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What “the person of a pay“ from “the person of dream“ differs in?

That for the ordinary person financial success? For the majority - just abstraction. If to ask “how many money it is necessary on life?“, you will usually hear the answer - one million dollars. For some reason many consider that such sum will solve all their financial problems. Therefore give

- so far, it is abstract - to consider as a success criterion one million dollars. How to earn it?

To become the millionaire, it is necessary or to stick on five million, or to look on ten, or to turn transactions on hundred!

Tell, and you are personally ready to do it? Or just you want to receive a pay with guarantee? Quite decent. And so - as you, probably, already guessed, the majority will prefer the small, but guaranteed income which will be enough “to pay bills“.

But there are also others which want bigger. They are divided into two groups, with absolutely different approach to achievement of the purpose. In this concrete case - one million dollars.

As the person imagines a task “how to earn one million“?

A deal at “the person of a pay“ approximately such. Let`s say we want to earn one million dollars … Well, let us assume, in 12 years. These are only 83,333 dollars a year! About 7000 dollars a month. Whether it is possible to earn such money? Well, if it is good to think, then yes.

No sooner said than done. The person sighed and … sticks for 15 hours a day. After a while, if does not give up “this dirty business“, finds out that money both was not, and is not present. Also the credits it is gathered so the balance can be and negative, minus.

And why? Yes because only one component of finance - the income is considered. And expenses? “the person of a pay“ usually does not think of it. Did not learn!

Well, suppose, thought!

Our “superhero“ still the unlimited number of years in the same mode sticks. Controls each kopek, but … loses more and more. At first the pleasure of human communication, then health, then money which leave on drugs … to

I even if treasured one million appears at such person on the account, it does not bring joy any more. “Well, and why all this? Whether it was worth ruining for the sake of it the life?“

As to you such result? What is not considered?

Now we will address the second way of achievement of the purpose. Where everything is considered, and the success sometimes just reads off scale too much.

“To stick for 15 hours a day as damned, especially the first three years! To believe in itself, of nobody (!!) not to listen and have motive . Last main thing“. (Oleg Tinkov how to earn the first million.)

Here that main thing, pancake. Motive. Or, speaking on simple, - Dream. Quite so, from capital letter. And the Dream is not pathetic one million dollars! Yes unless the whole world can change some one million? Cannot! And the person can! It is necessary that even in hard, hours-long work of people felt well!

Yes, both the income, and expenses, and the account, and control are important. But Motive - the feeling of the correctness, an obstinacy, belief that you do what Is necessary (to you it is necessary also to someone to another), irrespective of the number of failures on the way, just and allows to achieve any, any objectives. Including financial independence.

And one more line of “the person of dream“ even if he has no treasured seven tsiferok on the bank account yet. Or rather, two.

1. Work with something grandiose. Yes, it is possible to do small short steps, but they have to lead over time to something that will change this world radically.

2. Continuous development. It is possible to begin with tiny steps, but they become gradually larger and larger. The main thing - not so much the speed, how many acceleration.

A classical example - Bill Gates. Yes, if it was learned on the lawyer, he could be very highly paid lawyer, but nevertheless “the person of a pay“. Perhaps, even millionaire. But it changed the world, having forced all (well, almost) to watch at life through “windows“ Microsoft. Well, and 50 billion (or something about that) on the personal account - only small gratitude of mankind for the work made by it.

Look what these lines “the person - a dostigatel of dream“:

“I like to create money.

is not necessary to me work, I need a source of money.

does not matter foreign opinion,

I want to create the enterprises for production of money,

so far others work for them“.

(Pavel Teplukhin, “Teplukhin`s Matrix“) As it differs in

from “the person - the recipient of a pay“ which does not change the world, and only adapts to it, trying to obtain any “guarantees“.

Also look, at last, what type you treat personally. If you want to receive only with guarantee a high salary, you already lost...

Right now when thought of it.