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Whether giving is necessary to the sane citizen? We told pieces of happiness from unity with the Nature of

In the third part of article about summer residents about difficulties in possession of the earth up to a dive in a hole with sewage. In this, final part, I will still try “to talk some sense“ into the one who decided to become a gardener, on the one hand. But also I want to show also a charm of life on the country earth - with another. So, there is a lot of problems! Among them...

9. Unprofitability of a harvest

at the time of deficiency of products (in Soviet period) the dacha very noticeably fed up the population. When on shelves of shops “a sphere drive“, house marinated cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes and a fermented kapustka with homebrew potato were a great cause! Moreover, even now, when forgot about deficiency, house marinades and remain the same business not tiny!

Only in Soviet period battle for the harvest on six hundred parts was justified. And the state allocated sites to workers just in order that they fed up themselves. Deficiency literally drove people to be engaged in cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Transport cost then kopeks, as well as seeds, saplings, fertilizers. The free earth, cheap instruments of labor, empty counters of shops and half-starved stomachs - all this pushed people to raise harvests.

Everything was changed in the last years fifteen . Shelves of shops were filled with various goods, including fruit and vegetables. And shops of that became, apparently, in thousands times more. The cost of transport services increased time so in five hundred. Fertilizers, stock - everything sharply rose in price. And, above all - at the people need to stoop on garden sites disappeared. Very few people know, but believe that an improbable, huge number of today`s potatoes in our outlets - import from Holland, France, Egypt (especially early grades). And tubers those almost ideal in a form, defeats by microbiological diseases are almost excluded.

Aggressive chemicals do the part, and they cause huge production of “the second bread“ on tiny plantations. Cultivation is already carried out on many-tier technology. Not in breadth, and up. And all this is plentifully irrigated chemical with the connections urged to give one - long storage of almost already mummified fruits and vegetables. Also those fruits vegetables began yes to resemble Pharaohs from abundance of chemicals... Everything is subordinated by

to tough policy: fill in the soil though with all table of Mendeleyev, grow up mutants, you make ruthless experiments over the same bulb. But provide that the bulb was dry, had almost ideal form, it is desirable did not sprout etc. Earlier, in the USSR, Japanese, speak, left on our fields in state farms and tore bulbs directly from the earth, a scales fir-tree one by one, rubbing off rags, and admired environmental friendliness of our Soviet food. Now everything was changed.

10. Do not wait for a support from young people

Now only those who strive for environmental friendliness, stoop on sites between potatoes bushes. But garden works demand considerable forces, whatever one may do. And now you will not see the young people digging in kitchen gardens at all! When I bought the first giving, it was the youngest the owner from 87 sites. At first we with the wife resolutely undertook development of the earth. Dug, put fennel, onions, florets. Everything went with pleasure. So there were years two - three. Then - bothered. “Fuse“ burned out, unfortunately.

Young “farmers“ prefer to descend to dance in club now, on sports meets, a disco, to take a walk in the center, in amusement parks. But not to go on traffic jams to the country and to dig in the earth. Now, if children and little girls also come to the dacha “to ancestors“, then cut powerful a techno - a rave music, scaring away grannies, dedus yes a raven, dashingly drink, fry shish kebabs, bawl. Are waved the friend with a druzhka and just with neighbors. And measuredly to spend leisure-time that with a chopper, with a shovel, with a net for catching of butterflies in a hand (as professors happened) - this I did not see long ago. It turns out nevertheless that, whatever one may do, giving - destiny elderly.

The one who feels to young people and actually youth prefer more various, “not earth“ leisure . And without the aid of young people it is very difficult to raise a harvest. There is no teperich of that country younger generation that could always help to fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers on farmsteads. And whether there is a sense to young people to persist in in beds yes beds? Well, unless to close up children, but all one the babies born thus will feed indifference to the earth.

The friend by the name of Oleg told a real story from the life. At their family a site with the house near Mozhaisk. Oleg`s mother decided to plant somehow potatoes on all hundred parts. Not from - for need, when a deal such that could not be eaten, and in connection with darkness of the appeared free time (only retired). The newly appeared pensioner of the son asked to help it in battle for the harvest. Oleg grunted, but filled - “Mazda“ potatoes bags that slightly sprouted (it is used for landing) literally under a roof. As spoke in old times, even springs sank. Hours five were rolled by it hardly - hardly before giving. Fifteen bags! Dokoldybali.

At the dacha Oleg then intensively dug the earth. Then they with mother went to weed a tops of vegetable all the time, sprayed chemicals from the Colorado beetle, tied up part of a tops of vegetable to pegs that that did not prevent pass etc. Oleg says that were exhausted as he, and mother “to spiders“. “To bunches?!“ - I asked again with malicious sympathy. No, really, to spiders in eyes. To front sights before a look. And “Mazda“ was driven to and fro as the woman was afraid to spend the night one in the house. Places there restless. Generally, foamy all of them worked are a mother, the sonny yes the car, of “ofonarevshiya“ because that it in Russia under transportation of tubers was vouchsafed . “Eyes“ were even more narrowed. Well, headlights.

Time to reap a crop approached. And, not only the pensioner and my friend, and and some shady characters so solved. When Oleg with mother broke through through traffic jams once again on the dacha, with offense and rage found out that the most part of a harvest at them was dug out by thieves. Or perhaps neighbors. Or perhaps bums. Or perhaps Spirit Potato. does not have the answer who turned this. Only as a result mother with the son reaped a crop in fourteen bags. I will remind that fifteen set on spring.

There is such arithmetics. Only it is necessary to add the broken suspension bracket of “Mazda“, hundreds of liters of gasoline, dirty salon, a luggage carrier, the strengthened depreciation of the car to fourteen bags of a harvest. Further - the frazzled nerves, the pressing fatigue, waist pains at the pensioner (was not earlier). And, above all - offense to tears when the work of yours - a harvest - is destroyed by unknown! Fifteen bags carried on landing in the spring, and brought together fourteen. Oleg, remembering this epic, still nepechatno swears. “To spiders“. I correct: “To bunches!“.

So as we see, giving, apparently, destiny of old men yes gloomy as moles, navvies. And minuses listed in article and dangers of possession and use of the seasonal dacha, it seems, have to beat off any desire at the sane person to own giving. It sometimes conceals in itself danger of death. In total so. But for some reason sometimes at this dacha, having come to a house threshold at dawn, having inhaled crystal air of the woods, having raised the head to a blue of the sky and listening to a trill of forest little birds, unexpectedly covers you with a wave of extraordinary rest, pleasure, a unification with the nature. Flop - flop, and your feet already go on the ground, but not on asphalt.

The grasshopper jumped. It is beautiful, graceful. And - faugh, what baddy! - a toad at a twig. And in all life: somewhere - beauty, somewhere - a baddy. And the summer residents who tested all “delights“, burdens of possession of the earth, again since the earliest morning or on Friday evening, even at night get out to the road. To lots of problems, on the one hand. But also to pleasure of filling of essence of Nature fluids! citizens Go to themselves to dachas.

We will wish them whenever possible shorter road, without nerves, and happy arrival. The same who else dachas have no, having read will be able to resolve of minuses and burdens connected with it for themselves a simple issue. As in the movie “Twist of fate“ Andrey Myagkov`s hero sang: “Think! Solve! To have or not to have!“.