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What is a roll and as it is prepared?

If you think that in article the speech about a bun, then this deep delusion will go. There is, of course, such roll - a roll, but in this case about another. About fish who carries such marvelous “bread - bulochny“ the name.

Least of all roll reminds a rich roll. Small small fish (usually 13 - 27 cm, occasionally up to 40 cm long), greyish and ordinary-looking at first sight. On the second, by the way, too. The roll is a polar tresochka, that is, a small northern cod which feeds a great number of marine mammals, birds and fishes across all Arctic Ocean. It has one more advantage - it is very cheap.

Wikipedia claims that tastes of a roll are low. But in that case the capelin and a sprat in general is it is impossible - their tastes even lower. The same who does not eat every day soup from spark fins or a shish kebab from sturgeon, can pay attention to a roll which, I will remind, though small, but nevertheless a cod.

By the way, in connection with distribution in recent years of various diseases of a thyroid gland, many faced such medical ban as a ban on sea fish in whom the content of iodine is high. And so even those at whom hyperfunction of a thyroid gland leads to the increased content of iodine can eat a roll - this small fish lives in the surface sea water freshened by the thawing ices.

If you were going to prepare a roll, then consider - best of all it before preparation to cut and draw. In comparison with the capelin at a roll the big head which will only take the place on a frying pan. Besides, and bones at it are stronger, and for the best prozharivaniye or a protushivaniye it is desirable to draw a small fish.

The prepared roll falls off in the added some salt flour and is fried in vegetable oil - it is the simplest option of its preparation. Fans of a crisp are expected by a pleasant surprise: inside the roll remains juicy and soft as the real cod (only very small). As a garnish the boiled potatoes strewed with small chopped greens and watered with oil well approach.

If you like the baked fish, then the roll quite approaches and for this purpose. Fish is prepared (settles accounts and cleaned), then the baking sheet is oiled vegetable, and on it ranks the roll keeps within. It is slightly added some salt, sprinkled by lemon juice - and in an oven.

It is possible to complicate this recipe, having supplied a roll with a vegetable garnish. In this case lemon juice is not required. The carrot and beet chopped on a beet grater, the onions cut by rings or half rings keep within on a small fish layer-by-layer. It is possible to create several layers - such rybno - vegetable “pie“. We do not forget to add some salt to each layer. And besides - in an oven.

However, it is necessary to consider what is told above - at a roll a dovolnoprochny skeleton. Therefore stones which, for example, at the capelin at such way of preparation are softened it is necessary to choose in the course of food. But meat turns out very gentle.

Also from a roll quite good fish soup turns out. Potatoes, the browned carrots and onions, a little pearl barley, small chopped greens - everything prepare simply and quickly.

So pay attention to a roll: small, cheap, but all - to a crash. Its tastes quite at the level.