (Scatophagus argus atromaculatus)

Argus spotty krasnoloby (Scatophagus argus atromaculatus) quite large small fish of the sort Scatophagus in dwelling environment, can reach in length up to 30 centimeters, in an aquarium usually it is less. The name happens from Ancient Greek and in a literal translation means - “the eater of sewage“. Krasnoloby are spotty argus has the oblong, squeezed from sides body and a small mouth. Meet in tropical waters of the Indian and Quiet oceans - in a coastal zone, near Yuzhnoy and Hugo`s coast - East Asia. Usually live in shallow lagoons. Well transfer water desalting. Whitebaits of a look Argus spotty krasnoloby often meet even in absolutely fresh water.

Argus spotty krasnoloby eats everything that he is capable to digest in large numbers, and near seaports often gathers at entrances to the sewerage.

Argus`s Colour of spotty krasnoloby is very contrast, on a zhedtovaty body dark strips and spots are observed. Argusa perfectly look in a big capacious aquarium. The minimum size of an aquarium for comfortable existence Argusov - 150 - 170 liters on couple. Fishes differ in considerable mobility and float in different sheets of water, preferring open sites. Skatofagusa are very resistant to diseases. Young fishes also well live in fresh water of an aquarium (from 300 l) irrespective of its rigidity at rn 7-8 and temperature of 25-29 °C. Young fishes are gradually transferred to saltish water (3-20%).

Area: Estuariya`s

of the rivers, coastal zones of the Indian and Quiet oceans.


Argus`s Spawning spotty krasnoloby occurs in clear sea water. In an aquarium Argus lays caviar for stone moods, then looks after it. At development of whitebaits occurs metamorphoses. First they have horn guards on the head and on one big prickly thorn on both sides of a nape. It is so-called tolikhtis - a stage.

Contents in the Alushtinsky Aquarium:

of Fish peace, get on with any kinds of aquarian fishes. Spotty krasnoloby prefer to stick to Argusa a flock from 6 - 8 individuals. Prefer fresh clear water. Soil of an aquarium is recommended dark, at registration use snags, stones, artificial plants as live are eaten by Argus.

concern To other fishes of a skatofagusa peacefully.

Temperature has to be 20 - 28C, dGH to 20%, rn 7 - 8, the filtration and weekly substitution of water on fresh to a quarter of volume of all aquarium is necessary. If necessary salinity can be reduced to 5%.

can Feed with sterns of an animal origin, and also greens, for example - lettuce leaves, spinach, etc.