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“Fight of Titans“. How to win against immortal god?

the Proverb say: “How many a wolf feed, and he all the same in the wood looks“. From time to time the next Russian film figure declares that supposedly give me more million green money, and I to you zababakhat such cinema that even all Hollywood will gasp.

Hollywood does not gasp, of course, any projects of this sort with a loud noise and a crash go on a bottom to the first few weeks of hire, and a grief - authors, having scratched in napes, begin campaign for collecting on the new large-scale project, on the course assuring all that they just lacked money and weather, as usual, brought.

That the most interesting, similar actions “on an osvaivaniye of means“ are not only at us, but also at factory of dreams. Only there creators of next “masterpiece“ often sincerely believe that their child deserves the best. Ours just master and keep mum in a rag. Not to overreact. And there each similar “burlesque“ is a tack in someone`s grobik, whether it be the greenhorn - the producer, the loser - the director or the dull actor.

So, “Fight of titans“. Forecasts of sceptics were confirmed, and at the time of writing of this article, after two weeks of hire, Louis Leterye`s picture still did not pay back the considerable budget in 125 million that, at least, is strange, considering existence “monetary“ 3D - versions. Moreover, already on the second days off the tape conceded superiority in hire, being removed on 2 - e the place the new comedy with Steve Carel`s participation “Mad appointment“. Well, friends, result more than natural.

At once I will make a reservation, I did not go to a three-dimensional session. It was promoted by extremely negative responses, first of all from - for a hillock where this subject was sucked round from all directions and rendered a verdict - better not to watch this movie in 3D. Is given, Cameron was right, fast convertings for giving of volume proved to be from the worst aspect. Let`s hope that big bosses will consider this fact and properly will weigh everything “pros and cons“ before announcing the next three-dimensional project. By itself, there will be this event only after similar to “Fight of titans“ hand-made articles finally vulgarize new technology.

If you think that the main claims concern only technical part of the movie, you are deeply mistaken. In the list of screenwriters 4 persons, including Beverley Kross (by the way, the spouse Maggie Smith - Minervas from Potteriana) who was mentioned as the author of the original movie of 1981 here appear though Kross died in 1998. Two of them took part in writing of plots for such “masterpieces“ of cinema thought as “Tuxedo“ with Jackie Chan and “Eon Flaks“ with Charlize Theron. Well, guys obviously not especially tried as on endowments level “Fight of titans“ could not surpass the mentioned tapes even on couple of centimeters.

What as a result left? Incredibly pathos, through the zashtampovanny plot is generously flavored kamenno - stern grekoamerikansky faces with unexpected abundance of dense, almost impassable vegetation. Plus dialogues in the best traditions late (in any case, and early too) Steven Seagal. In places the scenario reminds a literature series, popular in the States, “for teapots“. In total simply it is also chewed to a condition of the easily acquired squash - here Perseus, the prodigal son of god Zeus who grieves on the adoptive parents who died from hands of bad god the Aida. There is Zeus who loves people, but by something on them is offended therefore allows the brother the Aida to create any mucks on Earth and even to let out the Godzilla Krakena. There is a Kraken who was let out by the end of the movie. Here harpies, a horse with wings who is called Pegasus, and still Gorgon`s Jellyfish and knotty gins. Well, continuous “pictures from an exhibition“.

Such “basten“ image if does not irritate people who at least in volume of the school program are familiar with mythology of Ancient Greece, then, at least, brings round awkwardness for the events on the screen. Especially considering that all turns of a plot are generously flavored with solid phrases and sample pathos persons. Funny, but even the clumsy doll original managed with all heroes much more accurately. Zeus was a mad old man, but not the “political prostitute“; Perseus, as it is necessary, loved Andromeda and defended the place of the person under the Sun, but did not try to finish off out of revenge the lord of the underground world the Aida (by the way, immortal).

The most unpleasant that even those who consciously went on the Hollywood attraction without uniform hope that it is necessary to include brains on the course of viewing - and those can feel deceived. The matter is that not so there is a lot of action in a picture. Only 3 large-scale scenes - in the desert with scorpions, in a den of the Jellyfish and, naturally, final fight. Thought, again will show you “300 Spartans“? Alas, no. Instead of the rigid and verified on seconds feast for eyes in Zack Snyder`s tape, offer us huge insects here (what they in general differ in from those that were in second “Mummy“ and “The tsar of scorpions“?) and stolen from “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea“ Krakena. And these panoramic drives of a chamber over landscapes and the group of heroes going towards to the destiny? Reception which became a cliche at the time of “Lord of the Rings“.

All right, porridge oil you will not spoil. All technical innovations from others, more successful, pictures - for God`s sake already decided to show time. If only did not spoil. But, I`m sorry, the shining armor of Olympians and clumsy zigzags of Pegasus in heaven of Ancient Greece is already too. Just some combined shootings of the middle 80 - x.

Finally it is a little about an actor`s component. Yes, I intentionally do not want to apply the phrase “actor`s game“. Was not.

Sam Uortington. Without having managed to grow how many - nibud a noticeable head of hear after shootings of fourth “Terminator“ and “Avatar“, Sam appears again at the crossroads. The person - a piece of iron and the person - the blue Indian he already visited. Now he is a person - the demigod. What changed in fact? Anything. “schas I will give the same combative expression painfully“. The same torments of sitting on two chairs - “at home among strangers, others among the“. The new star of fighters 21 - go risks to become centuries only an element of scenery if does not try to introduce more life in the hero. Not to mention image change.

Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. Stars of the first magnitude received the piece of screen time, but owing to the poor scenario Fiennes was lucky a little more, his hero turned out is more convex and is brighter. Even despite the lack of a dazzling “armor of god“. Pleased only laconic and therefore attractive Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chifr from “the Casino the Grand piano“) who not bad looked as the cool fighter. In general only the team of gallant soldiers also holds the movie afloat. They even managed to crack in places jokes which were as a breath of fresh air among cardboard phrases of the majority of characters.

Summary: To the director Louis Leterye we pass “not“. Nobody expected from the creator of two first “Carriers“ and “Improbable Hulk“ creative break. But in this case we deal with a step on a step down. To watch or not, here the main issue. So to say, if you have nothing to be engaged, you can spend time for this Ancient Greek popular print. But I warn you, wait “For the man of iron 2 better“.