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How to untwist the website without excess expenses?

my website devoted to processing of photos on the Internet appeared at the beginning of 2010, all works on creation and advance were carried out by me. In three months the number of target visitors only from searchers reached 120 - 150 people a day and continues to grow.

The website is already visible on the third page of Yandex, the first page of Google, the first page of Rambler on demand processing of photos online, and positions of the website improve. Of course, I advanced the website independently, and used directly opportunities of specialized services (without intermediaries rendering services of advance). Spent for these services ~ 2000 rubles during all the time.

At heavy expenses results would be even better, but I try to minimize expenses since I receive orders for processing of a photo also in other ways, not via the website.

I will describe from the very beginning steps taken by me for advance of the website.

Usually 70 - 80% of visitors for the website come from search engines. Than the position in the searcher, that a high probability is higher that the person will click your link. The position on which the website appears in delivery on any search query depends on two things:

1) Compliance of the website to inquiry according to the searcher (so-called relevance) of

2) Quantity and authoritativeness of external references to the website.

Excellent means of promoting of the website in search engines are thematic articles. It is necessary to analyse statistics of search queries of the leading search engines in your sphere (at me it is processing of a photo), to choose popular keywords and it is obligatory to use these keywords in headings and the text of articles. (Relevance increase!)

You can learn statistics of inquiries on subject of your website, having typed in a search box the phrase “search statistics“ and having followed the links on the websites Yandex, Google, Rambler. Searchers freely provide the information on inquiries.

In relation to my website the most frequent search query - “processing of the photo“ it is looked for time in ten more often than for example “correction of a photo“ therefore also I need to use more actively in the text of the website the phrase processing of the photo.

2 weeks - in all available places are better to post article at first on the advanced website, and later ~. The endurance on time is necessary in order that search engines assigned authorship to the website, and gave the website above at search queries. Articles placed in other places surely have to contain references to the main website (look on the website …, etc. in more detail) these references are indexed by search engines and raise a rating of your website.

There are specialized services allowing to post articles at once on many websites. (Increase of number of external references!)

Placement of articles, for example by means of the website liex. ru

For increase in number of external references also used the paid specialized services facilitating registration of the website in various catalogs, blogs, social bookmarks.

Registration manually on these many thousands of the websites will occupy infinity of time therefore here it is necessary to use paid services, but it is always possible to choose optimum tariffs. Besides, a quantity of target visitors comes to the website directly from catalogs, blogs and bookmarks.

Registration in catalogs, for example by means of 1PS website. ru

the Mention in blogs, for example by means of the website blogun. ru

Placement in bookmarks, for example by means of the website bposter. net

Exists still purchase of references from other websites, personally I did not use this way of promotion yet.

Purchase of references, for example, by means of the website sape. ru

the Listed above ways of advance of the website yield result through certain time (we will tell, month), but have steady long-term character. The specified websites, are, in my opinion, leaders in the areas.

Tried to use still special programs for mass mailing of announcements on boards - the empties full, as a result received only a heap of spam on the box.

Separately there is a question of use of a contextual advertizing. From it visitors appear in day of the beginning of the advertizing company, and also at once disappear after its end. The largest services of a contextual advertizing are:

Yandex of Direkt of

Google AdWords

Rambler the Runner

Sut that advertisements are shown not to everyone but only to the people who gathered the necessary inquiries in the searcher “to replace a photo background“, for example. Therefore this type of advertizing is effective for involvement of visitors. The advertiser will pay the stipulated sum, usually from 10 - 30 kopeks for click, only if the person passes according to the advertisement to the advertiser`s website, Depending on the budget of the advertizing company it is possible to attract hundreds and thousands of visitors a day.

I received from transitions according to advertisements to 250 visitors a day with minimum possible in “Yandex - Direkt“ the budget of 300 rubles a week and minimum at the possible cost of 30 kopeks for click.

With a wish of successful advance of your website.