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Family: whether there is an optimum age difference between spouses?

Speak, marriages consist in heaven. If it was so, then hardly there would be so many men who on the first place put not only appearance of the future darling, but also age. In any case, hunters to marry on 18 - is enough for the summer beauty at any man`s age: even sedate old men who exchanged the seventh, and even eighth ten wishing to get married to young maidens long ago.

And what has to be an optimum age difference that couple had more chances to give rise strong and healthy children? Physicians and psychologists of the different countries think of it. For example, in Finland came to such conclusion: hot Finnish guys have to find to themselves the spouse who is younger than the husband not less than for 15 years. Only provided that the posterity will be protected from many defects, since pre-natal development.

But the calculation calculations, and in life turns out a little differently. So, in the same Finland only 10% of families were “correct“, and all others did not fit into age parameters. The average Finn is only 3 years more senior than the spouse that, according to scientists, leads to the fact that there is not a lot of almost healthy newborns as it would be desirable …

In the neighboring Sweden treated the Finnish researches with big mistrust. Whether has to the young man with good sexual appetite wait for the whole 15 years until its dried grows up? Unless only on the desert island. In life so does not happen. Swedes attentively studied several thousands of happy families and came to a conclusion that the age difference has to make no more than 6 years. But what struck researchers even more - on the first place at the choice of the satellite and the man and woman put not love at all - carrots, and a financial solvency! If the man stands on the own two feet, he has an interesting and highly paid work, it is quite enough for marriage. And there is a love or not - it is absolutely unimportant. Love comes with habit.

Also British adhere to the same view of an age difference. However, they looked at happy families under slightly other corner: tried to find out which of men has more chances of healthy posterity: those who are cleverer or who not really - that burdens itself with reading books, viewing of movies? Interesting things became clear: the higher at the man IQ coefficient, the at it is more than chances to become the father of the healthy child. Scientists explained it with the fact that clever men always have more highly paid work, stronger financial position and consequently, are more attractive to girls. By the way, in England in 26% of families the husband is younger than the wife, v48 the % - is from one day to five years more senior, and in 26% - for six and more years.

The American scientists, as always, went some other way. They considered that the age between spouses has much less influence on the birth of healthy posterity, than, say, age of loss of virginity. Physicians from New - York interrogated about 8000 people who, according to their statements, began the sexual life 14 - 16 - summer. At the majority of them children, even given rise 5 - 10 years later, had these or those problems with health.

The posterity at those who became a woman in 17 - 18 years was “much stronger“. And here at lost virginity in 22 years it was also more senior than “sores“ at children at all not less, than at 14 - 16 - summer. Proceeding from it, Americans came to a conclusion that the best time to start sexual life of 17 - 18 years.

At the same time chances of creation of a family in which children will be born increase a little. Though, by and large, for the USA it is a huge problem. The share of married couples with children sharply decreases. If in 1970 there were 40% of couples with children, then in 2004 such couples there were only 23%. In 2010 such couples there will be only 20%.

And how the situation at us, in Russia is? Physicians tracked several thousands of marriages and came to a conclusion that a deal such. Marriages where the wife is more senior than the husband for five years and more years, there were 6,3%. Where the wife is more senior than the husband for 2 - 5 years, - 13,4%. Marriages where husbands and wives of the coeval or someone from them approximately is one year more senior - 26,5%. Every third marriage in Russia when the man is more senior than the woman for 2 - 5 years. In 14,2% of marriages the man is 6 - 10 years more senior, and only everyone 20 is got married by men who are more senior than the wives for 11 years and more.

But at the same time still such interesting regularities are revealed. If the wife is more senior than the husband for 5 years and more, she has also higher income. And a peculiar exchange of the high income of the wife for the husband`s youth turns out. But than less age difference, that at the woman is less than chances to earn more husband.

Whether it is necessary to look in the passport or “to calculate“ age? I think, it is not obligatory. At us, thank God, much more marriages consist on love, than by calculation. So from - for the fact that someone from partners is 5 years more senior and more nobody has to test any complex. Personally my point of view the is as follows: woman has to be one few years more senior. It gives to marriage more stability …