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Hosting for the blog. What to pay attention to?

Today we will talk about a hosting for the blog. Whatever you may say, and the problem of the choice of a hosting exists, especially it concerns beginners. Personally I repeatedly faced people who confused a domain name to a hosting. They considered that they time chose a domain name for the website, paid for it, everything, now their website has to work. And as it will work where it will be placed - they did not understand and, in general, did not seek to understand.

If you decided to become a blogger if you plan to use further the blog for business, it is necessary to understand this question to you all-. As the qualitative hosting is, first of all, the reliable back the Internet - the businessman.

A web - the hosting (hosting) - is placement of blogs (websites) on the virtual server a hosting - provider in order that your blog (website) was visible to Internet users .

It is necessary to understand that your blog and all files which you will spread on it have to be stored somewhere. Here for this purpose you also need a hosting!

At first, for comparison, I want to tell you a little about a free hosting. Such sweet word “free“, it undoubtedly attracts Internet users. At once I want to lower you from heaven on the earth: rendering of services of a hosting is an expensive pleasure and if the hosting company provides the services free of charge, be sure, it will prevail in a different way.

Than? And the same! Advertizing on your blog. But it is not the only minus of such hosting. Besides, be ready that:

- support of PHP and MySQL, most likely, will not be, and without these components not to make the blog;

- the speed of loading of your data on the server will be very low;

- you are waited by restriction for a traffic, at big attendance your blog can just remove; though it can happen at any time, and without explanation, and the hosting - that free will bang in a breast a fist already late;

- the size of disk space will be small, something about 30 - 100 MB.

It is possible to continue this list, but in it I do not see sense.

The free hosting will suit only those who just want to be trained, without any hints on gravity of the intentions. To begin business on the Internet, on a free hosting is a utopia. Such beginning will not give you image and what there image - will not agree to deal with you not one client respecting himself, the businessman, the partner. Economy of this sort is the sign of avarice or lack of experience. If you want something to achieve in online - business then do not save on a qualitative hosting.

Today on the Internet there is a huge set of the companies or as they are called still, a hosting - the providers offering services of a hosting. The most interesting, all of them offer “a qualitative and inexpensive web - a hosting“.

How to distinguish the desirable from valid and how to make a right choice ? Let`s understand.

1. The first what it is necessary to begin with. It just to type the phrase in any search engine: qualitative hosting, hosting companies, rating of the hosting companies or just “hosting“. Further we write out at least the first five from them.

2. Investigate activity of everyone a hosting - provider regarding reliability and quality of the provided services. The easiest way - to read responses of people which used their services. It is necessary to consider, of course, the fact that you can face prejudiced opinion. But anyway you gain more or less objective impression about each of them.

3. Take advice of the acquaintance, friend who already has experience in this area. If it is absent, then it is possible to address for council the guru the Internet - business. Despite the employment, any of them surely will help you a practical advice.

4. After you decided on the hosting company, it is necessary to choose a tariff plan which will be suitable for your purposes. As it is about the blog, independently, you will earn with its help or not - anyway it is necessary to assume big attendance.

Criteria of the choice of a tariff plan:

In - the first, on your tariff plan should not be restrictions for a traffic, in other words, at any attendance your blog has to work steadily.

In - the second, on the tariff chosen by you support of PHP4/PHP5, Perl (v4, v5), has to be carried out by MySQL. It is about support of programming languages and creations of databases. In the absence of the present possibilities work of the blog is impossible.

In - the third, the size of disk space has to correspond to your requirements. Requirements at all different, but anyway it is necessary to consider that “appetite comes during a meal“. At first on your blog there will be nothing, except the text and a small amount of photos. Later you for certain want to place with yourself audio - and video files. It is necessary to make a start from 1000 MB and above here; as a rule, the cost of a tariff plan directly depends on this indicator. Therefore not to overpay, stop on 1000 MB especially as to start it more than it is enough.

So, we considered highlights to which it is necessary to pay attention at the choice of a hosting. At the end only I want to add: before the conclusion of the contract about a hosting - provider be not too lazy to learn whether the possibility of return of money is provided in case you do not accept quality of the provided services. If such opportunity is not provided, I advise to refuse services of this hoster.

For an exception of these circumstances give preference to that hosting company which provides the free test period. Success in your choice!