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New tile in a bathroom or in kitchen: let`s cope with repair? Of course!

you are able to drill walls? To hammer nails, to hang up regiments, to repair the begun to flow bathroom equipment? It`s cool! Means, you have an ability to something to more serious, than small renovation.

Or perhaps we will try to update an interior of a bathroom or kitchen: let`s put a new tile? And nothing that is first terrible, you will be involved - you will not prevent from working.

Before buying necessary materials, it is necessary to measure and calculate the sizes of the trimmed surface. The quantity of the acquired tile has to be ten percent more than the area of walls or a floor. Besides, the roulette, construction level, the gear pallet, rubber gloves, tiled crosses corresponding to the size of seams, and plitkorez will be required (or the glass-cutter). It is better to draw the plan of laying on paper, having noted a pattern or drawing in the same place if it is present at the project.

Surfaces have to be checked for vertical position by means of a plumb or an equal level. If the difference makes more than one centimeter, then walls should be leveled. In hard cases it is possible to apply gypsum cardboard. Than more exactly the wall, especially a thin layer of glue will be required and the laying is simpler. Paint, whitewashing, the exfoliating plaster need to be removed, and - to progruntovat a wall.

It is better to begin laying of walls with the second row. To calculate quantity on height so that the most top tile was whole. For this purpose on a wall it is possible to line the lines corresponding to horizontal seams. After that at height, settlement from a floor, we establish a level and we level it by means of level on the horizon. The level is obliged to be equal - for example, a profile for gypsum cardboard. This main thing at the beginning of work - on how the first row will be put, depends correctness of other laying. Do not forget to place when planning the whole tiles in those corners which are the main and the first are evident.

The choice of glue is defined by type of a tile, the bearing surface and temperature fluctuations indoors. It is correct to choose tiled glue the seller or the instruction printed on a bag will help. It is necessary to prepare mix before its application. For this purpose in water it is necessary to pour out necessary amount of glue. Better to stir weight, it is possible to apply a nozzle to a drill like “mixer“. On a consistence mix has to remind dense sour cream or cream, not to fall down under the weight from the gear pallet and it is good to stick to a wall.

To start laying we apply with the gear pallet on a wall surface, over the established lath ready mix, on width about three tiles. Changing an inclination of the pallet, we regulate thickness of glue solution. We take the first tile, we establish bottom edge on a level and accurately we press it into glue weight, at the same time solution has to be squeezed out a little from its edges. We check vertical position level if it is necessary, we draw in the necessary party. Similarly we establish the tiles, next on a row. Between them we insert the prepared crosses into vertical seams - it will help to make seams identical. At once it is necessary to check that the parties and the angles of our facing lay in one plane. For this purpose it is possible to lean a cheek against a wall and to make “lumbago“ a look or to put level to a surface - the top and a bottom of tiles have to be on one line.

Having finished a row, we start laying of the following - the top row. Here we act in the same way, we only do not forget to insert crosses also into horizontal seams and to check level all planes. The special attention should be paid to the place where all four corners of the next tiles meet. Tiled glue grabs quickly enough and adjustment is possible insignificant time - at most 20 - 30 minutes. At the beginning of works, it is not got the hand yet, surely control level all vertical and horizontal surfaces, otherwise withdrawal in one millimeter can turn back an ugly crack around a ceiling.

If necessary to cut off part of a tile measure and note a pencil a cut edge. Carry out from glaze on the line with sufficient effort the glass-cutter or plitkorezy. On a plain surface put a drill with a diameter of 5 - 6 millimeters under the made cut and press at the same time two hands on edges - the tile will break up on the line. If the broken-away part absolutely small, use flat-nose pliers.

It is not necessary to try to make everything in one day, it is better to work longer, but to make more qualitative. Upon termination of laying of the next site it is necessary to clear accurately seams between tiles of glue. For this purpose it is possible to carry out on seams by the same crosses which were used during the work. Further seams fill with special mix - a zatirka, or “fugue“. Zatirka is necessary qualitatively to close up all seams, and also to decoratively allocate a tile if it is necessary according to a design plan.

Laying of a tile on a floor is carried out similarly. Process is a little facilitated by the fact that here it is not necessary to put props and the supporting levels, but is complicated by need, for example, of a floor bias in a certain party and better filling with space glue between a floor and a tile. But if you were already trained on walls and at you everything turned out, then with a floor you, undoubtedly, too will cope.

The confidence comes with experience. If holding the first tile, you can feel indecision, a shiver in hands, doubts, then finishing a wall, will become the taken place tiler capable to threaten on something else more serious, will be able to grow up considerably both in own assessment of the abilities, and in the opinion of an inner circle.