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ARAPAIMA or ARAPAYMA (Arapaima gigas)

of ARAPAIMA or ARAPAYMA (Arapaima gigas)

of ARAPAIMA or ARAPAYMA (Arapaima gigas) the largest of modern fresh-water fishes, belongs to a suborder kosteyazychny group of seldeobrazny. In a baziliya Arapaima also call a piraruka. This fish undoubtedly deserves attention of visitors of the Alushtinsky aquarium. It is known in Brazil under the name to a piraruk and also the biggest of the largest modern fresh-water fishes is. Despite the sizes, the arapaima is very graceful and is highly appreciated as aquarian fish. It is considered very difficult object“ for contents in bondage.

In the nature of Arapaima gigas lives in the basin of Amazon and most often meets in waters of the state of Peru. Arapaima Gigas in normal conditions can dostigaat four and a half meters in length and weigh to 200 kg. At Arapaima false bones, scales large, a swimming bubble - cellular are very developed. Adult copies effectively look in Oceanariums, large aquariums from 100 tons.

After achievement 1,5 meter sizes Arapaima gets very interesting bright coloring: forward part of a body - zhyoltovato - green, back - it is bright - red, and that depth of a red shade increases by the end of a tail.

Interesting the fact that the arapayma is amphipneustic fish she can breathe to similarly labyrinth fishes. To Arapaima it has to be very lonely - on Earth there were not much her contemporaries: the animals who did not change since the Jurassic times. In this category: clams and reef coral communities which it is hardly possible to consider as good interlocutors. And here more interesting archaeopteryx and any dinosaurs, alas, did not live up to now.

Despite the sizes, the arapaima is very much highly appreciated as aquarian fish, but it is possible to support her only in a big aquarium. Well wide aquariums approach, it is better oval or round, with large volume of water. Eats fishes and invertebrates.

Difficulties in contents by arapay are that fish, seeking to move on a straight line, fights with force about aquarium walls that often leads to her death. In that case it is necessary to settle to an arapaima of other fishes, pursuing whom, it will float around. The best a bait are the South American aravana which live in the same natural reservoirs, as an arapayma.

ARAPAIMA - is undoubted, rare and exotic fish in a fresh-water aquarium very few people are able to afford her contents in the collection or an exposition.


South America - the basin of Amazon.


In April or May, at arapay there comes the reproduction period. The female leaves on superficial places with a sandy bottom and clear water. Here fish by means of fins digs out a nest with a diameter about 0,5 m and about 15 cm in depth. Arapaima Gigas uses this nest within several years. In a nest fish lays large caviar. The male protects caviar and drives whitebaits about three and a half months, then flocks break up.

Contents in the Alushtinsky aquarium:

It is compatible to all large species of tropical fishes, like big slopes, large veslonosy som, huge pangasiuses and so forth. Adult copies effectively look in Oceanariums, large aquariums from 100 tons. Young arapayma eat fresh-water shrimps, adults - ground fishes.