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How to grow thin, without starving? The alternative to diets of

Fashion on slender women does not pass. Practically each woman dreams to become two more slender or twenty two kilograms. And here she begins to grow thin: goes on various diets, arranges fasting days, starves itself. But the result does not please, in a week it is not possible to grow thin, hunger torments and the woman gives up.

She reproaches a bad diet, lack of will power and promises himself to start anew since Monday. The vicious circle turns out. Diets do not help, there are a wish to grow thin, and the disappointment is jammed by a plentiful dinner or sweet.

However we forget about the simple principles of healthy food which keep our nerves, stomachs and do not demand from us incredible efforts. It is necessary just slightly - to slightly change the habits.

In - the first , before a breakfast it is desirable to drink a glass of warm water that the organism began to work.

In - the second , it is necessary to have breakfast. It can be porridge, flakes, salad, cottage cheese or eggs. By the way, porridge improves complexion if to use it regularly. It is an example, but you have to be defined that suits you.

In - the third , are not after 18 - 19 o`clock in the evening. If the strong feeling of hunger torments, drink green tea with honey.

Besides, remember: for dinner it is necessary to eat something a lung - salad, vegetable cutlets, cottage cheese, fish. Besides, you choose an optimal variant for yourself. It is obligatory to eat fresh vegetables salad every day. Simple - from cabbage or beet will approach, carrots, pumpkin - it is not necessary to think out difficult salads. Of course, it is necessary to fill with vegetable oil, and it is possible not to fill at all. It is better to boil or stew meat, fish and vegetables. Both for breakfast, and for lunch you can eat a roll or cookies, but do not abuse - not 2 - 3, but one. And here for dinner - it is impossible.

If you got used to eat 2 - 3 times a day, change habits, eat 4 - 5 times. The second breakfast and an afternoon snack is necessary. You satisfy hunger and will not snatch for lunch or a dinner. It is possible to eat fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt. Think up what will suit you. If there is a wish to regale on a candy, eat, but of course, not 10 pieces. It is desirable to drink daily green tea, it very much promotes weight loss, but also, satisfies hunger.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult. It is not necessary as in diets to use certain products, candies, rolls are not forbidden, and meat and fish are simply necessary. Each woman can make a certain menu of products which are pleasant to her. It is not necessary to refuse favourite delicacies. Just you remember about vegetables and fruit, do not impose to yourself platefuls.

Believe if you eat so, then the feeling of hunger will not torment you, and kilograms will begin to leave your body. Do not wait for instant results, in a week you, maybe, and you will throw off couple of kilograms, but not 10 as promise diets. But you will grow thin and will not be afraid to recover because continue to eat properly.

Of course, we know that any person needs to go in for physical culture daily, but not occasionally. But we are not troubled by this occupation. And meanwhile, to grow thin, become more harmonous and healthier, one healthy food does not suffice. Each woman needs to make the list of exercises which she can carry out in the morning every day.

Exercises have to be calculated on the most problem zones, and also simple morning exercises in order that the organism got into gear. There is enough 15 minutes a day. Also you should not carry out difficult exercises at once and if nevertheless you want - you approach it gradually. Very good exercise: to strain muscles of a stomach, buttocks. It can be done both in transport, and on a workplace.

Last important council. Do not grab everything at once. If decided to drink water before a breakfast, then spend several days to fix this skill, and then add, for example, exercise. When the recommended rules become at you a habit, it will be easy for you to observe them, and it will even be pleasant.