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Competent monetization of the website - how to carry out and what should be known?

Everything that it is necessary to know about monetization of the website.

Monetization of the website is necessary when the commercial website already to a wave is not bad untwisted and the number of visitors from search engines matters more than 1000 unique visitors within one days. If you want to make by

competently effectively high-quality monetization of the website, it is necessary to understand that reliable and maximum income is gained from a combination of three types of earnings on the website: Earnings on a context, participation in partnerka and earnings from sale of the digital goods on the website. In brief I will describe in more detail every way earnings on the website.

So how all - to earn with Google AdSense?

to Monetize the website by means of placement of a contextual advertizing of AdSense is the most available to the majority and extremely simple way of monetization of the website in realization. However, not superfluous will mean:

That your income from cooperation with Google AdSense was maximum, it must be kept in mind that the Google service of AdSense places thematic advertizing, which very close on subject with text contents of the page of your website (on it it also is called contextual).

Therefore in case the thematic niche of the website low-monetary and, in addition, is not in demand, then in that case you will manage to make good money with a contextual advertizing of AdSense hardly. The essence is in what the AdSense service will have simply nothing to place in advertizing blocks of your website with absolutely non-monetary subject.

From all this only one conclusion: if you only plan to make the first website with the purpose to earn from it, it is important to think over its subject in advance, and read on the Internet how it is possible to choose correctly a thematic niche for good money on the website.

Competent participation in thematic partnerka. Here everything is much simpler: You should find in a partnerka network, the offering, such digital products which subject is close to a subject of your website.

you are registered in them and then publish referalsky references to products (only do not forget to close the references by a redirect).

Earnings from sale of the digital products on the website - here is even simpler. For this way of monetization, the main thing is that - products which you develop have to be qualitative and bearing real benefits for their buyers.