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How the modern Turkish intellectuals react to genocide of Armenians? On April 24 - 95 - the anniversary of genocide of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey of

In Turkey in anticipation of 95 - the anniversaries of genocide of Armenians all speak about black pages of history louder.

there Passed times when the historian and the publicist Taner Akcham was a unique phenomenon of the Turkish intellectual who publicly declared genocide of Armenians. Today tens of names of his compatriots capable to throw down a challenge to official promotion of Ankara are known to us. Among them - the writer Kemal Yalchin, the publisher, the author of a set of articles and researches on the Armenian and Greek cultures Othman Cocker, the famous Turkish lawyer, the member of Chamber of Advocates of Ankara, one of initiators of campaign “Apologies before Armenians“ Bendal Dzhalil Ezman who risked to appeal to court with the requirement to qualify events of the beginning of the last century as genocide. The list of “daredevils“ expands day by day...

The journalist Erol Ozkoray famous for the publications about the Armenian terrorism (ASALA) against Turkey, recently on pages of the press asked a question - “Why the genocide of Armenians continues to remain a taboo?“ “If the Republic of Turkey is created on the basis of refusal of the Ottoman Empire, so why blame for genocide is not laid on osmanets? Why the Republic of Turkey takes the responsibility for this terrible event which is the first crime against humanity and the first genocide of the XX century?“ - the journalist argues. He considers himself to have the right to touch upon this patient for the Turkish society upon a subject: “Everything that I tell in connection with genocide, is a conclusion to which I came after 35 years of studying of this question and after numerous revision of the position“. Among its conclusions and the thought that Ankara “worries“ about the past does not disown from bloody heritage of ottomanets mainly for the reason that “among founders of the Republic of Turkey there were murderers who participated in genocide of Armenians and carried out this terrible crime“.

“There is one more thread of continuity between Ottomans and the Republic are the money and property confiscated from Armenians and which played an important role in financing of war for independence, - he notes. -... The murderers participating in genocide (I speak about people, whose hands in blood), made part of political and administrative elite of the new republican mode“. For this reason Ozkoray considers that the problem cannot be solved, having laid blame on ottomanets. “Today, when we speak about recognition of genocide of Armenians, it is necessary to put on a table practically everything: The republic, kemalizm, the state, the state ideology, those who based and operated the Republic, the mode of Turkey, political system of the country, its army, universities, educational programs, the press, elite, her businessmen, courts, political parties etc. Needless to say that nobody can sustain such confrontation. Especially in crypto - fascist and crypto - totalitarian regime in which we live. Very difficult, if at all perhaps, to pay this bill...“ According to the author, also the destiny armyano - the Turkish protocols as the Turkish state with its present structure will reject any constructivism is very illusive. “The problem can be solved only in the country which statesmen possess the highest mental abilities and are imbued with culture of democracy“, - Erol Ozkoray writes.

The analyst of the Taraf newspaper, popular in Turkey, Nash Dyuzelin also showed a fair share of courage, having interviewed the famous Turkish historian Selim Deringil. On a question whether massacre of Armenians to mladoturok was committed in Anatoly, the historian answers: “Yes, were made, however the difference between Abdul Gamidom and mladoturka was that mladoturok had a purpose completely to destroy the Armenian population, and at Abdul Gamida such purpose was not: he wanted to get rid of a quantity of Armenians, to reduce their role in economy and instead of Armenians to create the Muslim bourgeoisie. Provokers in clothes malls which during a Friday Mohammedan prayer organized provocations went to an era Abdul Gamida to different areas, declaring that Armenians attacked Muslims. In many places Armenians made minority and how they could attack Muslims during a Friday Mohammedan prayer?... In any city Anatoly there were Armenians: in the Horde, Tokat, Trabzon, Amasiya, Urfa, Sivas - everywhere there lived Armenians. They were killed in large quantities in the different cities. The present official historiography indicates that there was it owing to revolts of Armenians, however it is difficult to claim that mutinies were universal“. The historian says in interview that after 1915 about 300 thousand Armenian children were adopted. The preference was given to juveniles.... Today from those 300 thousand children and their descendants in Turkey there were about 60 thousand Armenians. “During an era of the Republic of Turkey against Armenians and other Christians the second wave of destruction rose. It is optional to understand as destruction that they were killed, however they were driven into such corner that they were forced to emigrate abroad. If in the period of the Ottoman Empire Armenians could reach the highest posts, then during an era of the republic did not employ them even as the simple watchman. Made the other day the prime minister - the minister Erdogan the statement: “You cannot force us to tell that our grandfathers committed genocide“ - causes somewhere in the remote corner of our consciousness a question - or perhaps all of them made... Mladoturki tried to exterminate Armenians. And now as you will call it - genocide, slaughter or?. - Selim Deringil speaks. - And the Turkish historians want to advance the official point of view. Try to prove that statements of Armenians have no reasons. Some refer to mutual murders, but for this purpose there have to be equal opportunities Armenians, of course, did not have that“.

...“ Why the subject of massacre in decades becomes open for researches? There is an opinion that “pie already cooled down, and it can be eaten, without being afraid to burn“ as direct performers of these actions are already dead. Whether such treatment is correct?“ - this phrase belongs to Taner Akcham. The famous Turkish historian explained further that it is not pie which besides did not cool down so to be absolutely safe. “Direct responsible for genocide departed to the world other long ago, but there are potential criminals...“ The scientist ranks as them the colleagues and all those who are engaged in denial and cover of not having limitation period of a crime against humanity. Without departing from Akcham, it is necessary to recognize that in Turkey the number of “potential criminals“ in recent years persistently decreases.