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Stars of cinema. Who was born today, on April 14?

on April 14 it was rather fruitful on birthdays.

Today 37 years is executed to the American actor Adrian Brody . Brody began the actor`s career in age of 15 years, and practically at once, passing a stage of television statements, began to act in in big film. He can include the first noticeable emergence for Dzhuliyen Templ`s movie “Bullet“ in which it was lit together with stars - Mickey Rourke and known, now deceased, the rapper Tupac Shakur.

After series of the tapes which passed almost unnoticed in 2002 Brody at last received the Role from capital letter. Roman Polansky`s “pianist“ became one of victors of “Oscar“, though did not win the first prize, having conceded to the musical “Chicago“. But the main actor`s award everything is found the hero, and Adrian deservedly received a gold figurine in the nomination “The Best Male Role“. By the way, in this category the same year it was handed Cesar in France.

By itself, after “Oscar“ of a pit of Brody went uphill. Began to offer it a role in large-scale projects like “The mysterious wood“ of M. Knight Shyamalan or “King Kong“ of Peter Jackson. Also the fees got up. In 2004 the magazine Eskvayr called him “The most well dressed person of year“. Elegant Brody prefers to be on friendly terms with scandalous Asia Argento and personal Hammer drives. This year it had to pump up good muscles for the new movie of Roberto Rodriguez “Predators“ where Brody has to look adequately against the previous fighter against alien hunters, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

49 years will knock to Robert Carlisle today . The English actor who began to act in 1990 wandered 6 years on different low-standard tapes until good luck smiled to it. It was included in a casting of a tape of Danny Boyle “On a needle“ that became the beginning of its successful ascension on an actor`s Olympus. The image of the rough outcast became for Carlisle the business card, and the statement of the actor for a role of the main villain in the next movie about the agent 007 “And the whole world is not enough“ finally confirmed its star status. Then movies “Formula 51“, “Eragon“ and the zombie - a horror film followed “28 weeks later“. Now Carlisle is actively engaged in series “A star gate: Universe“.

One more birthday man, Russian drama actor Pyotr Mamonov (59). It late enough came to cinema, in 37 years. And at once attracted attention roles in the known tapes “Needle“ and “Taxi - the Blues“. But really it was succeeded to be allocated to Mamonov only in 2006, in Pavel Lungin`s picture “Island“, with a role of the main character, father Anatoly. For this tape in 2007 it got all main Russian film awards - “Nickname“ and “A gold eagle“. In a past, 2009 - m to year Pyotr Mamonov played a role of the tsar Ivan the Terrible in Pavel Lungin`s movie “Tsar“.

The most young birthday woman of day it is possible by the right to consider the American Ebigeyl Breslin . To a star recent “Welcome to Zombilend“ only 14 years are executed today. But let you are not confused by youth of the actress, behind her shoulders already of 29 movies and episodes in TV series. And also the nomination for “The best female role of the second plan“ in 2007 for a role for the picture “Little Ms. Schastye“. However, no wonder that career in cinema at Ebigeyl develops so successfully. In - the first, help is her native elder brother Spencer who too the actor. In - the second, Ebigeyl, having appeared in big cinema in 2002 in M. Knight Shyamalan`s tape “Signs“, before with 3 - x years acted in TV advertizing.

Also there is a wish to remember about one actress whose birthday falls on April 14. In 1977 on light Sara Michele Gellar , famous Buffy - Istrebitelnitsa of vampires appeared. The dream of all teenagers of the end 90 - x, since 2002 is married to the colleague from shop, Freddie the prince of ml. It is impossible to tell that the actress acts a little now, but the bulk of the known pictures with its participation everything is it is the share of the ninetieth. These are teenage horror films “I know that you made last summer“ and “Shout 2“, and also the drama “Cruel games“. After the end of shootings of series about Buffy, the actress began to devote more herself to a family sometimes to appear in such pictures as “Damnation“ 1 and 2. However, the actress who annually enters several ratings from various magazines and steadily is included in lists of the most beautiful women of Hollywood, America and planet in general should not complain. It was necessary to wish to Sara Michele Gellar good roles in not less good movies.

Besides all above-mentioned today were also born: Anthony Michael Hall (“Breakfast Club“ and series “Dead Zone“) - 42 years, the British actress Juli Cristi (“Doctor Zhivago“, “Far from her“, “Fahrenheit 451“) - 69 years, and one of founders legendary fate - Deep Purple and Rainbow groups, the famous guitarist Richie Blackmore to whom 65 are executed today.